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REInvestor is the ultimate tool for any property investor regardless of your experience level. The Lite version of the app, gives you the ability to easily calculate any possible investment property and obtain their TRUE value and its RETURN. This app is perfect for anyone interested in the property market regardless of your experience level. Don’t listen to the Real Estate agent tell you how good a property is, calculate it for yourself and tell the agent how good it REALLY is. REInvestor Lite also gives you the ability to calculate your mortgage repayments, and the effect those little extra repayments really make to the life of your loan.

If you want the added benefit of being able to SAVE AND COMPARE different investment properties single screens then purchase our REInvestorFull app OR upgrade later, its totally up to you. The REInvestorFULL also allows you to easily assess your loan commitments within loan feature. The loan function allows you to easily determine your exposure when deciding on a mortgage, but compare different scenarios to ensure you’re getting the best deal.


It is a practical tool that allows you to quickly determine your exposure of any investment property. This was developed from personal experience with trying to find the right property investment opportunity.  



~ Basic Yearly Returns in both $ and % 

~ Actual Yearly Return in both $ and % 

~ Incorporate Loan Repayments 

~ Annual Cash Flow 

~ Fixed Interest, Variable Interest OR Both

~ Off Set Account feature

~ Set your own Repayment Frequency period

~ Extra Repayment features

~ ReDraw

~ and more



~ All the REInvestorLite features PLUS

~ Save and Compare Loan scenarios

~ Save and Compare Investment Properties returns


Saint Innovations want to hear from you and your thoughts on our products. We want to continually develop and improve this application and will work with you to achieve it. If you have an improvement suggestion, whatever it might be or think that an additional feature would be beneficial please email us, we’ll look at including it within the next update.

Have an APP idea? Contact Saint Innovations to discuss how to turn your idea into reality!


Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these calculations, the results should be used as an indication only. Any loan calculation is neither a quote nor a pre-qualification for any loan. These calculations and assessments are subjected to the accuracy of the user inputting correct data. Saint Innovations Pty Ltd, take no responsibility for your specific financial situation and the user should always consult a financial specialist before investing in property. Please note, that with the constant changes of Bank Policies, Interest Rates and fee structures there may be a slight difference when consulting your bank for any mortgages.
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Published 2015-11-01
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