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The Zakat Calculator | Panload

The Zakat Calculator by is an application that helps Muslim around the world to

calculate Zakat in US dollars. The main purpose of Zakat calculator is to enable Muslims to find out

how much Zakat they have to pay after deducting their liabilities and personal requirements from total

amount and property they posses.

The App also consists of a Nisab tab where Nisab is the amount of wealth that makes a person liable

to pay Zakat. Furthermore, there are frequently asked about questions about Zakat as well. You can

also share the application on facebook and twitter where your friends can download this application by

visiting iTunes link.

“The Zakat Calculator App” Comprises of:

- The Zakat Calculator

- What is Nisab

- FAQ’s

- Facebook, Twitter Sharing option

- More Islamic Apps

- About
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Zakat Calculator PRO

Author panload
Published 2015-11-06
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