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eValues Barter Sync | Panload

eValues Barter Sync is the certified mobile access platform serving the many Trade Exchanges and their members within the eValues Cloud Platform. It's just a small part of the new eValues API offered to our affiliate exchanges.

This app allows exchange members of affiliates in the eValues global platform to access their account from anywhere at anytime to view things such as:

- Account Balances - cash and trade

- Recent Activity

- Perform Sale authorizations

- Search for products and services on trade from other members within the eValues Cloud

- Contact sellers

- View and edit your account profile

- Instant notifications of new listings and account activity alerts

Many more features coming soon.

Exchange branding occurs upon successful login by the user.

eValues Barter Sync requires a member account login.
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New England Trade

Author panload
Published 2015-08-20
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