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The Dude Mileage APP | Panload

The Dude Mileage App provides an easy to use mileage and expense tracking system for business and personal use. The Dude Mileage App will track these expenses and generate reports for your company or accountant to use for tax purposes or expense reports. ”Did U Deduct Everything?” It’s your money!!

• Trips can be added with GPS or manually

• Reports generated in HTML and CSV format

• Application can be customized by car, deduction types, expenses and trip descriptions

• Frequent trips or destinations are stored so you can default for future trips

• Backup and restore data for new phones or phone failures.

• Notes field allows you to enter meeting info as well as multiple locations

• Easy to edit and search trip history

• Customize your tax rate or mileage deduction when deduction rates change

* App can run on Miles or Kilometers

Continued use of the GPS can dramatically decrease battery life-may require power source to enhance battery life.
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TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker & Auto Mileage Log & Business Reimbursement

Author panload
Published 2015-01-17
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