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MGIS-CDH Mobile is the new mobile app developed by Alegeus Technologies. MGIS-CDH Mobile provides a single access point for participants to manage their consumer driven healthcare and other tax favored benefit accounts. MGIS-CDH Mobile is a completely customizable, branded mobile application.

MGIS-CDH Mobile shares user authentication with the WealthCare Portal, meaning that registered users can merely download the application and log in to immediately gain mobile access to their benefit accounts, with no need to register their mobile phone.

MGIS-CDH Mobile provides the following functionality:

• Account balances and details

• Upload Claims and Submit Receipts

• Recent Transactions and Details

• View all email and SMS alerts

• Contact administrator from mobile application via email or mobile phone

• Stronger Authentication support (Picture/Passphrase, device identification and Challenge questions)

• View Profile Details

• View Dependents

• View Card Details

• View Card PIN

• Register new users directly from mobile device

• Ability to edit billing address *

• Ability to update billing address *

• Ability to report card lost stolen *

• Ability to order replacement card *

• Ability to attach provider name to newly submitted claims *

• Ability to pay provider directly from app *

*Some features may be restricted by your administrator
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Published 2015-10-28
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