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Contents Retriever

+5    Sum Insured’s Contents Retriever is a powerful application that enables users to calculate the replacement cost and keep track of their valuable home contents inventory. Contents Retriever works by asking the user a number of simple questions such as what rooms ...    1 MB    Views 2472

Hay Compere

+2    The Hay Compere, PLLC Texas Title Insurance calculator is a FREE application that allows the user to calculate the Mortgagee's Title Policy (MTP) and Owner's Title Policy (OTP) based on any purchase price and/or loan amount. The calculator permits the ...    420 kb    Views 9839

Authentify 2CHK

0    2CHK is a secure app linked to a secure data communication channel. It is used for security and authentication purposes. For end users whose financial services firms subscribe to the 2CHK service, it offers a secure second communication channel over ...    1 MB    Views 2717

Errand Client

time cost system reports sum user application
+4    The app is a client product for reporting time and cost for approved errands. The application is included in an errand reporting system design by M3Software. Access to the errand system can be applied by through the app. A full version ...    1 MB    Views 1913


user pin otp digits generate application menu
+24    KOBIL soft OTP is using for generating One Time Password for use authentication based on RADIUS protocol. Whit this application on user iPhone, user runs the application and after splash screen there is a menu for selecting activity. Here user can select ...    152 kb    Views 1023
-2    This application helps you track live gold and prices. Live gold prices. Live silver prices Supports silver and 24/22 Carat gold prices. Are you planning to buy or sell gold, do you wonder what is the gold price today? How price is ...    3 MB    Views 4638

BMA Mobile Trade

Related Apps time stock home press user trade application order view trading password pin
+5    BMA proud to provides Mobile terminal, This app is design for those Users who wanted to perform trade in Karachi Stock exchange (KSE) Pakistan direct from their I Phone. Featuring important functionality for traders such as real time Quotes updates, ...    301 kb    Views 9575
calculator car loan early application payments repayments interest repayment rate payment user
-3    True loan calculator is your reliable assistant in calculation of your loan payments. The application easily calculates your loan payments taking into account any changes in the interest rate and early repayments. This is one of those applications that should ...    5 MB    Views 913

Budget Deluxe HD

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-7    Have you ever wondered where does all your money at the end of the month? With this application you finally can check all your expenses / revenue. The Graphic User Interface is designed to be extremely intuitive and complete, you immediately learn ...    10 MB    Views 1512
+1    Expense Reporting Tool is a mobile application which facilitates organization to keep track of the expense tickets for its employees. There are two interfaces of this application mobile app & web based interface. The application consists of two user groups ...    2 MB    Views 4006


web business gps expenses expense entire application tracking user manage
+21    Every man puts his heart and soul in earning huge bucks everyday and surely it is important to keep track of every single penny spent on daily basis. But, handling huge stack of bills is a tiresome task. Traxpense is ...    16 MB    Views 8307
Related Apps iphone ipad trading gold password login user account application live price
+9    Aurora gold live trading (ชื่อ app) เป็น application ช่องทางใหม่สำหรับนักลงทุนที่สนใจในการซื้อขาย ทองคำออนไลน์ ทั้งทองคำประภท 96.5% และ 99.99% ผ่าน iphone และ ipad ที่เหมือนกับ version website ที่อยุ่บน desktop เพียงนักลงทุนสมัครเปิดบัญชีกับทาง aurora trading แล้ว login เข้า username password ก็สามารถซื้อขายทองคำ ได้ทุกที่ สะดวกและรวดเร็ว ผ่าน application ของเราได้ คุณสมบัติหลัก •มีความปลอดภัยในการลงทุนซื้อขาย ด้วยการ login ผ่านบัญชีผู้ใช้ และ password ใช้ ...    4 MB    Views 3356
transaction add balance date application user account
+4    The iAccounts application provides the facility to maintain all your transaction records credits and debits. User can add bank account within the application and add the opening balance to it and add your debit and credit transaction and keep ...    3 MB    Views 9832

Titus Financial

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-3    Titus Financial, Inc. offers the Titus Financial Application exclusively to our firm’s clients. Take the power of Titus Financial with you anytime and anywhere. Titus Financial is all about keeping you connected, confident, and informed no matter where you are. Key features ...    1 MB    Views 1896

BreakEven Analysis

business analysis application break change user analyze impact tool unit price
+23    Break Even Analysis APPLICATION A must have application for any small business owner. This application is not like other Break Even Analysis Applications. This application is more than a calculator. It is an analysis application. It allows user to ...    11 MB    Views 6590
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0    Making a deposit is now even more convenient for Zions Bank Treasury Management customers. The Zions Bank ANYTIME DEPOSITS mobile application allows Treasury Management customers who subscribe to the ANYTIME DEPOSITS remote deposit capture (RDC) service to use a mobile ...    2 MB    Views 5408

Contents Net App

Related Apps home contents net replacement user application number
+29    Sum Insured’s Contents Net is a powerful application that enables users to quickly and easily calculate the correct replacement cost of their valuable home contents. Contents Net works by asking the user a number of simple questions such as what rooms ...    8 MB    Views 4401

Home Bills

bills home bill track date user application sheet separate add
+12    Keeping a track of bills is essential for an enterprise. Home Bills app helps you keep a track of your unpaid bills with an easy interface. The different sheets help the user keep a record of the various aspects needed ...    5 MB    Views 2275

Vijaya Bank

+4    Vijaya Bank offers ‘’mPay’’ solution the next generation mobile banking service. We aim to be the Bank in the customers pocket with a whole new and exciting range of services and features; taking complete advantage of the latest technology in ...    14 MB    Views 3627
banking mobile application service balance bank features india services united
+11    United Bank of India offers ‘’mPay’’ solution the next generation mobile banking service. We aim to be the Bank in the customers pocket with a whole new and exciting range of services and features; taking complete advantage of the latest ...    11 MB    Views 1608

Soft1 MyPortal

Related Apps business time data application access user
0    Requires Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition The mobile application Soft1 MyPortal for iPhone and iPad allows secure and reliable access to the centrallyinstalled Soft1 business application portal in order to view available, active data gadgets. The data gadgets are exclusively designed ...    4 MB    Views 2136

Margin Analysis

business margin analysis price profit application user impact owner change
+1    MARGIN ANALYSIS APPLICATION A must have application for any small business owner. It allows user to compute profit and margin for their products. Application is simple to use. Enter Cost and Price and it computes profit and margin. WHATIF ANALYSIS: Application ...    55 kb    Views 739
search photos application inspection service vehicle providers provider manually
+8    An application for service providers inspecting vehicles for OUTsurance. The application enables the service provider to search for an inspection and complete the inspection effortlessly and quickly. Features: This application provides the service providers the ability to: •scan the vehicle’s barcode on the ...    NAN    Views 9391


market time mode user refresh application users basis
-3    Application Based Tablet trading platform for iphone Tablets MTRADEPlus is a user friendly front end application for trading across various market segments powered by Financial Technologies. Provides real time access to on line market information like security/contract info, Quotes, ...    45 MB    Views 2450
0    This application assists UK business owners to find the most appropriate crowdfunding sources for their business. There is a questionnaire to fill in and the information provided here directs the user towards the crowdfunding providers most suited to their funding ...    3 MB    Views 4283

Drive Journal

locations fuel log user economy service beautiful learn drive input
-4    NOTE: If you experience crashing at start, please try to set units in the settings to something else than 'automatic'. The fix will be in next version. Sorry for troubles. Drive Journal is a complete solution for keeping track of your ...    3 MB    Views 6497

HPB mToken

pin mtoken application prilikom user aplikacije activation internet
+4    OPIS: HPB mToken je aplikacija koja se koristi za identifikaciju korisnika prilikom pristupa HPB Internet bankarstvu te za autorizaciju transakcija. Nakon instalacije aplikacije mToken, istu je potrebno aktivirati unosom aktivacijskog koda. Aktivacijski kod se izdaje u poslovnici prilikom izdavanja mTokena. Nakon unosa aktivacijskog koda, ...    1 MB    Views 8612


+30    This is the official Fujairah Customs App available for iOS platform. This Application highlights on the new services introduced by Fujairah Customs through its SQS Card where it considered to work as an eWallet Application where users can load credit ...    3 MB    Views 4471


application access mobile account user easy password accounts
-6    Life is mobile, why isn’t your credit union? The EPL iPhone application brings your bank to your mobile phone, allowing you to access your accounts 24/7. The application is free and easy to use Download the application onto your device and get ...    7 MB    Views 1721

AIK mobile banking

Related Apps banking office security user mobile data application accounts banka transactions information
-4    AIK Banka mBanking Mobile Banking Application of AIK Banka a.d. Niš AIK Banka mBanking service will allow you to follow, in a fast and simple manner, by using your mobile phone, changes in your accounts as well as to make ...    10 MB    Views 3201

Clarity 365

Related Apps business time management solution expense fully application user billing modern clean
-5    Here at Data Clarity we're a passionate, forwardthinking organisation who have worked exceptionally hard researching technologies to ensure the end product is fit for your business today and tomorrow. Clarity365 is an innovative cloud based business management solution developed to improve ...    NAN    Views 722


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+3    Expense is an application to track your expenses in each day. For each expense, there is only necessary fields, which are cost and category. Then, it is really easy to add new one. User can manage their own categories such ...    3 MB    Views 2797

Coda Tasks

workflow tasks user environment password url service company
-4    Respond to your Coda work items on the move so that tasks are swiftly routed on to the next stage in your business process. Prerequisites The app requires a Coda environment running V12 Service Pack 10 (or above) or V11.3 Service ...    6 MB    Views 8424
Related Apps person credit mobile user sign password access service application
-4    Tuscaloosa Credit Union’s Mobile App gives members the ability to manage their account from their mobile phone or device to check balances, transfer funds person to person, transfer funds within an account, receive customized alerts, and more. Please note: a User ...    7 MB    Views 796


management provider service credit portfolio companies application
+10    What is it? iSergel is a Predator CMS application for mobile devices. The application is designed for iPads and iPhones and gives clients of credit management services (CMS) companies access to portfolio information. iSergel gives all customers of credit management services (CMS) ...    5 MB    Views 5180
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+8    As a leading provider of online financial services, Swissquote offers innovative solutions and analysis tools to meet the wide of demands and needs of its clients. The FXbook Mobile application is a trading platform offering market informations and the following possibilities: LIVE ...    42 MB    Views 9872
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-6    Make deposits, view balances without signing in, send or receive payments from friends and family, pay bills, transfer money between your accounts with us, and find Synovus branches and ATM locations. iPad users please download our iPad app. Overview Deposit Checks • Enter ...    10 MB    Views 6831

LA Account

+2    LA Account Application is a simple and quick account management system. Using this application user can maintain account at various occasions. For Example Handling Trip, Event, etc.; which involved multiple user. Normally manual handling of account; which include multiple user ...    1010 kb    Views 8701

Stock Inspection

stock inspection vehicles application detailed user review add entry vehicle
+14    The application is designed to inspect inventory of vehicles in stock. It provides better, easier and faster control of vehicles in stock. The application allows filtering by individual dealers and individual vehicle type. In order to facilitate review of the work ...    6 MB    Views 5197

Allahabad Bank

banking mobile application bank balance services features password service
-7    Allahabad Bank offers ‘’mPay’’ solution the next generation mobile banking service. We aim to be the Bank in the customers pocket with a whole new and exciting range of services and features; taking complete advantage of the latest technology in ...    4 MB    Views 5069


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+3    iBizzHD is the bank's official mobile banking application for corporate customers. It offers a wide range of transactional and information services. iBizzHD is an easy, convenient and secure avenue to view Operative, Deposit and Loan account balances in realtime, last 10 ...    2 MB    Views 8902
management service salesforce dynamics clients commercial application nav customer improve
+27    Improve your customer service with a more effective commercial management through this application integrated with your ERP. The Salesforce app is a commercial management solution that covers all the operational needs of your sales network. Highlights: Customer management Price list Items ...    4 MB    Views 7421
push rates currencies exchange service define features user
+10    The first currency app can push exchange rates on App Store. With the Push, you will never miss any changes on your focusing currencies. iCurrency includes three major features, Exchange Rates List, Converter and Push Service. The Push Service is a special feature ...    6 MB    Views 2026
Related Apps banking signature client application mobile services service branch
0    交通銀行澳門分行手機銀行以手機爲載體,以客戶端應用程序爲依托,向客戶提供各類在綫金融服務,是一種全新的電子銀行業務和服務渠道。 具有方便快捷、安全高效、操作簡單等特點。 交通銀行澳門分行手機銀行實現了門戶式客戶端。 客戶端軟件含有數字簽名,如果軟件被黑客或病毒修改或是簽名被修改,將無法運行。有效的杜絕客戶端軟件被惡意修改或病毒傳播。 主要服務功能有:我的賬戶、轉賬及匯款、定期服務、外匯兌換、資訊、我的通知、客戶服務、動態令牌緊急挂失、手機港股等。 Mobile banking of BOCOM Macau Branch provides a whole set of online financial services to customers with cellphone as the carrier and client application as the basis, and is a brandnew Ebanking transaction and service channel. It is convenient, quick, safe, ...    NAN    Views 1103

Margin Analysis Pro

Related Apps tax business margin user profit analysis price application pro meet
-9    MARGIN ANALYSIS PRO Is a must have application for any small business owner. It computes profit, margin and even price for desired margin. It allows user to compute Profit and Margin in their business or product they sell. It allows user ...    2 MB    Views 9541

Smart Money Prime

money smart members service prime ability application weekly
-1    This smartphone application allows members of the popular finance and investing service – smart money prime – the ability to read their weekly reports while on the go. Each member of this service also has the ability to visit Mesh Money ...    3 MB    Views 5888
Related Apps banking farmers security bills user view state accounts pay service
+15    Farmers State Bank’s mobile banking app offers you the ability to view account balances and recent transactions, transfer funds between your accounts and even pay your bills. Conveniently manage your finances anytime, anywhere from any mobile device. Requirements: User must have a ...    2 MB    Views 2845
Related Apps banking mobile service provider network charge application accounts
-8    The BEA UK mobile app allows you to manage your bank accounts and to find information about our products and services from the palm of your hand. You do not need to be a BEA customer to use the app ...    3 MB    Views 1925

Percent - Simple

easy percent simple calculate application user related problem convenience
-9    "What percent of 70 is 25 ?" "A 145 product is on 15% off sale. How much is it?" Sometimes, you may encounter difficulties with calculating a simple percentrelated problem. And oftenly, you may be required to calculate an exact value. Even the use ...    826 kb    Views 5480
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+3    You know what the most successful people in all areas have in common? You're right: decision and discipline ... objectives, goals and dreams can be a great combination, but without the tools to organize they're just a desire ... Do ...    4 MB    Views 1890

MMFCU Flash Mobile

Related Apps banking mobile meridian mutual fcu access password user application
+25    With the Mobile Banking app from Meridian Mutual FCU, you can easily take your credit union with you. Check your balances, view account activity, transfer money, and locate the nearest ATMs and Shared Branching sites. Our Mobile Banking app is ...    7 MB    Views 56

Family budget.

Related Apps budget site costs incomes application user friendly
+29    This is a userfriendly application for doing home accounting. The application can be synchronized with the site, giving you the ability to keep accounts as on site, and mobile devices. Features: — Userfriendly interface — Quick search (costs/incomes) — Synchronization with the site — ...    22 MB    Views 5934
Related Apps banking mobile account bank service community user contact online
-2    HCB Mobile is a mobile banking solution that enables bank customers to use their mobile device to initiate routine transactions and conduct account inquiries from anywhere. Customers can view account balances and transaction history, view account alerts, initiate account transfers ...    12 MB    Views 709
card ipad security banking bills application view customers user password
0    What's New in this Version Now you can perform your banking transactions on your iPad just like you do on your computer with SambaOnline It's easy, secure and available for all Samba customers. What’s more – you can even find exclusive ...    20 MB    Views 5078

Advertisement ROI

business investment application roi rate check user owner spend helps
-7    Not all advertisement expense are profitable. Did you ever did any analysis to calculate your return on advertisement expense? If not, try out this simple and easy to use app. Advertisement ROI APPLICATION is a must have application for a user ...    7 MB    Views 7412

Lease Buddy

Related Apps language lease buddy existing users application online user
+5    Lease Buddy is the pocket version of the partner portal Spekter Online, from Spekter Solutions AS. With Lease Buddy you can calculate a lease, apply for credit, order a lease contract, see progress status, existing portfolio, etc. The application is only ...    9 MB    Views 1447


time user multiple information task tasks configurable applications application
+4    OneList is an aggregator of system workflow tasks across multiple backend applications into an accessible, intuitive and consistent enduser experience for effective and timely task completion. A centralised service definition supports highly configurable userinterfaces including: Native iPhone/iPad Application Web App (for internal and ...    20 MB    Views 1062
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+3    The Swissquote application is both an information tool and trading platform. The software comes with a builtin tutorial designed to explain both navigation and capabilities. LIVE TRADING The application offers the user the ability to actively manage orders and deal on live, streaming ...    17 MB    Views 7303


market time stock security application trading order flip trade real user clients
-7    The investment channel FLIP GBNPP Iphone version amplifies the clients to stay in touch with the stock market pulse, to invest and trade from anywhere (home, office or while travelling), anytime. The application provides highly flexible solution to users while ...    5 MB    Views 4248


Related Apps market time mode refresh user application trading users real friendly
-8    Application Based Mobile trading platform for iphone mobiles MTRADE PRO is a user friendly front end application for trading across various market segments powered by Financial Technologies. Provides real time access to on line market information like security/contract info, ...    44 MB    Views 6351
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