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Eternit Annual Report 2014 | Panload

This document portrays the activities of Eternit S.A. in the year 2014. The report presents the financial, social and environmental information of the entire

Company – headquarters, four fiber-cement plants, sales offices and three subsidiaries (SAMA S.A. Minerações Associadas, Precon Goiás Industrial Ltda. and Tégula Soluções para Telhados Ltda.). The results of Companhia Sulamericana de Cerâmica S.A. (CSC), the joint venture between Eternit and Colceramica, a company of Organizações Corona S.A. that will start operations in 2015, were considered in the consolidated financial statements based on the equity accounting method, as provided for in CPC 19R2 (IFRS 11).
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Eternit Annual Report 2013

Author panload
Published 2015-03-03
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