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ShoPARE-Price Compare | Panload

ShoPARE is a price comparison shopping tool that combines a price book, a shopping list, and the ability to compare prices on the fly.

You can compare prices of different package sizes.

You can compare prices of the same product selling at different stores.

ShoPARE finds the best price for a product by calculating the lowest unit price, even when the units are different.

Manually enter the price and packaging information for each item, and ShoPARE will show you the best price.

Different units? Discount? Coupons? No problem. ShoPARE will do the conversion, calculate the new price automatically.

Get your complementary account at to use Backup (My Backup) and web entry (My Prices) features.


- Shopping list

- Backup

- Voice data entry

- Enter data from your computer

- Compare prices of different package sizes

- Compare prices from different stores

- Price search from online and local stores

- Add/remove any product name and store name.

- Save product name, store name, price, packaging, discount, coupon, brand, model, and notes for each item

- Use it as a price book.

- Sort products by product names or store names

- Ability to apply discount and coupon

- Quickly enter last saved product name, store, and brand

- All comparisons are saved and editable

- Save product images

- Units for weight, length, volume, and area
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ShoPARE Chinese-Price Compare

Author panload
Published 2015-11-29
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