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Kim Eng Securities (HK) Limited launches its iPhone app “KE Mobile” which helps to keep your eye on the Hong Kong stock market. You can easily access your portfolio positions and the market situation with streaming quotation and real time order status.

Now you can download it from App store and then browse with different market information. All new opportunities, fast and safety trades are the privilege to our clients only.


1. Streaming stock price quotation with broker queue

2. Real time 5-min chart

3. Ranking

4. Local and overseas indexes

5. Watch list

6. Portfolio

7. And more…

Please simply contact our Customer Service Department at (852) 2268 0660 or surf

金英証券推出全新證券手機交易平台「KE Mobile」。透過「KE Mobile」,你可以隨時隨地查詢串流港股報價及進行交易,讓你更快洞悉良機,運籌帷幄。

現在你只要在App store 下載應用程式,免費瀏覽各種市場資訊,體驗金英手機交易之極速及安全性。


1. 串流港股報價及經紀盤情況

2. 即時五分鐘圖

3. 排行榜

4. 本地及環球指數

5. 自訂監察表

6. 戶口信息

7. 更多…

請致電客戶服務部(852) 2268 0660或瀏覽。
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Published 2015-07-05
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