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The investment channel FLIPME GEOFIN iPhone version for Geofin Comtrade Ltd amplifies the clients to stay in touch with the commodity market pulse, to invest and trade from anywhere (home, office or while travelling), anytime.

The application provides highly flexible solution to users while maintaining optimum security to information. Cost effective solution makes the customers quick entry into the commodity trading.

Application is enhanced by trading tips and alerts to facilitate the clients to make good trading decision.

The Mobile trading application helps to increase customer retention, drive more trading activity, and enhance customer satisfaction. It's user friendly with attractive interface and flexible with different time zones. The application is available for all customers of Geofin Comtrade Ltd.

Downloading FlipMe

1. install ‘FlipMe Geofin Comtrade’ from Appstore.

2. Login to the system with your User ID and Password provided by Geofin Comtrade Ltd (If you don’t have one, Please Contact: 1800 41 98765)

Now you can experience the features of application.

Flip Me Features:

• Multiple market watches with Real-time update

• Order placing facility to all commodity market

• Convenient access to account

• Portfolio information with real time update

• Trade Book, Order Status/Order Book

• Dynamic real-time charts

• Trading ideas to facilitate the clients to make good trade decision

• Multi View Market watch(Graph, MBP and Security Info in a single screen)


* Kindly rate the app in the market. Your feedback is valuable for us to improve the application.
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Published 2015-05-22
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