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Have a Bank Account? This app is perfect for you! If you share a Bank Account with someone else, then look at the regular Bank Account app, it supports reconciliation!

Bank Account Free simply keeps track of each of your purchases directly with the app. (The paid version allows you to reconcile with the other person to transfer all their purchases and update your remaining balance in your account!)

-------Free Version-------

-Record every transaction you make to maintain a running balance of your Bank Account.

-Search for transactions

-Simple to use

-Perfect for anyone to track their transactions, from checks to debit card purchases.


(Use for personal tracking of Bank Account balance only. Check monthly with real bank statement to verify transactions)

-------Paid version--------

NEW! Multiple Accounts!

NEW! Select Currency for each account!

You can now backup your transactions via email to .csv or .txt file and restore from a back up!

-How it Works-

Please read instructions on the app before starting! (Both devices must have a beginning Deposit and at least one withdrawal)

One user is set to a 'primary' user. This user will have the total remaining balance as well as all of their transactions. The other person set to 'secondary'.

When reconciling, the app connects the devices via bluetooth to move all 'secondary's' transactions to the 'primary' user. This will update the remaining balance on the 'primary' user, and then send the new balance back to the 'secondary' user.


-Backup your transactions to .csv or .txt file!

-Restore from a backup!

-Search for transactions. NEW!!

-Ability to add a lock screen. NEW!!

-Changed how transactions are stored to help with users experiencing crashes.

-Prompts user and asks if a transaction is the starting balance, if a starting balance has not been created yet.

-Simple to use

-Perfect for anyone to track their transactions, from checks to debit card purchases.

-Wonderful for people sharing the same bank account.

-Transfers all purchases to the 'primary' account and updates each remaining balance when reconciling.
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Bank Account

Author panload
Published 2015-12-15
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