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This is an app for long term investors who wish to keep a balanced portfolio of stocks, ETFs, and/or mutual funds. It doesn't do your research for you, but once you are happy with your securities, it helps you keep your discipline by guiding you to buy low and sell high.


You can enable or disable automatic updating. The securities are updated during normal US market hours and have a 20 minute delay (this app isn't specifically meant for day traders, although you can try it if you wish).

Additionally, this app takes advantage of iOS 7's intelligent background updating. When your app is in the background, your portfolios will be updated. If you hit a buy or sell threshold, you'll get a notification.


You can create as many independent portfolios as you like. Maybe you have separate accounts to manage. Or maybe you would like to run one or two as a test.

Inside a portfolio, you can assign as many securities as you wish (although if you have more than 10 you're probably a mutual fund, not an individual investor). Each security has an assigned number of shares and a target percentage. If automatic updating is off, you can enter a share price as well.

For the overall portfolio, you can also assign a cash value (the balanced investor should always have some cash available to buy more stocks when they go on sale) along with upper and lower cash thresholds. Once you assign a buy/sell threshold for your portfolio, the app will determine and let you know if you are outside the target percentage of any of your securities in the portfolio.


This is a tool to help you sell a bit when a stock is high and buy a bit when a stock is low. Over time, this should help you maximize your returns if you are a long term investor.

This doesn't do your research for you. You still need to invest in accordance with your specific strategy and risk tolerance.


I built this app because it was something I found useful for my own investing. If you have any bugs, feature requests, or suggestions to feed back to me, please get in touch.
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Author panload
Published 2015-03-02
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