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Keytrade Bank: Banking & Trading for iPhone | Panload

Visualize your investments and invest directly on 18 main stock markets worldwide. Moreover the interactive follow-up of the markets is available for everyone. Manage your accounts in your own way, where and whenever you want. Check out this convivial way of banking and trading in all its simplicity.


- Follow the evolution of the markets everywhere and analyze the stocks via our Global Analyzer tool.

- Visualize the distribution and the profitability of your portfolio anytime (stocks, funds, bonds, options, warrants, trackers, etc).

- Trade on the 18 main stock markets worldwide (Euronext (Bel20, CAC40 and AEX), NYSE, Amex, Nasdaq, OTC-BB, TSX, Xetra, LSE, ...)

- Consult all your accounts (current account, trading account, savings account) and execute your banking operations.


- Get real time notifications at the execution of an order and when a preset limit for a stock is reached.

- Follow the markets heat maps refreshed in real time* wherever you go.

- Rediscover the performance of your portfolio using interactive charts.

- Personalize your accounts with your own pictures.

- Execute money wires in a simple gesture to your internal accounts and your beneficiaries.

The use of the app and the transactions executed through the app are governed by the terms and conditions of use (available on the app). By downloading this app you declare to agree with those terms and conditions of use.

*paid option, free for our clients from 3 executed transactions/month
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Keytrade Bank Luxembourg : Banking & Trading for iPhone

Author panload
Published 2015-09-10
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