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Point. Shoot. Receipt. | Panload

Do you travel for work? Go to Conferences? Live in a low or no income tax state like Florida or Arizona? Have business expenses?

Do you get stuck with a lot of receipts to organize?

Point. Shoot. Receipt. let's you quickly snap pictures of receipts right on the spot and save them quickly online in an organized way. This means you can access your receipts from any iOS device or via the website.

You can then easily generate a report in an email friendly format (PDF) and keep it for your records - or pass it on to your employer to claim expenses - or give it to the IRS in time of an audit.

The report has the pictures of the receipts you saved serving as proof.

Personally what I like is that I can finally take a pictures of the copy I sign off in a restaurant - which shows any tips I have left. (Since in NYC they average around 20%)

Enjoy this app! Hope it makes keeping receipts a little easier.

PS - My recommendation is to never throw away originals - just throw them unorganized in a box - some companies out there may suggest otherwise but no matter how reliable IT solutions get, I don't see a point to throw out the originals!
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Author panload
Published 2015-12-11
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