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ICICI Bank iLoans | Panload

“ICICI Bank iLoans” is ICICI Bank's official mobile application for loan products offered by the bank.

It's a breakthrough innovation in loan servicing where particularly loan details and some of the statements can now be generated on mobile phones.

Customers who have a Home, Auto, Commercial vehicles or Personal loans can use this application. All you need to do is download the ICICI Bank iLoans application on your mobile and activate.

This is a simple application, easy to use and it saves your time.

With the ICICI Bank iLoans APP you can:

1) Check your loan account details, disbursement details, EMI details and payment schedule

2) Generate statements like IT certificate/Interest certificate

3) E-mail statements to registered as well as alternate e-mail ID

4) View nearest asset servicing branches details

5) Multiple loan details view
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Published 2015-08-28
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