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TapeCalcLITE is simply the best computer Adding Machine program available. When you see TapeCalcLITE on the iPad for the first time it looks just like an Adding Machine. This visual familiarity provides for a high Ease of Use factor. This makes it simple to learn since it works just like an Adding Machine. Yet TapeCalcLITE has all of the advantages of a computer program. TapeCalcLITE tapes are stored on the iPad and can be emailed as CSV files.

When purchasing or replacing an adding machine the option of using TapeCalcLITE is a no brainer. TapeCalcLITE is green. No physical tapes, no ribbons, and no electrical connection. This allows you to get rid of your adding machine and get the space back on our desk. Remember to dispose of your adding machine at a recycling center.

TapeCalcLITE has all of the advantages of an iPad app. This allows TapeCalcLITE to provide a very complete set of features:

- Easy to Install and get started.

- For financial professionals provides options: 10-key input mode, input repeat mode, auto-floating point input

- Has a notes column to allow an explanation of each entry.

- TapeCalcLITE allows tape entries to be edited or deleted.

- TapeCalcLITE auto-caches your current tape for assurance. (You will not accidentally lose a tape)

- Provides a red negative values.

- Billions with 2 decimal capability ($1,234,567,890,12).

- Provides unlimited tape entries. Has been tested to 99,000 entries.

- Localized currency symbols and thousands delimiters

- Provides emailing as CSV.

- Easily adds in multiply, divide, and percent results in the Tape Total.

- Free Email Support.

- We provide timely customer service.

TapeCalcLITE vs. TapeCalcPRO

TapeCalcLITE has all the same functionality as TapeCalcPRO but is restricted to 12 tape entries per tape and doesn't allow the new landscape mode. If you enjoy using TapeCalcLITE please consider purchasing TapeCalcPRO from the App Store.
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Published 2015-06-10
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