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CoinSense UK | Panload

Quick Fake UK Coin Checks.

Avoid not being able to pay for parking, your groceries or a snack bar. People tend to carry less change, so you should be sure what you've got is real and will work.

A recent study by the Royal Mint (April 2012) found that around 44 million counterfeit coins are in circulation which is three out of every 100, and this number has grown by three million in only nine months.

I hope you'll find this a valuable tool in not getting caught out.


A quick and easy coin checker

Multiple methods to validate coins, both physically and visually

Detailed, high quality images of real coins

Translation of Latin inscriptions

History and background of the images on both sides of the coins

Whether you’re simply interested in not getting ripped off, or are curious about UK £1 coins and their unique history, this app will deliver both quickly and without fuss.

Information is sourced from the UK Royal Mint, Wikipedia, coin collector sites from around the world and personal experience.

Use the facebook page to post pictures of your fake coins, or tell us your story.

Note : We don't accept any responsibility for fake coins, replacement of fake coins, any situations financial or otherwise which arises from the use of this app or the information contained within. What a sign of the times when we have to add that statement....
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Coinsense UK Free

Author panload
Published 2015-04-30
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