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*** Requires Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition ***

The mobile application Soft1 MyPortal for iPhone and iPad allows secure and reliable access to the centrally-installed Soft1 business application portal in order to view available, active data gadgets.

The data gadgets are exclusively designed within the Soft1 ERP development environment and provide immediate, real-time information on selected data that the user wishes to monitor (eg. open customer cases from CRM, incoming unanswered emails, sales revenue by category and time period, top-10 item or customer sales, etc.)

The application provides access to all data gadgets currently available in the company’s centrally installed Soft1 business application, subject to access rights and user preferences. The data gadgets are presented on the user’s mobile device in a user-friendly list. Navigation among the data gadgets is easy and the corresponding data are presented in tabular or in graphical representation.
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Author panload
Published 2015-09-26
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