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This is a great app if you are tired of lugging around a bunch of store reward cards on your KeyChain! This app not only has some generic categories like Grocery Store and Pharmacy to get you started, but you can create your own categories for your favorite store loyalty cards and add your own icon!

What’s even better is you can create a To Do list that is tied directly to a specific store. So if you were going to your local grocery store, you would create a shopping list for that particular store. And if you forgot to put something on your list, you can go back and edit the list to add on the item you just remembered you needed. Once you are finished shopping you just delete that list.

Now all you need to do is get this app and once it is on your phone start scanning your store reward cards that you have cluttering up your Keychain. Don’t worry if you have a card that has a QR code on it instead of a bar code. KeyChain! will scan those QR codes as well. Once you get to the checkout counter, choose that store’s loyalty card you already scanned into the app and have the cashier scan the store’s bar code sitting on your phone.

Tips & Tricks: If you just want to make a To Do list without a category,you can do that. There will be no store bar code or icon associated with it, only the words To Do. You can write yourself reminders, notes, whatever, as well as make lists. Also, some store reward cards are not of high quality and cannot be scanned. We have found that some stores’ scanners are not very good and cannot scan the code on your phone. In that case the store can manually enter your reward card code that the app captures. Sometimes removing screen protectors and having your screen brightness on high helps the check out scanner read your app.

If you have any problems with the app or would like to see another feature on it, contact us at [email protected] We would like to hear from you!
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Author panload
Published 2015-07-25
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