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QuickOption FREE Mobile Trading – Trade on Stocks, Indices, Forex, ETFs, Gold, Oil and Silver. Anytime, anywhere and Max Your Profits Now with Binary Options! QuickOption offers the easiest way to trade Binary Option

online, with an intuitive and elegant user interface

Using the latest innovative technology Quick Option is the smartest trading strategy out there, bringing you the most comfortable and lucrative way to trade. You don't need a big IQ for big profits when you trade binary options

In one compact platform, you will find all the trading tools you need, including:

·Cash Rewards:

·Binary Option Financial News:

Economic Calendar - Global economic events with results in real time.

·Binary Option Signals:

QuickOption offers the easiest way to trade Binary Option online, with an intuitive and elegant user interface

.Binary Option Social Traders:

Gives you access to the world’s largest social investment network where you can follow and copy our best FOREX/Binary Option traders.

·Recorded Trading History


·Educational Tools:

To further improve the experience, all accounts have access to all of our trading assets and educational material

Lucrative for all Levels:

Whether you are new to the binary options world or a certified master trader the Quick Option platform is for you. Using the most innovative technology, Quick Option provides you with all the trading tools you need to maximize profits. Quick Option traders enjoy an array of benefits including mobile connection, and the choice of over 70 assets to trade.


From its inception, Quick Option has built a global reputation for being a market leader and innovator whilst maintaining its transparency and integrity. Our goal is to give our users financial automation service like Plus500 did with the CFD market.

Having come from a trading background themselves, the Quick Option team strived to create a user-friendly app that would enhance the trading experience. This includes alerts upon request, tutorials for all levels, cash rewards, financial news and statistics for you to keep track of your past performance, giving you an advantage in future trades.


Each account also comes with a personal assistant service tailor-made to your individual needs, which will be available 24/7 for any inquiries you may have.

Secure and Regulated:

The Quick Option team work round the clock to ensure optimum security in regards to trading. Moreover, Quick Option resides in Cyprus and is fully regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission).

Free Download!

The platform is a free to download application allowing you to trade wherever and whenever you are. You are no longer chained to your desktop waiting for the market to move, your platform is at your beck and call putting you in the driver’s seat.
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Published 2015-05-15
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