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FREE for first 31 days only. Then you can choose to continue usage for a monthly cost. Or you can use it completely free if you subscribe to our online risk research tool - OmniLife. Contact us for a free trial of OmniLife, on 1300 88 5871 or [email protected]

This app provides Australian financial advisers with a powerful life insurance illustration tool on their iPhones.

This app enables advisers to compare life insurance premiums for their clients from major insurers in seconds. The app will intelligently generate bundled premiums, if the adviser selects more than one cover type, incorporating the multiple policy discount rules for each insurer. To fully maximise on sales opportunities, this app also enables summaries of quotes to be emailed to the client or back to the adviser instantly during a quote.

This app will empower advisers to transform a traditional illustration process to be an interactive and seamless experience with the client. Or, it can just be a handy tool to make quick illustrations without having to open up traditional office based software.

The cover types this app compares are:


Total and Permanent Disability


Income Protection

Business Expenses

The major insurers the app compares are:

AIA, AMP Flexible, AMP Elevate, Asteron, BT Insurance, Clearview, CommInsure, OnePath, MLC, Macquarie Life, TAL and Zurich.

Omnium is a leading provider of risk insurance software for financial advisers. We've created innovative and first to market solutions to help advisers compare and sell life insurance. No other software provider can give you the range of solutions we have from comprehensive risk comparison software to mobile comparison apps to straight through application form solutions. If you want to grow and run your risk business more efficiently, you need Omnium as your software partner.
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Advanced Life Insurance Quotes

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