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Hantec Bullion Limited (HBL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hantec Group, also a member (member No. 163) of the Hong Kong Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society(CGSE). HBL has been appointed as Liquidity Provider for CGSE's Electronic Trading Platform since 2009. HBL offers online spot trading of gold and silver for retail clients, corporations and financial institutions through our e-Gold trading station, which enables bullion investors more transparency and convenience. HBL was awarded the Bullion Service Prize by Capital Weekly in 2008.

Now HBL is glad to present you a user- friendly iPhone application, which allows you to easily seize very investment opportunity and trade anywhere anytime.

Key Features:

- Real Time Quotes

- Place Trade and Order

- Manage Live Orders and Positions

- Monitor Your Account Balance

We welcome your feedback and suggestions about new features and further improvements. Please email us at [email protected] or contact our customer services hotline at (852) 2214 4101

More information about Hantec Bullion Limited can be obtained from
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Hantec IB Back Office

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Published 2015-10-17
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