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NoaFX application provide administrative and back office support to clients of NoaFX brokerage. It gives traders complete control over their forex trading accounts. The following can be performed via the application:

- Access account backoffice

- Read timely market insights

- Use economic calendar alarm

About NoaFX

NoaFX is a young and fast growing firm providing online Forex trading capabilities to retail, high-net worth and institutional clients globally. NoaFX was formed by fund managers and forex traders and has everything built around trading,first and foremost.

NoaFX is continually striving to provide a client-friendly, higher and a whole level of client experience, on top of its acclaimed trading/dealing engine, which is used by more fund/money managers than traders,at a 70-30% ratio. As a team, we always look to innovate and take advantage of the latest technology, passing on benefits to our clients.

NoaFX is a the Retail Fx Broker of Capital Market Investments Limited, NZ Co Regn No. 3693175) and regulated by Financial Services Provider (FSP284605).

To try this app, you need to open either a live account or demo account with NoaFX. Opening of account can be done at this url :
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Published 2015-12-21
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