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Fonestock gives you a refreshing experience in mobile financial information accessing and digesting. With real-time streaming and Fonestock interpretation, your next logical step is often just one stroke away, whether it is in-depth analysis, cross reference or news updating.

Features of Fonestock:

- Personalized Watchlists: Create your own watchlists for quick glance or cross reference by combining various sectors, countries, or financial products at your preference. You can easily position your stock picks against the global food chain and competitiveness.

- Real-time Quotes and Track: From glancing “sort-able” quotes in watchlists as the first level of reasoning, to detail intraday charts tracking and comparison.

- Technical Analysis: Detailed historical charts and dual technical indicators in one screen. Historical charts include 5-minute, daily, weekly and monthly. Technical indicators include VOL, RSI, KD, MACD, etc. With one stroke you will see the technical analysis of the next stock in your watchlist; you have same effect in intraday chart.

- Company Fundamental Analysis: Include financial statements of companies listed in NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, TWSE and OTC.

- Alert: Receive real-time alert on the symbols you set, whenever you are connected.

- Portfolio Management: Create your personal portfolio with real-time performance tracking.

- News: Real-time news update from renowned financial news sources such as Dow Jones and Taiwan’s Central News Agency.

Market coverage includes:

• Securities exchanges


- Taiwan: TWSE, OTC (both level II)

- China: SSE, SZSE

• News

- Dow Jones

- Taiwan and China industry-leading news vendors

User's discretion: Data provided by Fonestock is "as is" and does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any security.


- 即時股票報價:支援台灣證券交易所、證券櫃檯買賣中心、美國NYSE、NASDAQ 、AMEX及中國深、滬交易所的即時股票報價。

- 個人化的自選群組:依個人需求建立自選群組,滿足個人的看盤需求。

- 即時報價與追蹤:自選股票每個欄位均可排序,經由即時報價、詳盡的日線圖到比較,讓您經鬆的管理、追蹤股票。

- 技術分析:結合K線圖與兩個技術指標在單一畫面,K線圖支援5分K、日線、週線與月線及眾多技術指標。

- 公司基本資料:台灣上市、櫃公司的基本資料與財務報表。

- 自選警示:連線即時接收個人化的自選警示。

- 投資組合管理:追蹤投資損益與已實現的損益。

- 即時新聞:提供即時的中文財經新聞及專業的道瓊英文財經新聞,隨時掌握市場脈動與變化。

免責聲明 :

1. Fonestock提供的資料僅供參考,對於所有資料的正確性不負任何責任。

2. Fonestock提供的資料並非作為投資或買賣的建議,對於因使用此資料而造成的損失均不負責任。
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