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Asset Pricer

+3    Asset Pricer is a financial pricing application that provides insight to financial pricing fundamentals across a broad range of topics and asset classes (ranging from fixed income to derivatives). The scope of the application is mainly educational as it targets users ...    3 MB    Views 2812
0    Net worth tracking make it your financial health checkup. See your entire financial picture at a glance. Are you tired of using money management software that requires you to track all of your transactions? Did you ever get tired of ...    13 MB    Views 9649
+5    Double Declining Balance application generates depreciation schedule using double declining balance method of depreciation. AD and remaining BV graph is displayed. Input: (a) Book Value of Asset (b) Useful life of asset (c) Salvage value of asst Output: Table with beginning book value, depreciation expense, depreciation rate, ...    906 kb    Views 9392

NAI Listings

+1    NAI Global Investment/Capital Markets is an integrated investment services group that enhances value and brings key intelligence to the sales process with indepth market research, acquisition & disposition expertise, due diligence processes, asset optimization solutions, customized analytics and appraisal and ...    13 MB    Views 1275
investment money management planning people financial allocation asset type goal
+4    Raise money trader, life in before the age of 35 must read the book. Strongly recommend Directory: The first lesson from 700 to 4 million, the distance is not far away Safe keep money the time has passed Money in the bank, will become ...    4 MB    Views 2625


+14    Asset, the simple way to manage your Money.    428 kb    Views 1038


sale loan luxury asset assets mobile account
+22    With the Borro mobile app you can now unlock the value from your luxury assets while onthego and use your luxury assets as collateral for a loan of up to 2 million dollars. If you have a luxury asset that ...    3 MB    Views 2379


asset depreciation life digits years sum schedule balance
-1    Comprehensive Depreciation Application Key Features: Supported Depreciation Methods: 1. Straight Line 2. Production or Use 3. SumofYears' Digits 4. Double Declining Balance 5. MACRS Input For straight line, sum of years digits, declining balance (a) Asset Value (b) Asset Life (c) Salvage Value For Production or Use (a) Asset Value (b) Asset Life (c) ...    2 MB    Views 8498


data assets asset demo operational type location operation
+18    What if we could redesign Asset Monitoring with today's state of the art technology? That is how we developed IMBU, using today's technologies, centered around the users and their organization. Some of IMBU's features: Aggregation: Data is aggregated by machinetype and by location. This results in ...    3 MB    Views 8062

Asset Class

+11    Our goal with Asset Class is to reinforce asset class investing principles and assist you in “staying the course” with your diversified asset class portfolio. The articles published in Asset Class offer a view of our investment philosophy and strategies, ...    5 MB    Views 6377
Related Apps management ipad foundations asset access authorized application
+2    The Foundations Asset Management (FAM) IPad application enables authorized FAM clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the IPad. REQUIREMENTS: Individuals must be a Foundations Asset Management client that has been authorized ...    1 MB    Views 4589

BLT Homes

Related Apps rental asset fees cash homes estate real
0    BLT Homes is proud to sponsor a custom Cap Rate Calculator. Visit us online at We have all read and seen how the nation's largest investors are now going into the home rental market. We have developed an app that gives ...    1 MB    Views 1955
planning information florida protection asset estate
-8    Estate Planning and Asset Protection Information for Florida Residents, including wills and trusts information, probate and trust administration, charitable planning, small business planning, guardianship of incapacitated adults or for the property of minor children.    20 MB    Views 6677
ipad bmo funds access asset download insights clients save
-2    Download the new BMO Funds app to your iPad Track BMO Fund performance, read portfolio manager insights, and save and organize presentation materials – all free with our BMO Funds iPad app. The BMO Funds iPad app is designed and built to ...    2 MB    Views 2861

Sum of Years Digits

depreciation schedule book asset accumulated sum print mail digits years
+9    This application generates depreciation schedule using SumofYears' Digits depreciation method. Input: (a) Asset Value (b) Asset Life (c) Salvage Value Output: Depreciation table with Beginning Book Value, Total Depreciation Cost, Depreciation Expense, Accumulated Depreciation and Ending Book Value. Accumulated Depreciation (AD) and ending Book Value (BV) graph Print ...    891 kb    Views 758
depreciation book schedule asset straight print mail accumulated life line
-4    This application generates depreciation schedule for straight line depreciation. Input: (a) Book Value of Asset (b) Asset Life (c) Useful Life of Asset Output: Depreciation Schedule with beginning book value, total depreciation, depreciation expense, accumulated depreciation, ending book value. Graph of accumulated depreciation (AD) and ending book ...    869 kb    Views 1172

WMS Portfolio

Related Apps markets asset capital level portfolio clients
+11    An application for Smart phones and Tablets allowing a user to get a snapshot of a client portfolio with L&T Capital Markets. The users will be End Clients and Relationship Managers of L&T Capital Markets Features   ·         Single and Secure Login for ...    16 MB    Views 451

MyWill India

user assets add details fund asset properties
+14    The Mobile way to make a Will in just few steps. Everything is encrypted because we understand your data confidentiality. Systematic capturing of Assets and other properties let our professional lawyers draft your will in the most Simple and Convenient ...    18 MB    Views 2605

Financial Fitness

+1    We made a deal with to show cartoons at regular intervals. Now you can get the benefit of financial fitness and laughter in one app. Buying this app is an investment Check your Financial Fitness without disclosing your personal ...    3 MB    Views 7372

PIM Insights

management investment prudential asset fixed insights income
+13    Explore global and US specific thought leadership on key topics ranging from market and economic outlooks to manager insights from Prudential Investment Management's institutional asset managers specializing in equity, fixed income, private fixed income, real estate, and commercial mortgages. Worldwide, Prudential ...    14 MB    Views 8395
Related Apps management asset daily access clients articles offers
+11    The Marketfield Asset Management research app offers Marketfield’s clients and investors easy, uptodate access to articles from its Daily Speculator publication. The Daily Speculator was first published in July 2008 and incorporates macroeconomic and market commentary written by Marketfield’s Chairman ...    1 MB    Views 2942
Related Apps calculator interest years compound enter amount asset current number future
+8    A really simple calculator to allow you to instantly work out the future growth of your current savings or investments over a specified number of years taking compound interest into account. Simply enter the current amount of the asset in question, ...    133 kb    Views 7386

Investment Pal

Related Apps investment asset performance
+6    Track your investment. See the real performance of your investment. Compare performance between your portfolios in graph view. See your asset allocation and growth of your total asset.    5 MB    Views 2533
Related Apps money management budget card function asset expenditure account debit amount category
-4    “Money Manager Pro” is an optimized application for personal asset management. ※ PC editing function You can view ‘“Money Manager Pro” application by WiFi or 3G. You can see the data sorted by date, category and asset group on the screen of ...    19 MB    Views 6699


-3    The PensionMandate App powered by Instintell Institutional Investor Intelligence Limited in London delivers timely news alerts about institutional investor activity in Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific. Our service offers an important competitive advantage against those who only use typical mainstream publications. By ...    2 MB    Views 3156

Efficient Frontier

portfolio assets risk return returns efficient expected frontier asset level
-2    Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) recognizes that investment returns also carry risks. When assembling a portfolio of risky assets, it is necessary to account for these two components as well as the correlation among the assets. When risky assets are combined in ...    930 kb    Views 8405
assets mobile lawson update infor inventory asset
+5    Lawson Mobile Assets from Infor helps your assets team and other staff to quickly look up assets, perform inventory and update asset information through their Apple iOS devices, which can free them from their desks and make them more productive. ...    5 MB    Views 5990

Find bargain stock

+4    "Find Bargain Stock" is an APP easy to those who wish to practice investment theory of wellknown investor Warren Buffett. A bargain stock is a thing of a stock with a low stock price compared with the value which the company has. Indices, such ...    829 kb    Views 4947
Related Apps management portfolio information valley asset access mobile data client
-6    Mole Valley Asset Management Mobile allows you to view your Mole Valley account online. If you are a client, Mole Valley Asset Management Mobile allows you to access information on your portfolios. If you are an investment manager or financial advisor, ...    11 MB    Views 8986

AMP Capital

Related Apps investment market capital amp asset information provide
-1    AMP Capital is a leading investment house with over A131 billion in funds under management. We have a heritage and strength in real estate and infrastructure and provide clients with contemporary solutions in fixed income, equities and multiasset portfolios. (as ...    4 MB    Views 686

KnwEng Assets

iphone ipad community economic assets reports application inventory development asset
0    The TEEX Economic Development Community Asset Inventory (EDCAI) application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is intended to record and manage asset information for use in and by communities desiring a simpler way to inventory what economic assets are ...    626 kb    Views 5995

Mgd Ops

Related Apps investment tools platform advisors managed reporting portfolio asset advisor proposal
+1    Securities America Advisors, through Managed Opportunities offers a turnkey platform to help independent advisors deliver solutions to clients at all asset levels. The stateoftheart platform provides access to multiple investment programs, proposal generation tools, and account management resources. Key features of ...    2 MB    Views 7284
banking research london management based equity private europe asset
+25    Five "mustread" pieces of research, published by Berenberg Equity Research in the last two weeks. Established in 1590, Berenberg is one of the leading privately owned banks in Europe today, focusing on four operating divisions: Private Banking, Investment Banking, Asset Management ...    11 MB    Views 3917

AMOS Mobile

manage asset assets
+22    Anywhere, Anytime, Asset Management Manage all of your business assets online. Dashboard provides high level account data. View portfolio value and metrics, upcoming maturities, assets by manufacturer and more Manage location and serial number changes. Terminate leases, request asset buyouts and ...    25 MB    Views 6702

Asset Reg Plus

asset version
-3    Been burgled, don't know what was stolen? If so then you need Asset Reg Plus. It is a simple Asset Register suitable for personal home use and assists in keeping a record of assets and their value. This 'Plus' version ...    2 MB    Views 4644
Related Apps management information financial obtain performance asset
+2    Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management (LTAM) now provides its latest commentaries, managed solution information and other tools for financial advisors within a mobile app. The app is free to download and can only be used by financial professionals affiliated through one ...    12 MB    Views 4915
Related Apps investment management global insights markets clients asset perspectives provide
-8    A big challenge we all face is distilling massive amounts of information into coherent messages for clients. The Voya Global Perspectives app does just that – delivering timely, concise and consolidated insights to provide a practical framework for client reporting ...    37 MB    Views 1042


+4    TAdvisor is an online solution to manage easily your investment portfolio for every people, regardless of his or her financial knowledge or experience. Enjoy the investment experience with confidence thanks to our advanced wealth management tools: My Portfolio: All figures and reports ...    7 MB    Views 7362
Related Apps management asset daily access clients articles free
+6    "The Marketfield Asset Management research app offers Marketfield’s clients and investors easy, uptodate access to articles from its Daily Speculator publication. The Daily Speculator was first published in July 2008 and incorporates macroeconomic and market commentary written by Marketfield’s Chairman ...    1 MB    Views 7724
global macro analysis investor covers recommendations asset monthly trade
0    This application has been design exclusively for the clients of "The global macro investor". To be given access to this application membership to GMI is required. The Global Macro Investor is a monthly Global Macro advisory publication with frequent intramonthly updates ...    6 MB    Views 5913
assets asset
0    Achieve full visibility, control and security over assets. Assets can be scanned via Android or iOS smartphone apps to provide a wide range of information including GPS location, photographs, condition/usage data and insurance details. Provides low cost, secure, technology based alternative to ...    4 MB    Views 3046
Related Apps research unicredit access asset
+5    Get access to our hotoffthepress expert insights while on the go The UC Research app offers you quick and easy access to UniCredit's awardwinning Research franchise of more than 100 analysts in 14 locations around the globe. With just a few ...    1 MB    Views 1745


und der report mit asset den auf
+5    "Mit dieser App können Sie den Absolut|report und den Absolut|performance auf Ihrem iPad oder iPhone lesen. Der Absolut|report ist eine führende Fachpublikation für institutionelles Asset Management im deutschsprachigen Raum und bietet seit dem Jahr 2001 Entscheidern im Bereich institutionelle Kapitalanlage Informationen ...    9 MB    Views 6310
manager asset con dell
0    Controlla lo stato ed il rendimento dei tuoi impianti fotovoltaici direttamente sul tuo smartphone con l'estensione mobile dell'applicazione sunXman PV Asset Manager. PV Asset Manager elabora automaticamente il Business Plan dell'impianto, ne effettua automaticamente il Rating e fornisce: gli scostamenti rispetto ...    478 kb    Views 6285


time asset assets data application users items real
-4    Track5000s works with Real Asset Management's Series4000 serverbased solution, providing organisations with a paperless and fully integrated asset tracking solution. The application works in real time via a wireless connection and allows users to view, update and complete events remotely. ...    6 MB    Views 7158


Related Apps account access details client ability asset performance portfolio notifications
-8    iHUB24 gives you real time access to the HUB24 platform while you're on the move. Advisers and account holders simply use your HUB24 online ID and password to access iHub24's many features. iHUB24 for advisers Access full platform functionality, including the ...    157 kb    Views 3095


risk asset rate
0    Calculate required rate of return of asset (or debt) using Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) from Risk Free Rate, Beta of the security and market risk premium (MRP).    53 kb    Views 6393


investment tools managers platform solutions advisors access portfolio reporting asset accounts
+23    Envestnet delivers an endtoend platform to help financial institutions and independent advisors deliver solutions to clients at all asset levels. The stateoftheart platform provides access to multiple investment programs, proposal generation tools, and account management resources. Key features of the ...    195 kb    Views 9900


management budget money card function expenditure account asset debit amount transfer manage
+13    ※ PC editing function You can view ‘“Finance” application by WiFi or 3G. You can see the data sorted by date, category and asset group on the screen of your PC. In addition, you can see fluctuations of your asset indicated ...    9 MB    Views 9151


etfs includes asset ability exchange funds
+9    There are hundreds of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE), covering all major asset classes, industry sectors and geographical markets offering a diverse and low cost investment option. The etfLook app enables a user to quickly find, ...    5 MB    Views 9613
Related Apps management ipad asset llc authorized access application
-4    The MySAM iPad application enables authorized Satovsky Asset Management, LLC clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You need to be a Satovsky Asset Management, LLC client that has ...    1 MB    Views 9912

Production Or Use

depreciation schedule production asset print mail
+16    This application uses Production or Use depreciation method to generate depreciation schedule. Input: 1. Asset Value 2. Asset Life 3. Salvage Value 4. Yearly Output: Depreciation schedule and Accumulated Depreciation (AD) and ending Book Value (BV) graph Print & EMail: 1. Print depreciation schedule 2. EMail depreciation schedule as ...    773 kb    Views 2881
tracker asset define portfolio performance investments glance
-1    Portfolio Asset Tracker allows you to group and track US investments by asset classes that you define. Prices are periodically pulled down and the performance of each asset class is instantly updated. With Asset Tracker you can: View the day's performance ...    2 MB    Views 453

ETF Investor

time etf etfs investor contact individual asset features short
+2    Seeking Alpha's ETF coverage is read by millions of investors each month. The ETF Investor app features: INSTANT NEWS ...covering what's moving individual ETFs, ETF fundamentals, ETF dividend payouts, shifting expense ratios, competing fund launches, moves in and out of ETFs by hedge ...    13 MB    Views 7322

Conifer iCon

data reporting fully multi reports integrated asset prime information
-1    Conifer iCon℠ is a portfolio aggregation, accounting, reporting and data warehousing solution for asset managers. Conifer’s proprietary webbased platform features accurate, fully integrated reporting, across many products and markets, regardless of which prime brokers or custodians you use. Key functionalities ...    16 MB    Views 2799

IVP Nebula

managers data access alternative asset portfolio mobility
+5    Indus Valley Partners (IVP), a New Yorkbased provider of solutions to alternative asset managers, Introduces IVP Nebula, enabling alternative asset managers to access Key Performance Indicators, Portfolio Insights, Enterprise Data anytime/anywhere. IVP Nebula redefines mobility at work, comes packaged with next ...    26 MB    Views 9191

Sigma Trading

Related Apps time trading traders detailed real view asset
+29    Description: The true multiasset functionality of Sigma Trading is available for iPhone and iPad Gain access to all the major asset classes such as Stocks, CFDs, FX, Futures and Commodities. Real time trading. View level 2 quotes, advance charts and scanners. An intelligent order ...    10 MB    Views 3222


investors portfolio investor allocation individual create asset control protected
+26    Create and control your own bespoke portfolio "iProtect Serious Investors Only Need Apply" AppleCraver BEGINNERS USE BASIC MODE. ADVANCED INVESTORS/ADVISORS USE FUND MODE. iProtect is a new tool with which you can create your own tailormade, capitalprotected portfolio. There is a mistaken belief ...    2 MB    Views 7781
management warren application mobile asset
+2    This mobile application is available exclusively for Warren Averett Asset Management clients. The app allows you to view account valuation, performance, and reporting information for authorized users, in an application developed specifically for mobile devices.    3 MB    Views 2003
Related Apps ipad management asset access authorized application
-8    The iPad application enables authorized Watermark clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You need to be a Watermark Asset Management client that has been authorized for the iPad ...    1 MB    Views 9005
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