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OctoReport 1.0

OctoReport is a reporting module for "Octopus Food POS Plus" Point of Sales Solution

"Octopus Food POS Plus" is a fully operational point of sales client application designed for Restaurants with more than one terminals/outlets.

By using OctoReport, you can monitor your business anytime anywhere using your iPhone or iPod

To use this Reporting module or FoodPOS Plus client you must have an Octopus Server Account.

How to register with Octopus Server:

- You can register with Octopus server and get an account from web site

- Fill out the registration form and submit

- One of our customer service agents will contact you within 3 working days with more details

Visit for more detailed instruction on how to register with Octopus Server.

Contact: [email protected]

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Are you an owner/partner of a restaurant with multiple cashier terminals and multiple outlets. Do you wish to make sales transactions easy to enter, capture accurate sales data and have reports and see consolidated sales reports of you company for affordable and competitive prices? Octopus Food POS Plus is the answer.

Why you should use Food POS Plus

- Easy to learn and use POS system for multiple terminals/outlets

- Affordable monthly payments per terminal -no long term agreements – you can cancel at any time you want

- Multiple wireless POS terminals

- Mobile ordering system (for waiters) - coming soon

- Kitchen display system – coming soon


- An Internet connection (wifi with a router – printers should connect to the router)

OctoReport features and functionalities:

• Sales summary

• Hourly sales

• Daily Sales

• Product Sell-through

• Sales By Category

• Historical sales and reports

• Charts to explain your sales data more vividly.
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