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The PROGRESS in Lending app is a fast and convenient way to view the latest lending news covering topics from analysis, thought leadership and opinions to, video, tweets and research. Through this app, industry participants share their ideas about how to move the business of lending forward through a variety of different media. You will find news stories, columns, white papers, cutting-edge video and tweets from several different sources. It is a cornucopia of forward-thinking content of every shape and size all at your fingertips in one beautifully designed environment. Not only can you catch up on the latest and greatest going on in the area of lending, but all content can be shared with your friends and colleagues via e-mail, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This connectivity will allow you to easily apply the ideas garnered from these source to grow your business.

This app is designed to make everything that you consume on the Web like PROGRESS in Lending’s daily e-letter, our monthly video newscast, our Twitter account and our monthly magazine, Tomorrow’s Mortgage Executive, better and easier to consume, share and use. Beyond just displaying content from PROGRESS in Lending, the app brings together trusted information from a variety of sources in this one app. For example, the app follows several industry Twitter accounts, presents research from other trusted companies active in the lending space, assembles interesting case studies and white papers, all in one app dedicated to giving industry participants a broader forum. Remember, progress is defined as “a forward or onward movement” and “gradual betterment.” No industry, lending or otherwise, can exist and/or thrive without continued progress.

Simply put, this is the app for lending thought leaders and visionaries. Join the conversation and download the PROGRESS in Lending app to get a better understanding of what is needed to move the lending industry forward.
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Published 2015-11-04
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