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With Image Deposit Direct (IDD) Mobile - using a iPhone or iPad - businesses can deposit checks from anywhere a wireless signal is available immediately upon receiving a check payment. Now remote users can take advantage of the convenience and cost savings associated with remote deposit capture including reduced trips to the bank, later deposit cut-off times, quicker access to funds and enhanced security.

IDD Mobile is fully integrated with our IDD desktop solution providing proven scalability, security and robust functionality. To maximize organizational efficiencies, IDD desktop scanners and Mobile iPhone or iPads can be used together or separately. While remote employees are in the field capturing checks on the go, office workers are capturing checks and coupons; and entering associated invoice data using desktop scanners and viewing the related images and detailed reports online.

A new enhancement called a Configurable Field, now allows the mobile user to also enter additional deposit information like client invoice number that will flow through the IDD platform with the associated check and further to the clients’ receivables system.
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NASA FCU Mobile Remote Deposit

Author panload
Published 2015-02-16
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