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Got Gifts? | Panload

Organize your gift shopping and simplify your life with this fantastic gift manager.

Simple and clean, but with powerful features.

Organized to be most helpful when you are on the go.

See at a glance what you still need to buy.

Quick and easy - one touch "Got it!" button.

Make notes about the details so you don't have to guess at the store.

When you are on the go, view by person or by store.

Look at just the items left to buy, or review all the gifts for each person.

Set up an overall budget, and divide that among everyone on your list.

Know how you are doing compared to the budget as you go.

Set up a list of stores, and attach a store to each gift.

Protect access with a PIN.

Currencies: dollar, euro, pound.
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Author panload
Published 2015-04-12
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