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Square Foot 優質樓盤搜尋 | Panload mobile 每天網羅香港的優質樓盤, 助您輕鬆搜尋最合適的住宅。

通過 mobile, 用家可以

- 搜尋買盤租盤及瀏覽相關樓盤資料

- 搜尋身處地點附近的樓盤

- 儲存有興趣的樓盤資料

- 計算按揭供款的開支

- 直接撥打電話及發電郵給合適的地產代理

- 閱讀最新的地產雜誌

- 選擇界面語言(繁體中文、簡體中文及英文)

________________________________________ mobile always keeps abreast of the latest Hong Kong properties, providing the best "To Buy" or "To Rent" property to our audiences.

With mobile, you can

- Search properties to buy or rent and view full properties details

- Search from your current location

- Bookmark your favorite properties

- Calculate the mortgage loan payment

- Contact a real estate agent by phone or email

- Get the latest property magazine

- Select the interface language (ENG & TC & SC)
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Published 2015-01-31
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