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+11    The DutchInvestor App delivers the best from to your tablet. This platform is all about useful information,“must have“ information, for investment professionals to enhance their operations in the Dutch institutional market. This application provides carefully selected data and research ...    4 MB    Views 4134
+2    Lawson Mobile Assets from Infor helps your assets team and other staff to quickly look up assets, perform inventory and update asset information through their Apple iOS devices, which can free them from their desks and make them more productive. ...    5 MB    Views 5990


0    With this App you´ll stay up to date current liquidation news straight to your iPhone. SOLVENTUM liquidation goods and lots pictured, specified and permanently updated. SOLVENTUM GmbH offers the following services : I. liquidation, auction of industrial , consumer and used ...    2 MB    Views 7622
+10    This app was inspired from NASDAQ© financial reports, invaluable tool for materialization of our vision, that is to facilitate the real time mobile consumption of comparative Key Business Financial Ratios, for multiple companies in terms of actual versus previous and ...    4 MB    Views 8226
assets asset
0    Achieve full visibility, control and security over assets. Assets can be scanned via Android or iOS smartphone apps to provide a wide range of information including GPS location, photographs, condition/usage data and insurance details. Provides low cost, secure, technology based alternative to ...    4 MB    Views 3046

LGT Bank

family management banking private group assets asset
-4    The LGT Publications App provides currently updated market information and a library containing annual reports, company profiles and the latest editions of LGT’s client journal CREDO. LGT Group is the largest Private Banking and Asset Management group in the world that ...    11 MB    Views 5437


risk asset rate
+1    Calculate required rate of return of asset (or debt) using Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) from Risk Free Rate, Beta of the security and market risk premium (MRP).    53 kb    Views 6393
personal chapter financial millionaire mindset assets
+22    Wealthy people have this socalled millionaire's personal mindset, a way of thinking that separates the achievers and successful individuals from the rest of the population. Why do we lack the money? Is it all because we lack the desire, opportunities, knowledge, ...    318 kb    Views 2087
0    When our first location opened in 1937, we were known as Combined Locks Credit Union and served only the employees of Locks Mill. In 1974 still only serving the employees of Locks Mills we achieved the milestone of ...    46 MB    Views 5434


+4    The HomeTome selfmanaging tool will allow the home owner to improve document management, aggregate expenditures, and easily verify or access valuations, important papers and major purchases. Do you know what you own? This is primarily a financial tool. It is intended to: 1. Add ...    40 MB    Views 4267

Pictet AM

search chinese management videos news investment software fund funds performance information chart latest asset interactive
+13    Pictet Asset Management's innovative Pictet AM App provides you with extensive information on our broad range of funds anywhere and anytime you need Discover our latest news and fund updates and personalise your App with your favourite funds. Check the ...    15 MB    Views 6550

FSM Mobile

daily mobile pension assets status key plans liabilities
+13    Mercer’s FSM Mobile iPad app allows plan sponsors and fiduciary management to access key information daily relating to the funded status of their defined benefit pension plans. With FSM Mobile – the portable version of FSM Pro – you can ...    3 MB    Views 6238
Related Apps insurance claim lodge asset contact information
+14    The Asset Insurance Brokers client app has been developed to provide useful information when you need to contact us, lodge a claim, or just have fast access to your insurance portfolio details. As well as general contact and claims information you ...    6 MB    Views 6704


Related Apps tax planning canadian investment gift giving estate capital assets net financial
-7    Use GIFTABULATOR to show you how much you’re worth now and in the future. How much tax do you have to pay based on your capital gains? What amount of tax credits can you get for giving a donation? This ...    12 MB    Views 7516

StratX Markets

time markets trades trade assets simple trading
+4    The StratX Markets free App provides live and direct access to traditional markets including stocks, commodities, currencies and indices right to your fingertips wherever you are, whenever you want. The platform lets users trade the price fluctuations of chosen assets ...    5 MB    Views 8043


Related Apps assets worth net total cash income track
+1    iWealth allows you to easily calculate and keep track of your Net Worth. The app allows you to enter the following: •Income •Property and Real Estate assets •Vehicles assets •Investments and other assets •Cash and Savings accounts •Credit card debt •Other amounts outstanding With this information iWealth provides ...    10 MB    Views 1647
Related Apps management investors time liberty information asset rias advisors real client
+3    Verity Asset Management offers the Trust Company of America 'Liberty' Application to authorized investors, their representatives and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). Take the Power of Liberty with you and stay in touch with Verity Asset Management anytime and from anywhere. Representatives ...    870 kb    Views 4975
Related Apps management information financial obtain performance asset
+2    Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management (LTAM) now provides its latest commentaries, managed solution information and other tools for financial advisors within a mobile app. The app is free to download and can only be used by financial professionals affiliated through one ...    12 MB    Views 4915
+28    The Woodlands Asset Management iPad application enables authorized clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the iPad. If you would like to request access, please contact Woodlands Asset Management Inc.    1 MB    Views 9142

NAI Listings

investment search listings view asset information listing filter
+11    NAI Global Investment/Capital Markets is an integrated investment services group that enhances value and brings key intelligence to the sales process with indepth market research, acquisition & disposition expertise, due diligence processes, asset optimization solutions, customized analytics and appraisal and ...    13 MB    Views 1275
options binary trading usd trade commodities assets signals indices
-2    Binary options trading allows you to profit even when the market is going down TOPOPTION binary options trader brings the 1 online binary options platform. Binary options trading Binary Options are one of the fastest growing fields in online trading By identifying binary ...    NAN    Views 4435

GS Asset Management

management application 2015 asset
+23    This application is available exclusively to those who have received preauthorization. A valid login and password is required to use the GS Asset Management application. Content © 2015 Goldman Sachs. Application technology © 2015 Mediafly, Inc.    8 MB    Views 1104


data assets asset demo operational type location operation
0    What if we could redesign Asset Monitoring with today's state of the art technology? That is how we developed IMBU, using today's technologies, centered around the users and their organization. Some of IMBU's features: Aggregation: Data is aggregated by machinetype and by location. This results in ...    3 MB    Views 8062

Track5000s Lite

Related Apps search assets asset easy allowing information user simple barcode
+8    Track5000s Lite is a Real Asset Management (RAM) app for mobile devices, providing individuals and organisations with an electronic asset tracking solution. The free app is easy to set up, allowing users to choose their own fields in which to ...    5 MB    Views 4260
+21    We were founded on April 16, 1936 by a group of educators from the Battle Creek School System as the Battle Creek Teachers Association Credit Union. Our original field of membership was limited to teachers, principals, supervisors and superintendents of ...    34 MB    Views 1659

My Wealth

house car wealth assets liabilities bank safe current passcode
+10    Are you rich? Do you want to be a millionaire ? Do you have a big house and a cool car? Have you ever borrowed money from the bank or your friends. What about your loans and credit cards? This app can help track ...    99 kb    Views 4095

Quilter Cheviot

asset portfolios features consolidated valuation allocation information statements
0    Clients and professional advisers of Quilter are able to view portfolio valuations, asset allocations and cash statements across their portfolios App Main Features •A summary by value of all portfolios at a consolidated level •Asset allocation charts •Portfolio valuation by asset class, holdings and ...    11 MB    Views 768

Litix 100

-6    Litix is a platform that supports fundamental analysis of listed companies. Free iPad application allows you to analyze the top 100 most profitable companies listed. Storing complete financial statements, Litix allows a quick and easy searching of related data and ...    21 MB    Views 112
stock investment market work total price assets current graham liabilities margin safety investor
+21    You who found this APP may be a real investor. Becouse this has been stablished by Benjamin Graham App is a theory make it easier for investment. And this Benjamin Graham is the teacher that made Warren Buffett the No.1 investor of the world. Warren ...    201 kb    Views 9093

My eVault

travel personal photos tax cards recording management home insurance information assets reminders policy backup items
+5    The app for LIFE… Award winning personal inventory, travel and insurance app quickly store receipts, photos of valuables and possessions in one place. FINALIST in the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards Financial Info. & Productivity categories. FREEMIUM APP upgrade now ...    21 MB    Views 4919
personal finance liabilities assets financial easier understanding total
+2    The more accurate an understanding of your total assets and liabilities you have, the easier it becomes to take sound financial decisions. The personal financial statement app lets you stay upto date about your assets and liabilities. You are also ...    12 MB    Views 622
students investing financial statements profit section loss income statement assets gaap iii
-6    50 Questions on Financial Statements for IFRS and US GAAP App Description: This app provides a review of the formats and components of financial statements required by IFRS and US GAAP. Basic concepts are structured in a questionandanswer format for instant application to realworld ...    1 MB    Views 9541
stock leasing unicredit asset
+24    UniCredit Leasing Asset Stock aplikacija omogučava pristup vraćenim automobilima, opremi i nekretninama UniCredit Leasinga. Pruža detaljne informacije o predmetima, kao i adresu i kontkat brojeve osoba zaduženih za prodaju predmeta. Trenutno obuhvaća Bosnu i Hercegovinu, Hrvatsku i Srbiju.    11 MB    Views 9737

KnwEng Assets

iphone ipad community economic assets reports application inventory development asset
0    The TEEX Economic Development Community Asset Inventory (EDCAI) application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is intended to record and manage asset information for use in and by communities desiring a simpler way to inventory what economic assets are ...    626 kb    Views 5995

Efficient Frontier

portfolio assets risk return returns efficient expected frontier asset level
-2    Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) recognizes that investment returns also carry risks. When assembling a portfolio of risky assets, it is necessary to account for these two components as well as the correlation among the assets. When risky assets are combined in ...    930 kb    Views 8405
Related Apps research unicredit access asset
+3    Get access to our hotoffthepress expert insights while on the go The UC Research app offers you quick and easy access to UniCredit's awardwinning Research franchise of more than 100 analysts in 14 locations around the globe. With just a few ...    385 kb    Views 7257


finance money options trade trading assets turbo cedar profit binary 250
+4    Make up to 81% profit in minutes wherever you are The leading binary options broker is now available for your mobile device too Check the most exquisite trading application ever Trade whenever you want without the necessity to spend hours in ...    8 MB    Views 2776
+30    The Cashflow Balance Sheet app is a simple and fun app that helps you play financial simulation games and/or track your personal Assets, Liabilties, Income and Expenses... now with Twitter and Facebook sharing You can create your own professions or choose ...    10 MB    Views 6870
board credit union members financial bay area assets directors member
+9    Bay Area Credit Union Everyday Financial Solution We are personally committed to and recognized for delivering valued financial solutions. Our promise to our members; to help simplify their financial life, while working in their best interest, so that they may ...    40 MB    Views 6394

ENSInet Mobile Rep

clients current sales review accounts mobile assets status view rep
-2    ENSInet Mobile Rep helps Essex National Securities registered representatives manage clients, sales and accounts in a secure, easytouse mobile interface. Manage Clients • List current and prospective clients for reps and sales teams with:    • Current assets    • Address, email & phone    • Search for ...    11 MB    Views 7665
management relationship mobile asset organizations assets system
+3    The SHOOTRAC Asset Relationship Management (ARM) system makes it easy for organizations to improve the efficient use of their assets and mobile workforce by leveraging technology that is already in your employee’s hands… their mobile phones SHOOTRAC helps organizations answer the ...    7 MB    Views 3006


work asset owners easily create important shared assets maintenance
+27    Managing shared assets can be challenging and timeconsuming. It requires organization, clear communication, and detailed record keeping. PartMine is an app specifically designed to help coowners work together and easily manage the most important aspects of their shared assets. Log in ...    3 MB    Views 9322
Related Apps management news library asset information download share price latest plc
+7    The Aberdeen Asset Management PLC IR App allows users to get the latest share price, news and information from Aberdeen Asset Management. It also enables the review of financial reports and presentations both online and offline. The App is available for ...    15 MB    Views 4430
planning information florida protection asset estate
-8    Estate Planning and Asset Protection Information for Florida Residents, including wills and trusts information, probate and trust administration, charitable planning, small business planning, guardianship of incapacitated adults or for the property of minor children.    20 MB    Views 6677
money card personal chinese cash transfer liabilities assets income credit pay 000
+18    * Upgrade Pro 2.99 special price (original 4.99) * 【INTRODUCTION】 MyAsset is a simple but useful accounting app; you can manage individual finance easily You can also check your daily or monthly incomeexpense anytime and anywhere;in addition, you can control your personal asset ...    5 MB    Views 8304

NetWorth Suite

assets liabilities net worth financial cash networth suite
+10    Stay informed on what assets you own, what liabilities you owe and your financial net worth today. This simple app lets you enter the current values of your assets and liabilities including but not limited to cash and cash equivalents, ...    23 MB    Views 5241


investments detailed performance assets risk consolidation asset
+2    AIAG Family Office Consolidation System (FOCS) allows a worldwide secure and encrypted access to online valuations of total assets bankable and non bankable, disaggregated per bank and typology of asset or overall consolidated. The consolidation tool includes the real assets ...    3 MB    Views 9494

Metric Advisors

advisors metric managed account asset
-1    Metric Advisors Mobile App allows you to view account information, balances and easily connect to your Metric Advisors Account info. Metric Advisors believes every investor should have access to professionally managed, dynamic, low cost, asset allocation strategies. Our mission is to ...    3 MB    Views 9224

AMOS Mobile

manage asset assets
+22    Anywhere, Anytime, Asset Management Manage all of your business assets online. Dashboard provides high level account data. View portfolio value and metrics, upcoming maturities, assets by manufacturer and more Manage location and serial number changes. Terminate leases, request asset buyouts and ...    25 MB    Views 6702
money card personal chinese cash transfer liabilities assets income credit 000 monthly
-1    * 2.99 special price (original 4.99) * 【INTRODUCTION】 MyAsset is a simple but useful accounting app; you can manage individual finance easily You can also check your daily or monthly incomeexpense anytime and anywhere;in addition, you can control your personal asset and liabilities. Subjects ...    3 MB    Views 4901


-8    The Purpose of this App: Audit of Municipal Assets. This App has been integrated with the MunSoft Financial System. This app requires a Pic2Shop Pro to scan barcodes Features: User Authentication Barcode Scanning Assets shown on Maps GPS Locations Exporting data to Comma Delimited File(.csv)    2 MB    Views 9104


market management office home current asset purchase price enter rates assets set rate
-5    Assets is a Financial Information Management application that keeps track of your assets, purchases, and possessions. The app works automatically on the basis of annual depreciation / appreciation along fixed rates, where the current value is revalued daily. Want to know ...    2 MB    Views 6375
debt payments assets
+4    Libra keeps in you in financial balance by helping you: ✓ Remember bill payments ✓ Keep track of assets & debt ✓ Use income, expenses, assets, & debt to determine how best to: ▪ Maintain an emergency fund ▪ Prioritize debt payments ▪ Increase savings & ...    11 MB    Views 7310


car accounts income data expense account transfer charts debt assets loan
+14    Supports iOS 6 (iPhone 5) EasyFinance is designed to be quick, clean, intuitive, and easy to use. FEATURE DETAILS Account Management Create as many accounts as you wish and manage bank accounts, credit cards, cash, debt, assets, car loan, mortgage, etc. Expense&Income Keep track ...    6 MB    Views 65

Asset Class

management asset class published
-6    Our goal with Asset Class is to reinforce asset class investing principles and assist you in “staying the course” with your diversified asset class portfolio. The articles published in Asset Class offer a view of our investment philosophy and strategies, ...    5 MB    Views 6377
market virtual time portfolio order real buy assets sell beat orders
0    Create a portfolio of stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds and try to beat the S&P500 and other users. Uses real market data (most exchanges and real time) to execute market orders along with limit and stop orders. Beat the Market ...    2 MB    Views 6835

Oliver Luxxe Assets

assets account stay
-3    In today's marketplace, it is critical that you stay connected. Oliver Luxxe Assets provides clients crucial access to their investment account information, performance results, and account activity while on the go. It helps you stay on top of the latest ...    3 MB    Views 7392
trading intraday assets financial beginners
+15    Financial traders buy and sell shares, bonds and assets for investors, including individuals and banks. They make prices and execute trades, seeking to maximize assets or minimize financial risk. This app 1 intraday trading for Beginners. If you are searching for information on trading. or you are ...    65 MB    Views 2752


Related Apps property plant investment managers investors search rate rates depreciation asset effective residential assets
-6    BMT Resi Rates is an easy to use tool which allows you to find the effective life and depreciation rate for any plant or equipment asset within a residential property. Resi Rates is the residential segment of BMT Rate Finder, specialising ...    3 MB    Views 4189


investment investors institutional alerts information service offers mobile asset
-3    The PensionMandate App powered by Instintell Institutional Investor Intelligence Limited in London delivers timely news alerts about institutional investor activity in Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific. Our service offers an important competitive advantage against those who only use typical mainstream publications. By ...    2 MB    Views 3156
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