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One of the most challenging tasks after finding a piece of property is to evaluate the property to find out if it makes financial sense to purchase it. Whether it is to renovate and flip the property, or rent it out for a monthly income, you have to do the math. Like most investors we have tried many software applications that make the evaluation process easier. And like most investors we have never found one application that did everything a new or seasoned investor needed to make that evaluation process quick and easy. So we solved our problem by creating our own software application.

We are proud to introduce and share with you Quick Property Evaluator for the iPhone designed by Tailwind Ventures, LLC. A Real Estate Investment Company

We designed Quick Property Evaluator for the iPhone to make it quick and easy to evaluate a piece of property. Property Evaluator allows you to quickly enter the numbers you need to make a very informed decision on whether the property makes investment sense. It even incorporates a mortgage calculator so you can test the different rates and terms. Quick Property Evaluator for iPhone gives you a nice easy to read summary of the property, so you can tell in a matter of a minute if it is worth your investment dollars. In a very easy to read format it gives you your Monthly & Yearly Profit/Loss, Cap Rate, as well as your Estimated Out of Pocket Expenses that includes estimated Closing Costs. Once you have evaluated the property you can E-mail the data to a partner, co-worker, your lender or just to yourself. We have even added a convenient Quick Calculator within the app to add up the Estimated Repairs as you walk the property. Once you have evaluated your property, you can hit the "Save Button" to save your data in an organized table view. The data is saved by the properties address so you can find it quickly. Once the saved property is loaded back into the form you can view it, edit it, or E-Mail the data. If you no longer need the data, you can swipe to the left in the table view to delete it.

As a Real Estate Investment Company ourselves. We understand how quickly you have to act on a property. We hope this very useful App helps you make informed decisions when evaluating your next piece of Real Estate.
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Quick Property Evaluator for iPad

Author panload
Published 2015-02-03
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