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Wallet Guard | Panload

Wallet Guard allows you to securely store the contents of your wallet right on your phone. Manage your passwords, and keep your information secure.

* Capture front and back images of all your cards

* Create usable barcodes for all your club, loyalty, and reward cards

* Keep track of website, phone number, username, password and other information associated with each card

* Securely login to websites with our built-in web browser and insert username and password information easily

* Share wallet entries via wifi, bluetooth, or email

* Sort and arrange wallet entries to stay organized, use categories, and search for easy retrieval

* A customizable passcode that only you know and choice of numeric or alpha keypad

* Apply gamma correction, rotate, and crop your wallet entry images

* Industry standard AES 256 bit encryption with a passcode that only you know

* Use iCloud’s built in backup

* Dropbox support

* Generate strong passwords

* Touch ID support

* Auto-crop feature for cards
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Author panload
Published 2015-01-03
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