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NEXUM Client Online | Panload

The NEXUM ClientOnline app is designed for the clients of debt recovery agencies, law firms and outsourcing companies and provides instant access to portfolios of accounts referred to these organisations for the collection and recovery of monies due. This app has been designed to dispense with traditional forms of reporting and offer a new dynamic approach to management information and account access.

The NEXUM ClientOnline app provides real time visibility of how accounts are progressing through a collections workflow process. The app provides detailed financial information relating to invoices outstanding, payments made, instalment/payment plans in place together with costs and interest that have accrued on the customer account from point of invoice. The app covers accounts from early stages of accounts receivable through to legal action and enforcement.

The NEXUM ClientOnline app also provides a performance dashboard detailing aged analysis of invoices together with activities on accounts. The app provides the ability for your clients to add comments and payments to an account.

This app is designed for any debt recovery agency, law firm or outsourcing company wanting to offer a high level of integration and visibility to their clients.
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NEXUM Client Online for iPad

Author panload
Published 2015-01-28
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