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DaVinci Money | Panload

DaVinciMoney is a unique product to manage your financial investments via iPad.

Designed for those who want to invest in an independent and really pro-active way,

DaVinciMoney allows you to build multiple portfolios, including multi-currency,

taking advantage of all possible opportunities in the financial markets.

The product covers the different asset classes: equities, bonds, currencies, ETFs, etc.

in all major financial markets of the world, giving you the greatest possible flexibility

in implementing strategies for portfolio diversification.

DaVinciMoney is more than a financial advisor in your iPad, it allows you to receive

alerts in order to properly monitor the formation of the bullish or bearish trends both

on specific positions or on the portfolio as a whole.

The product, finally, allows you to choose the most appropriate risk profile for each

portfolio, keeping it constantly monitored in order to avoid any mismatch in the ratio

between the aimed for risk/return target. User friendly, unique in the quality of

information provided and, last but not least, guaranteed by a technology applied

for years in the investment funds,where it has always proven to be able to ‘beat

the market.
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Published 2015-08-29
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