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“FedBook” is an innovative and user-friendly app offered by Federal Bank that helps its customers to keep a track of transactions in their Federal Bank Accounts in real-time. This app is a digital equivalent of a passbook with advanced features like tagging a particular transaction for future references.

What's New?

The App is now updated with an exciting new feature of creating a Federal Bank Account, instantaneously, for non- Federal Bank customers. Federal Bank is the first bank in India to provide such a facility.

Now creating a new Federal Bank Account or keeping a track of transactions is all the more simple. Download it to believe it.

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• Real time transaction updates.

• View Statements of all the accounts with Federal Bank

• Works offline

• Facility to Tag transactions with personalized remarks

• Facility to search and filter transactions

• Track Cheques issued in the Account.

• View Details of Term Deposits and Loan Accounts

• Open a New Federal Bank Account Instantaneously


For Existing Federal Bank Customers

• Mobile Number should be registered with the Bank. (It can be done through FedNet, the net banking facility of the Bank or by approaching any of the branches.)

For New Customers (Account Opening)

• A valid Mobile Number

• Aadhar Card & PAN Card

Terms and conditions:

For related queries, call 1800-425-1199 / 1800-420-1199(All India toll Free) or +91-484-2630994 /5 (for Customer abroad)

Please send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]

Gone are the days you needed to visit your bank to update your passbook. Federal Bank introduces FedBook - the convenient and secure mobile passbook for your Federal Bank Account. Though, we will be more than happy to serve you at our branch, we believe that your time is as valuable as your money. Unlike any other banking application, you need not fill in any application form- Just download FedBook app and start using it!

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Real time transaction updates* No phone calls*No wait for SMS alerts*Account statements anywhere anytime*Offline mode*Facility to tag transactions*Personalized remarks for transactions*Search and filter facility*Multiple accounts view


Your mobile number should be registered with Federal Bank for FedAlert or FedMobile facility.

What's New?

Facility to tag transactions and add personalized remarks for transactions

Search and filter facility to find a transaction.

View Transactions of all operative accounts at a single window

Terms and conditions:

Please send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]

For related queries, call 1800-425-1199 / 1800-420-1199(All India toll Free) or +91-484-2630994 (for Customers from abroad).
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