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Where your money goes? | Panload

Where your money goes? Want to know?

The easiest way to track your expenses, use this app.

Designed with simplicity and usability.

With just a few taps you can track your expenses or check purchases.

Support of iCloud makes it possible to track your expenses from different devices.


- Beautiful and simplicity interface. Designed for iOS 7

- Simple screen of adding purchases, just a few taps

- Home screen with brief statistics

- Catalog for managing purchases, editing, removing, etc

- Summary tables

- Charts

- Filters by days, weeks, months, years

- Statistics by periods

- Purchases searching

- Notifications

- iCloud support

Use application and save your money!
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FriendCash — Manage Expenses With Friends

Author panload
Published 2015-11-27
Categories Designed, Purchases,
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