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VAT Sales Tax Calculator | Panload

VAT Calculations, Look up VAT Registrations, Look up VAT Rates. All in one easy to use App!

✓ Sales Tax Calculations faster than ordinary calculator

✓ Validate EU VAT Registration Numbers.

✓ Access extensive Sales Tax Database.


- Very easy to use

- Add or subtract Sales Tax

- Quickly see the Tax amount as well as NETT & GROSS

- Find Sales Tax rates for 20+ Countries

- Brief details explaining tax in different countries.

- UK users: Quick link to HMRC website

- World wide: Links to local tax websites

Originally developed to help fill out our expense forms when receipts do not show the complete VAT breakdown! We are sure that you will find your own uses for this handy little app.

Designed for:

- Sales Professionals

- Business Owners

**Please help improve the next version. Write a comment on the App Store or send an email**
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VAT Pro - UK, and Worldwide VAT Calculator

Author panload
Published 2015-01-03
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