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Payment Power empowers the consumer to choose the most advantageous payment option every time they make a purchase in a retail store or online. We help consumers buy smart every time.

How does it work?

You walk into a store and activate our app. Immediately you will see the different payment offers from your banks or credit cards, the retail store and maybe others. You will get targeted, relevant offers for discounts, promotions, rewards, etc. Just two clicks to save money or get even more rewards from your credit cards. You will not receive unsolicited offers, only when you activate the app. We respect your privacy and will not share your information.

Load your existing credit, debit or loyalty cards to get personalized offers that may surprise you every time you are about to make a purchase. No need to load all your credit or debit card information. Just the first six digits and the last four digits and we'll know which card you own.

You may receive special discounts, promotions or even future discount offers that will be loaded automatically to your profile next time you check in at the same store.

Save your Favorite retailers or merchants and you will be able to preview payment offers from your Favorite retailers without visiting the store.

Even more features coming shortly.

Our App is currently working in the Costa Rica market only. New markets to be announced soon...
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Published 2015-02-21
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