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+10    iExpenses Pro is an application to track easily all your business advances & expenses, from data entry until repayment. This application is : ¤ a time saver and less paperwork ¤ a better tracking system of your expenses ¤ the possibility of simply managing ...    16 MB    Views 7721

Arizona's Economy

+13    This interactive phone and tablet application extends the reach, accessibility, and timeliness of the socioeconomic indicator data the Economic and Business Research Center (EBRC) offers to the citizens of Arizona and the world. This phone and tablet application allows users ...    49 MB    Views 8308
+2    ____________ Version 2.0 ____________ Tired of hauling personal information in your Mind and Diaries? Sometimes we don’t even remember our credit card numbers or family phone numbers and that a big mess Just Relax We have a solution for all your problems. Our new ...    6 MB    Views 8296
-2    CPA Practice Management Forum is now available on the iPad CCH’s CPA Practice Management Forum is a new 24page, monthly magazine providing a blend of news, commentary and features that focus on key topics of importance to CPA firm leaders. CPA ...    5 MB    Views 5663
+5    WANT TO KNOW A STOCK'S PRICE APPRECIATION POTENTIAL? NEED A COMPREHENSIVE, UNBIASED VIEW? This application can help you answer these questions quickly and definitively, using sophisticated quantitative models. ( 70% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ) Now, you don't have to ...    118 kb    Views 3256
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+17    ביזפורטל, האפליקציה המקיפה והמקצועית ביותר בתחום הכלכלי פיננסי בישראל, מאפשרת לך ליהנות ממידע עדכני ומגוון כלים מקצועיים לשוק ההון. ארגז הכלים של ביזפורטל למשקיע, הכולל נתוני בורסות בארץ ובעולם על מניות, מדדים, אג"ח, קרנות נאמנות, תעודות סל ועוד, לצד תיק אישי, ...    4 MB    Views 9613

Metrixx Direct

market instrument application trading direct subscribers information data mobile
+4    Description: Metrixx Direct is the mobile communication application for traders, brokers and other market participants. The mobile application allows for subscribers to to publish current market activity, trading ideas, etc. to their subscribers. This application will require internet connectivity and subsequent data ...    8 MB    Views 3915
management business time data invoicing application goods features sales
+12    Invoicing Lady is a miniinvoicing application suitable for small business enterprises and various shops, such as: clothing, food, cosmetics, groceries, electronics, communications, digital equipment, etc. Its functions include: purchasing management, sales management, inventory management, customer management, supplier management, statistical reports, ...    1 MB    Views 7798


party email accident report easy application broker company data
+28    APP FREE TO 09302015 This is a guideline to make an effective european report of a traffic accident with a motor vehicle in a FAST and EASY way. This application is structured to help you make an accident report in a simple ...    10 MB    Views 7411
+11    Application is the fastest way to store information about your expenses. It is optimized to be used when standing in line or just after paying in shop. You enter expense data right after starting app so you can do it right after ...    5 MB    Views 7068

Odoo M1

time subscription mobile access policy privacy data application
0    Supports v6.1 OpenERP Server Get the right data at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. This app's goals: Work at peak efficiency with mobile app that provides fast, reliable access to data from the mobile device of your choice. At a customer ...    46 MB    Views 442

Card Info

card number credit data check issuer entered visa valid application
+23    Card Info is an application to help you check validity of a credit card number and get information about issuer. The application does not store any entered card data and does not connect to the Internet to obtain issuer data. It checks ...    9 MB    Views 2881

Coin Rates

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+3    Coin Rates application gives you to access all cryptocurrency market capitalisation data and profitability information. Application gathers data from public sites which provides public API. Currently the app includes more than 70 different cryptocurrency data and graphics    4 MB    Views 6884
time email tracking application reports backup hours data restore
-9    Worktime Radar is a simple to use time tracking application that include all needed futures to track your working time correctly, making monthly, daily reports and photo notices. All your reports and settings are backuped on email and are easy to ...    7 MB    Views 5136


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+28    Driveby Inspection App is a product for property managers and landlords. Property managers will be able to email an exterior condition report that includes a pdf report with pictures of the property. User may send copy of pdf to themselves ...    736 kb    Views 1129

InfoApp Manager

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-2    This application is built and tested for iphone not for ipad we have plan to build this application for ipad later InfoApp Manager has been designed for corporations, associations and businesses of all types to develop customised content for their target audiences ...    5 MB    Views 2435

SMS Mobile Bank

program work bank application sms perform operation services pay data
+6    Application "Mobile Banking" will allow you to easy and comfortable to use SMS service requests your bank. The main differences: The program is not tied to a single bank, and supports an unlimited number of them. At the moment there are ...    867 kb    Views 5283
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+6    Information at your fingertips: With Jedox Mobile you can access the latest business data from anywhere and at any time, transforming your smartphone or tablet into a productive tool for planning, reporting and data analysis. Jedox Mobile unleashes the power ...    3 MB    Views 5827

Handy Manager

-8    Handy Manager mobile application is a convenient MetaTrader 4 tool specifically designed for Managers (Business Owners). With this application, managers can get all relevant information from MT4 manager terminal and have them displayed in realtime on their mobile phone. This application ...    8 MB    Views 3347

REON Equity

research application markets capital equity charts data
+3    Handelsbanken Capital Markets Equity Research Through this application, Handelsbanken Capital Markets offers unique insight into Nordic equities with awardwinning research reports, comments, detailed estimates, consensus data, extensive technical charts, performance charts and market data. The application is intended for Handelsbanken Capital Markets ...    2 MB    Views 8885
mobile free accounts application find quick data answers closest
-3    SunState Federal Credit Union’s FREE Mobile Banking Application for the iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod BANK 24/7 Manage your accounts, pay bills, view copies of your cleared checks, and view transaction history. Members can also make quick transfers within SunState accounts and find ...    11 MB    Views 3212
stock investment calculator financial analyzer strength pro application stocks information data
-1    WANT TO KNOW A STOCK'S FINANCIAL STABILITY AND STRENGTH? NEED A COMPREHENSIVE, UNBIASED VIEW? This application can help you answer these questions quickly and definitively, using sophisticated quantitative models. ( 70% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ) Now, you don't have ...    118 kb    Views 5975

Lucky Note

time data lucky dream lottery note result conditions application
+29    "Lucky Note" is the application which supports your "dream". Have you bough lottery in order to fulfill a "dream"? Do you remember the result then? LuckyNote is the application which can record easily the data at the time of buying lottery. In LuckyNote, ...    1 MB    Views 7106
managers investment fund markets long capital
+7    AdWise Capital Managers is an investment management company that partners banks, wealth managers and family offices planning to launch long only or long/short investment funds focused on European and North American equity markets. The client decides the type of fund, risk ...    5 MB    Views 3754


-6    Control Spend and Simplify Store Operations with Mobile Software SpendBoss is a store management operations tool that will simplify your life. Store managers, operations directors, procurement coordinators, retail operations vice presidents, New Store managers, finance directors and all types of bosses ...    24 MB    Views 2178


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+3    BPC Net provides access to your bank quickly, conveniently and securely from anywhere you are. Check your balance, pay bills, buy topups whenever you want, wherever you are. You can also save transactions as favourites so you don’t have to ...    11 MB    Views 6822

Bizzy Insights

business managers software data products insights
+25    המערכת מנתחת מידע מהקופה של העסק, ומאפשרת למנהל העסק להבין תוך שניות מהם המוצרים הנמכרים ביותר, איך הצוות עובד, מה הלקוחות עושים בעסק, והאם יש הזמנות שלא שולמו או תופעות חריגות אחרות. האפליקציה מנתחת את הנתונים בזמן אמת, ומספקת מידע משמעותי ...    NAN    Views 8616


+25    Living is application manage mileage and money. will finish soon cumbersome input by copy the previous data. can create more account and categories. can change currency setting belongs to accounts. display stats of categories per month. passcode available. You can measure consumption efficiency of sell scales products ...    10 MB    Views 2224


managers investment investments managed assets
0    Access all of your assets (and liabilities) from your iPhone. Provides ataglance views into your investment portfolio and bank accounts, pulling investments of all types from your investment managers or banks. This version shows portfolios that are managed by your wealth managers. ...    605 kb    Views 7047


stock finance analysis recommendation application data powerful technical ticker
+12    iStockPicks is a clean, elegant application that helps you pick stocks to trade, and recommends trading them when technical analysis indicates that it is a good time to buy/sell. It does this with a powerful custom "Recommendation Engine" that loads historic ...    3 MB    Views 2705
people managers sales leads reminder appointment
-1    Tenacious Sales is developed to help Sales People ,Sales managers and Companies to manage their sales leads. Best app for Sales people, Sales managers and small to medium size businesses. Features : Lead management Appointment Reminder & Notification Sales Person Tracking ...    8 MB    Views 2678

IVP Nebula

managers data access alternative asset portfolio mobility
-2    Indus Valley Partners (IVP), a New Yorkbased provider of solutions to alternative asset managers, Introduces IVP Nebula, enabling alternative asset managers to access Key Performance Indicators, Portfolio Insights, Enterprise Data anytime/anywhere. IVP Nebula redefines mobility at work, comes packaged with next ...    26 MB    Views 9191


time asset assets data application users items real
+1    Track5000s works with Real Asset Management's Series4000 serverbased solution, providing organisations with a paperless and fully integrated asset tracking solution. The application works in real time via a wireless connection and allows users to view, update and complete events remotely. ...    6 MB    Views 7158

ABLE Mobile

business library work application forms data device ios mobile line
+1    Meet ABLE, the Application Library Browser Environment. ABLE is a comprehensive tool that allows you to design, create, deploy and execute any business process or application for any mobile device. ABLE is an application browser that allows users connect and execute ...    38 MB    Views 952
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+3    Invest globally and profitably from your iPhone with the free Fundsupermart mobile application. Fundsupermart now arms you with even more features, including: Idea of the week: A weekly investment idea to help build your portfolio Research: Leverage on the independent, exclusive research ...    13 MB    Views 9018

AIK mobile banking

Related Apps banking office security user mobile data application accounts banka transactions information
-3    AIK Banka mBanking Mobile Banking Application of AIK Banka a.d. Niš AIK Banka mBanking service will allow you to follow, in a fast and simple manner, by using your mobile phone, changes in your accounts as well as to make ...    10 MB    Views 3201

Ask Invoice HD

Related Apps tax data invoice application bar request screen code information barcode
-8    Ask for an invoice with no apprehension whatsoever using this device which will enable you to file and submit your tax data (name, taxpayer ID N°, address and email) at the touch of a finger. You will also be able to ...    5 MB    Views 2755

Nordea 1 Fund App

-8    The Nordea 1 Fund App keeps you up to date on the Nordea 1, SICAV range. Features include daily price and performance data, latest Nordea news, portfolio manager videos, personalized watch lists, plus an intuitive fund palette that introduces you ...    NAN    Views 4846

SEB Equities

Related Apps research seb valid access station trading application data account company
+5    This application is for SEB institutional clients with a valid Research Online and/or a valid SEB Trading Station account. SEB clients can access streaming market data and the firm's investment research virtually anywhere, at any time with the SEB application ...    3 MB    Views 8985
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+25    WANT TO KNOW A STOCK'S GROWTH POTENTIAL? NEED A COMPREHENSIVE, UNBIASED VIEW? This application can help you answer these questions quickly and definitively, using sophisticated quantitative models. ( 70% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ) Now, you don't have to be ...    66 kb    Views 5418

CaminCargo Control

application mobile data access control inspection password
-8    Introducing the Camin Cargo Control Mobile Application. VERSION 5.2.7 NOW AVAILABLE. The Camin Cargo Control mobile application provides our customers convenient, secure and realtime access to their product inspection and laboratory data. Customers can quickly and easily configure their application to receive job ...    17 MB    Views 4658


Related Apps investment news market portfolio data transactions application
-7    PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS APPLICATION IS FOR PRESENTATION PURPOSE ONLY. FOR TRADING PLEASE CONTACT YOUR INVESTMENT PROVIDER. For user name and password please register at With Dorsum Ltd’s ClavisTrader application you can follow up your portfolio and the market. You can ...    7 MB    Views 7614

MidWestOne Bank

Related Apps banking person mobile access account data service device application
-2    Please note that in order to use MidWestOne Mobile Banking; you must first enroll in MidWestOne Personal Online Banking. MidWestOne Mobile Banking allows you to easily, instantly, and securely access your account information from your mobile device. Here are a few ...    2 MB    Views 8506


investment research stock money investors managers lists view institutional data mobile equities price earnings
+12    PANARAY Mobile is a global equity research platform designed exclusively for institutional investors. Its highly visual workspace translates dense blocks of data into graphics to help money managers spot opportunities with efficiency. The Symbol view uses our Datagraph™ format, which combines ...    45 MB    Views 157


market investment managers information asset institutional data articles qualified
-7    The DutchInvestor App delivers the best from to your tablet. This platform is all about useful information,“must have“ information, for investment professionals to enhance their operations in the Dutch institutional market. This application provides carefully selected data and research ...    4 MB    Views 4134

m-Token Carpatica

banking hardware traffic authentication application token internet dynamic data needed
-4    mToken Carpatica works as an authentication application related to BCC eSMART Banca Comerciala Carpatica Internet Banking platform. BCC eSMART is the complete internet banking solution offered by Carpatica Bank, available for individuals and companies in a fast, secure and user ...    2 MB    Views 8233

Mission Fed Mobile

Related Apps banking mobile mission fed access find data secure application
+26    Mission Federal Credit Union’s FREE Mobile Banking Application for iOS BANK 24/7 View transaction history, check balances, deposit checks, and make transfers whenever you want and wherever you are. LOCATE Quickly find the closest ATMs and branches without even logging into your account. SAFE and ...    13 MB    Views 712


security data credit lender financial device assist transfer application
+5    Organise, Retain and Maintain your financial data ready for your next credit application. Contains most data commonly required for mortgage, lease and credit card applications. Easily transfer data via QR codes (containing csv data) or directly to lender (via https) with a ...    6 MB    Views 6990
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+5    Anytime Anywhere Access Juno is a mobile application that allows you anytime, anywhere access to your Tally accounting data. Whether you’re traveling on business or about to step into a meeting, Tally on Mobile brings real time information that is securely ...    3 MB    Views 6927

CV Advisors

managers firm side evaluate portfolios manager advisors team fund
+23    In 2004, the CV Advisors team embarked on the development of the software platform that would eventually become VIEWS. The Firm's investment team worked side by side with several programmers to develop pragmatic, customized tools that allow the Firm to: Capture ...    126 kb    Views 3268

Precious Metal

weight metal application prices data precious exchange currencies latest percentage
0    Precious metal is completely new for iOS 8. Calculate the value for gold, platinum, palladium, silver, copper, nickel, lead, zinc and aluminum. New to the latest update you can now secure your settings screen with a passcode and use touch id ...    5 MB    Views 1542


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+11    This application is strictly for Advisers who are holding valid Adviser codes maintained with iFAST Capital Platform, a subsidiary of iFASTOSK Sdn Bhd. Stay on top of markets and unit trusts from your iPad with the free iFAST MY mobile application. ...    11 MB    Views 5722
managers 2011 conference march attendees regional information kpmg
+1    The official app for attendees of the 2011 KPMG Regional Partners and Managers Conference for the Private Enterprise Division held at Freycinet Lodge, Coles Bay, Tasmania starting Thursday 17 March 2011 and culminating on Sunday 20 March 2011. This app contains ...    5 MB    Views 6395

KAS BANK Monitor

Related Apps monitor management investment time managers fund pension bank information data shows
-7    The KAS BANK Monitor provides pension scheme managers, trustees and sponsors with management information of the fund. The Monitor provides an overview of the key performance metrics of your fund. In addition the intuitive interface allows the user to obtain ...    668 kb    Views 5805

LFS ZTrade

Related Apps market time stock search monitor volume price indexes data average desired fibonacci application
-4    The application supports online trading via Laiki Financial Services Ltd. Password is required to use the application. For more information contact 0035722367367 or via email at The ZTrade application provides professionals or simple investors with the easiest and most reliable way to ...    7 MB    Views 2656

Budget Deluxe

email facebook cards money application transactions expenses youtube support data user unlimited
+10    Have you ever wondered where does all your money at the end of the month? With this application you finally can check all your expenses / revenue. The Graphic User Interface is designed to be extremely intuitive and complete, you immediately learn ...    11 MB    Views 7629

IFSC India

banks bank data application india database internet send ifsc info
+11    Tired of searching for your Banks IFS Code or MICR or any other info on the internet ? Stop right there and Read On : IFSC India is your complete bank info guide having all the data related to ALL the ...    22 MB    Views 8233

US Stocks One

Related Apps stock stocks analysis application fundamental technical markets index data
-7    US Stocks One™ app is a super fast, trading application with rich fundamental and technical analysis on US Stock Markets. It is a modern one style application which works across all your devices with exactly identical manner (one source for ...    6 MB    Views 4734


property investment excel market voice managers rent building data file application analysis computer
+6    Xactvu is a business tool for professionals working in the commercial property market helping to update information about properties and premises on the go. Enter the property data into the application, go and observe the properties, make edits to data ...    8 MB    Views 750


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-3    This application is for SEB Merchant Banking's FX clients. SEB clients can access streaming FX spot rates and SEB's award winning FX research virtually anywhere, at any time with the new SEB application for the iPad and iPhone. Benefits: Streaming live ...    NAN    Views 4589
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