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Tax Toolbox 2014/15 | Panload

UK salary calculator for the 2014/15 tax year.

A 2-IN-1 tool with an included VAT calculator!

Use Tax Toolbox to calculate all your PAYE Tax and National Insurance deductions.

- Enter your salary, choosing whether its annually, monthly, weekly or hourly paid.

- Tax calculations are summarised from Gross Pay through to Net Pay.

- Your tax calculation result can be split by either: annually, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly summaries.

- A comprehensive breakdown of your tax calculation including any Income Tax paid, National Insurance paid, split by bands of payment.

- Your tax breakdown is a complete map of where your salary goes and to who!

- Email your tax breakdown report for sharing and backup purposes.

- Tailor your tax calculation to your situation with a number of settings.

Additional Settings:

- Working hours per week.

- Age. Helps to estimate what Tax and National Insurance you might pay.

- Pension contribution. Entered as a % of your Gross Salary. Choose if your Pension is contracted out and you could pay less National Insurance.

- Childcare vouchers.

- Annual bonus - Enter an amount or % you receive as an annual bonus.

- Salary sacrifice. Can be used for company car schemes etc.

- Exclude National Insurance. If you don't pay National Insurance you can exclude it from the calculation.

- Registered blind allowance.

- Student loan payment. Choose whether you pay using the Plan 1 or 2 scheme.

VAT calculator features:

- Add VAT to an amount.

- Find an original amount excluding VAT.

This tool aims to be quick and simple, not a complete tax return tool.

It gives a rough estimate of what you can expect to receive in your pay packet each month.

All figures and settings entered are saved for your next calculation...

...or turn this off and protect your privacy!

Optimised for the iPhone 5.
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Financial Calculator - 5 in 1

Author panload
Published 2015-07-12
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