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nMoon - Bitcoin Day Trading Client | Panload

nMoon - Moon to the n’th degree!

nMoon is a Bitcoin day trading client that connects to a account through the API.

nMoon is not a Bitcoin wallet and cannot send or receive Bitcoins.

nMoon includes two backward propagating neural networks that gathers the market’s data and attempts to predict what the market will do based on past behavior, past behavior cannot predict the future.

Anyone can use this for the chart.

For accessing a BTC-e account, it is necessary to have an account at BTC-e then one can make an API Key and Secret at BTC-e account page. Once one has made an Key and Secret check the info box and the trade box, then the save button. Copy the Key and Secret and enter them into the nMoon settings screen. A green prompt will say, “Key and Secret Accepted” if it worked.

Features Include:

• Blue neural network indicators: Blue line tries to determine if the market is moving up (green) or down (red) and a price that it thinks the market will be at in the future.

• Orange neural network indicators: Orange line tries to determine the market price for optimum buying and selling and tries to learn where the market will go based on the order book.

• Japanese candlestick chart

• Chart increments in 1min, 5min, 15min, 30min, 1hour, 2hour, 4hour, and 6hour candlesticks

• Volume chart and highest volume for chart

• Depth lines: Green, Red, and Gray - These show the where the volume of orders are and are drawn by price

• Order Book includes: Ask and Bids and volume at each price

• Order History: Displays time(Gray), order price (Green/Buy or Red/Sell) and the amount or volume of Bitcoin(Gray)

• User’s BTC-e account information: USD and BTC in the account in the top right corner of the screen.

• Market Orders for quickly buying or selling WARNING learn what this is, this will buy/sell up/down the order book until all you order has been traded you do not want to be Mr. 102 lol (poor guy sold all his coins down to $102)

• Limit Orders for buying and selling, set price and amount, review order and place order. Funds will be removed from account and be place in the Orders page.

• Orders page holds all the User’s open orders and can be canceled from the orders page. When orders are canceled funds will show up in the USD or BTC in the top right corner of the screen.

Notice: The neural networks cannot predict the future, they can only make assumptions based on past data. They will not be able to predict sudden market orders, flash crashes, panic buying or selling. What the neural networks can do is identify the potential for movement based on the current orders in the order book. Use your best judgment and observer the behavior of the two neural networks before making any trades. Perfect Reality Apps LLC is not responsible for your trading habits, any losses incurred is your responsibility. Trade at your own risk!
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