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Friends & Coins

+12    Privacy: This app works exclusively offline. No statistics are generated. Your data will never be sent to any third party or Cloud service, contrary to other apps. Moreover, you can chose to give the app access to your contacts. Friends & Coins ...    536 kb    Views 1614
Related Apps money people save financial savings application saving ideas plan
+6    The ability to save money is the cornerstone of building wealth. In order to save money, you need to spend less than you earn. This is often easier said than done, but there are plenty of ways to help you ...    2 MB    Views 871


+24    MobOption trading platform allows you to trade gold, oil, currencies and stocks, with our safe, reliable & secured trading application. Invest your money and earn up to 80% in less than an hour Our binary options trading application enables you to ...    24 MB    Views 3422
-1    Easy Incomes and Expenses will allow you to monitor your incomes and expenses easily. A smart and simple app. A ledger for each year is available, so you can enter every operation you have made in your bank account. Your ...    5 MB    Views 8186
+11    Finally the easy way to count money at the reach of your palm in your iPhone The concept behind this application is a very simple, yet very useful one It simply works by adding money for you. To use it just ...    352 kb    Views 4323


Related Apps money application service mobile pay
+3    This application allows you to use your iphone to make convenient and secure TagPay transactions. Send money to any other phone (even feature phones), check balance and transaction history, pay a bill and pay on a retail store. Note: This application is ...    25 MB    Views 1333

Smart Money Prime

money smart members service prime ability application weekly
0    This smartphone application allows members of the popular finance and investing service – smart money prime – the ability to read their weekly reports while on the go. Each member of this service also has the ability to visit Mesh Money ...    3 MB    Views 5888


money clear track application saved spent
-4    Simple and easy to use log application for either keeping track of money saved or money spent. Money track will allow you to record the price and a brief description of an item. A total amount of money spent or money saved ...    135 kb    Views 2525

Loan Analyzer

program home loan analyzer numbers number credit interest making monthly ability
+26    » Store and track all of your financial obligations Loan Analyzer can be used to store all your loan information for any number of accounts you may have, including credit cards, student loans, vehicle loans, home mortgages etc. For each ...    251 kb    Views 1635

CCBMobile Deposit

+17    Capital City Bank clients can now securely deposit checks to their accounts anytime, anywhere with CCBMobile Deposit. Snap photos of the front and back of the check with your mobile device and use CCBMobile Deposit to send to Capital City ...    897 kb    Views 2559

Smart Savings

Related Apps money savings spend saving smart application track tips
-6    Are you fed up of running out of money halfway through the month? Are you not sure what you spend your money on? Do you want to become a savvy spender and protect yourself from spiralling debt? Here is your chance ...    4 MB    Views 2439
Related Apps time money job retirement work early years making working secrets retire
+2    One of the biggest concerns of many people who have been working in a job for a very long time is to find a way that they can use to retire early. 

But at the same time they wonder how ...    416 kb    Views 2910

MobiCash Payments

card security payments secure mobile making prepaid code paying
-4    MobiCash is a mobile payment service designed to complement your lifestyle by making payments easy without compromising your security. The MobiCash Payments app is a secure tool for making payments anytime, anywhere, from shopping at your local store to paying online ...    68 MB    Views 2913
money teller mobile heritage american application
0    Mobile Teller Application from American Heritage Federal Credit Union Get immediate account access 24/7 with the American Heritage Mobile Teller Application. Check balances, view My Money Manager, transfer money, pay bills, or find the closest Branch/ATM with a simple touch of ...    10 MB    Views 5035

Travel Manager2

Related Apps travel management money application payment exchange country currency event
0    memories = priceless ・ for money management in travel , event and etc. ・ for checking the price of your own currency in travel to foreign country. ・ for memories of enjoy travel. You can manage your money in all the while of travel ...    6 MB    Views 7670
Related Apps shopping money price cheaper buy save items cheapest application cost
+23    With this application, you can quickly compare the unit cost of two items, no matter what units they are in – items, weights, or volumes right there in the store. Just type in the price and quantity, and it ...    403 kb    Views 7189

Stock Trends

stock facebook tools twitter investment email business trends making user users assist
+20    Stock Trends provides users with invaluable tools that can assist in the decision making process of buying or selling a stock. This app is feature packed with tools that measure a stock's momentum, that will assist you in making the ...    4 MB    Views 843


market web money trading platform mobile binary options trade application
+6    OPTIONCC trading platform allows you to trade gold, oil, currencies and stocks, with our safe, reliable & secured trading application. Invest your money and earn up to 85% in less than an hour Our binary options trading application enables you to ...    23 MB    Views 811
+24    Revision Software for CIMA P1 Exam (November 2015 Syllabus). Over 470 unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. CIMA P1 is designed to cover: 1. Cost accounting systems. [CIMA] 2. Budgeting. [CIMA] 3. Shortterm decision making. ...    11 MB    Views 7104
Related Apps money track add expenses application
-9    Getbud is the simplest budget application ever. Just tell the app how much you want to spend (or save), then as you add your incomes and expenses, the app shows your progress so you can keep track of how much money ...    2 MB    Views 2779
music love game maker sharing making
+8    __________________________________________ 'Share Your Fancy Ice Cream In Cones Or Sandwich Ice Cream' 'Customizing You're Own Dessert Has Never Been This Fun' 'Two ThumbsUp We Love It Very Entertaining' 'I Love Making My Own Ice Cream Sandwich And Sharing It' __________________________________________ Ice Cream Maker is one simple ...    42 MB    Views 4509

Moeda HD

money application real values
+2    Moeda is an application to convert values of old money. Brazil has over many years, had a variety of currencies and this application converts values between them. In the application you can see some examples of money at the time. It's worth ...    1 MB    Views 2910

eBLOM Mobile

cards money mobile application limit set check accounts
+8    The eBLOM Mobile application will allow you to manage your cards and accounts on a realtime basis, while enjoying your daily activities. BLOM Bank's eBLOM Mobile application is a member of the eBLOM suite of electronic services and delivery channels. As ...    2 MB    Views 8083


Related Apps money transfer application
-2    FXMelbourne is an application that gives benefit for people to convert and calculate AUD to THB before they transfer the money to Thailand. This application can not transfer money. It is just use for estimation purpose.Please visit for more ...    1 MB    Views 2170
-1    Direct Debit Control Centre Stay effortlessly on top of your finances with the Direct Debit Control Centre, an easytouse app developed by Bacs, which puts you in control of your bill payments. The Control Centre is the easiest way to keep track ...    NAN    Views 3098


Related Apps market web money trading platform mobile trade binary options application
-8    TradeRush's trading platform allows you to trade gold, oil, currencies and stocks, with our safe, reliable & secured trading application. Invest your money and earn up to 78% in less than an hour Our binary options trading application enables you to ...    13 MB    Views 1556
facebook business money profile creating book page secrets online making
+5    The Internet is all abuzz with Facebook and these days everyone is making a beeline for creating their own profile. On the whole, any online social networking website like Facebook has very quickly emerged as an astonishing stage to make pots ...    226 kb    Views 5184
+29    Money Making New Ideas Money Making Ideas app is a latest and new free application which provide many money making secrets that you can use to make the money. This application provide effective money making secrets and ideas that you can ...    7 MB    Views 9464
money data account expenses expense statement version application
+16    Application is the fastest way to store information about your expenses. It is optimized to be used when standing in line or just after paying in shop. You enter expense data right after starting app so you can do it right after ...    5 MB    Views 7068
management costing acca products process version cost information making decision
-7    Revision Software for ACCA F2 Exam (December 2015 Syllabus). Over 370 unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. ACCA F2 has been designed 'To develop knowledge and understanding of how to prepare and ...    9 MB    Views 2024

Free R-OFer

money retirement planning work game free life decisions making income ability odds
0    The free game “Free Retirement OddsFinder” (aka Free ROFer for short) is designed to let you learn about the financial planning the way you learned to walk. Unlike the current books and tapes, here is the ability to learn the ...    29 MB    Views 5870

Nations Tax Mobile

tax business iphone news money centers individual application latest clients
-3    Nations Business and Tax Centers, Inc. have been providing costeffective business solutions for more than fifteen years. Each year the Business & Tax Centers prepare and file thousands of individual and business tax returns. Throughout the year, our experienced professionals assist ...    1 MB    Views 8242


time security data multi clients information making access focus mobile
+15    Financial automation for CPAs and businesses with operations in Mexico. By essentially eliminating the manual tasks associated with bookkeeping & tax filing, Paybook frees you up so you can focus on your clients, not entering data. KEY MOBILE FEATURES: Deliver more in ...    26 MB    Views 9148

PayMobile Cashier

Related Apps money mobile application users services payments accounts transfer
+14    Mobile payments services offer users a convenient way to do financial transactions through the association of their mobile phones and their money accounts. PayMobile application is eServGlobal demonstration application to easily perform mobile payments services like • National Money Transfer • International Money ...    1 MB    Views 9369
Related Apps investment business person facebook social twitter email media money stock quotes warren application share making
+2    Investment Quotes Warren Buffett edition is an iPhone Application that illuminates few of the greatest quotes by the living legend in the field of Investment Business. He who knows the Stock Business like perhaps no one else is all ...    9 MB    Views 574
drink making choose super maker
-9    You can bask in the summer glory all year round with this awesome SLUSHY SODA POP MAKER It’s hot Here comes a new FREE slushy maker for you Now you can make your own slushies in Spring, Winter, Summer & ...    68 MB    Views 3154
Related Apps money people save financial savings application saving ideas plan
-3    The ability to save money is the cornerstone of building wealth. In order to save money, you need to spend less than you earn. This is often easier said than done, but there are plenty of ways to help you ...    2 MB    Views 1256


0    MMH scheme is a resources which help ultrapreneurs in to finding a way of making money and finacialy making money in which makes profits. Moneymakinghelp is a business held up by a fond business group made up of different ...    NAN    Views 5338


Related Apps money stock finance market sell application trading clients
-5    EzMobileTrading is mobile trading application for FPTS ’s clients which built in iOS platform. With this application, investors can: Tracking all changes in market with any stock Following all finance news that always updated Easy trading with more and more ...    5 MB    Views 1383

Moj budget

budget money application manage max advice
-1    Moj budget is easy to use, user friendly application, which provides you control over your personal finances. It only requires you to input your expenses as well as income and performs everything else on your behalf. However Moj budget is not ...    3 MB    Views 2832


money application currencies calculate convert
0    To calculate and convert money enough only a couple of clicks. The application provides the ability to quickly calculate and convert money between different currencies. The application supports 144 currencies. The relevance of the currency rates are updated every 5 minutes ...    4 MB    Views 5450

BKCP Banking

Related Apps money banking bank application check accounts transfer manage contact
-2    BKCP Banking brings BKCP online banking to your iPhone or iPad, so you can manage your money anywhere, anytime. This application allows you to log in securely and check your accounts at BKCP Bank and offers an easy way to ...    14 MB    Views 1762

SunWest Mobile

banking money sunwest online mobile application 719 accounts terms 0804 561
+7    Now you can manage your money wherever you go, with the SunWest Credit Union mobile application. You can quickly check your balance, transfer money, view transactions and make loan payments. It’s fast, easy and free. You can securely handle your ...    4 MB    Views 5335
investment business email twitter finance money facebook quotes lynch peter application making share edition
+7    Investment Quotes Peter Lynch edition is an application that comes up with some of the greatest quotes by an equally great man himself known as Peter Lynch. The man who knows how to deal in the Investment business and ...    6 MB    Views 518
Related Apps money account simple currency application multi mobile interest
+9    The Zenbanx account lets you hold up to 5 currencies in a single savings account, earn interest on all of them, and let you send money to family and friends overseas almost as cheap as sending money by telepathy. Get ...    45 MB    Views 199


Related Apps making orders mobile
+3    Now you can sell, take orders, or carry out orders anywhere using your mobile device. We create the mobile application (tablet and / or cell) that is linked to your current system without making any major changes or making you ...    375 kb    Views 8372

Business PremioCard

business money cards card mobile account free control application instantly
+14    Business PremioCard Mobile is a free application allowing Business PremioCard clients to manage their electronic money and Business prepaid cards anytime, anywhere and hasslefree – just one tap away. PATENT PENDING: This mobile app provided by Intercard Finance AG and its ...    13 MB    Views 9294


money retirement planning work making plan odds game financial life decisions
+7    The full game “Retirement OddsFinder” (aka ROFer for short) is designed to let you learn about the financial planning the way you learned to walk. Unlike the current books and tapes, here is the ability to learn the value of ...    27 MB    Views 1613
Related Apps money excel buy easy export accounts application simple bought
+20    Want you to know why at the end of month you have run out of money without buying anything useful? Want you the best way to organize your finances? Want you to help save some money for buy a new ...    9 MB    Views 5062

Tankomat Pro

Related Apps money fuel vehicle pro application total
+3    Tankomat Pro gives you the ability to track how often you fuel your vehicle(s) and how much money you spend on fuel for each vehicle. By gathering this type of information in one place you can get an overview of ...    NAN    Views 5747


money science application rate university mobile computer
0    This application can help you to manage your money in different country in ASEAN area. Also, this application can convert money value to your currency rate which you're familiar with. Application interface is designed for simplicity and easy to use. ...    8 MB    Views 7543

Budget App

Related Apps money budget monitor limited limit application change
-9    Stay in control and monitor your daily, weekly or monthly spendings with the help of this budget tracker application. Set yourself a limit and debit all your payments. You can always see how much money is left until your budget ...    305 kb    Views 6862

Change in my Pocket

Related Apps money time amount save date plan target change application day calculate
+7    Change in my Pocket is an easy to use application which shows you how much money you could have by your selected target date if you were to save 'x' amount per time period. SOME EXAMPLES OF USE: Calculate how much ...    247 kb    Views 1056
time investing money work investment love family people income linear estate real life making
+20    Everything You Need To Know To Start Investing In Real Estate And Set Up A Comfortable Residual Income That Will Give You The Freedom To Do What You Love Don’t want to work 9 – 5 for the rest of your ...    486 kb    Views 4386


money card account password feedback contact application mobile
-1    With the eccount money mobile application you can manage your money and keep track of your finances wherever you are. – Only available to eccount money current account holders. GREAT FEATURES •Manage your eccount 24 hours a day, 7 days a week •Check ...    NAN    Views 178

Super Calc

retirement super contributions making
-3    This application provides you with an indication of your super balance at retirement and how long it may last in retirement based on Australian legislation. It enables you to explore the effects of changing the following: – Your retirement age – The level ...    4 MB    Views 9886

my Rates

amount rate firm rates consultant making billing individual percentage
+5    my Rates is an ideal app for the individual consultant to see how changes to hourly rates or placement firms’ commissions affect their bottom line For the individual consultant, by making adjustments to the base billing rate and setting the amount ...    39 kb    Views 9636

Poof Its Gone

money application face lost
-1    You invest your hard earned salary, or your retirement money to buy our application, and then... POOF It's gone. ​The app doesn't do much, but it shows you that losing money can still put a smile on your face PoofItsGone is the ...    4 MB    Views 2198

Watch It Rain

money watch rain making
0    Ever wondered how much money you're making at any given moment? Want to watch the money you're making count up to the fraction of a second? Watch It Rain will show you exactly that Simply start the timer and watch the ...    1 MB    Views 3821
money ideas saver save saving application free latest expenses
-7    Money Saver New Ideas Money Saver application is a free and discover the top and new money saving tips which helps you to save money for your future and minimize your current expenses. It is give you tips about how to ...    17 MB    Views 9455
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