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Calculator •

0    Calculator now for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad A fully functional calculator on your hands, and even more, you will have a fully working scientific calculator by simply rotating your device Do you have the original calculator for the iPhone? ...    6 MB    Views 838

Budget 2012

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+6    Budget 2012rates and allowances at your fingertips. Includes PAYE Gross to Net calculator and also a Car Benefit calculator.    1 MB    Views 5559
Related Apps calculator mortgage
0    Here to help with your finances this mortgage calculator is made to ease the process of buying a property, be it a new home or a holiday house.    516 kb    Views 6580
calculator generation
+4    스마트한 앱포털 팟게이트에 소개되었습니다 Girls' Generation Calculator 少女時代影迷專用機算機 It is decoration calculator for iPhone. Korea super start , Girl Generation background calculator and cute ring when press the button u must be install if you like then    2 MB    Views 290

Yotuba Calculator

calculator electronic
+9    Electronic calculator application The electronic calculator which a calculation process looks like. I can simplify that I calculate halfway again.    80 kb    Views 1351


calculator beautiful supports easy retina
+3    GlobalFX is a beautiful and yet functional currency convertor and calculator. GlobalFX supports: A beautiful and yet functional user interface that's instinctively easy to use. A simple "has all you need" calculator. A total of 157 Currencies supported. No cluttering of ...    6 MB    Views 1762
calculator certificate
+19    This is a simple but handy reference guide for Certificate of Deposits (CDs). • Easy to use calculator for quick CD calculations. • Shows after term interest earned and final value. • Automatic APY calculation for rate comparison.    858 kb    Views 6633
Related Apps calculator mortgage
+14    The Best Mortgage Calculator. Brought to you free of charge by Rancho Software    633 kb    Views 7001

Easy Calculator

+13    Simple decimal number calculator with Percentage, +/ and memory functions. Ideal for use by financial users such as Field Sales Representatives and Accountants.    244 kb    Views 2213

Tekmiria Calculator

+5    Tekmiria Calculator is an app that can calculate "ΤΕΚΜΙΡΙΑ ΔΙΑΒΙΩΣΗΣ" for financial years 2010 and 2011.    NAN    Views 4120
+16    Zee is the fastest, easiest and most elegant way to manage your personal finance. With a beautiful interface and easy to use. The application is fully customizable and adaptable to your needs. Record your expenses and incomes any time, manage by ...    3 MB    Views 4086
Related Apps calculator mortgage
-6    Mortgage calculator is very easy and simple to use. All you need to do is enter your details and the mortgage calculator will show you how much your monthly payments will be. No complex graphs or numbers to confuse things.    878 kb    Views 9379
Related Apps calculator loan
+6    An easy to use auto loan calculator.    34 kb    Views 5514

i-Tip Calculator

Related Apps calculator tip
+11    Simple Tip Calculator    285 kb    Views 3451


calculator everyday
0    Everyday Calculator Calculators for everyday use Store Calculator, Restaurant Calculator, Loan Calculator, Basic Calculator,Conversion Calculator    6 MB    Views 8399

Calculator HD!

calculator ipad theme scientific original themes beautiful product skins single
+18    THE MOST STYLISH AND FEATURERICH CALCULATOR DESIGNED FOR IPHONE ,IPAD AND IPOD TOUCH WITH 20 BEAUTIFUL STYLES Calculator Pro combines the original and scientific calculator with a large collection of beautiful themes you can choose from. With more than twenty ...    10 MB    Views 1125
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-9    Introducing the Smart Currency Converter currency without the conventional confusion. FEATURES 92 OF THE WORLD’S MOST COMMON CURRENCIES. The Smart Currency Converter is the ultimate tool for any frequent traveller. Our featurepacked tool lets you convert to and from 92 currencies ...    3 MB    Views 4862
-3    ● Featured by Apple as "App of the Week", "What's Hot", "New and Noteworthy" and "Top Grossing" ● Ranked as 1 Financial App all over the World ● Best App Ever Awards 2011 Finalist EXPERTS ABOUT SAVER: "Beautiful to look at and easy to ...    4 MB    Views 6857

Calculator Lite Ver

+5    A Legacy Calculator App    3 MB    Views 9283
+3    A nice simple to use calculator that will provide monthly payments, interest to pay and total payment figures from the given information.    1 MB    Views 5125
Related Apps calculator commission
-1    Commission Calculator Calculate your commission in your next sales, put the percentage and the total amount and get how much you will earn.    397 kb    Views 7393
Related Apps calculator home mortgage payment loans quicken calculate payments extra beautiful
-1    Who knew calculating your mortgage payment could be so easy…and dare we say, fun? Calculate, save your favorites and get real time mortgage rates all from this beautiful mortgage calculator. Whether you're a home buyer, homeowner or real estate agent, you'll ...    13 MB    Views 7834

$ Tip Calculator

Related Apps calculator tip
-2    A simple tip calculator.    152 kb    Views 974
+2    Great calculator app that has a simple but perfectly intuitive interface. Big buttons make number entry a dream. Does exactly what you would expect from a basic calculator.    2 MB    Views 5916

Fee calculator

Related Apps calculator fee
-1    Simple three step fee calculator for freelancers: designers and programmers. It helps you to calculate two fees: ideal and minimum amount of money to ask from client depending on project parameters.    530 kb    Views 7118
calculator customer
+19    Use this calculator to quickly determine the lifetime value of a customer by plugging in just a few values.    129 kb    Views 5363
-6    As the name suggests, this is a quick and handy calculator to calculate how much you are actually paying after factoring in all the taxes    572 kb    Views 9643
Related Apps calculator accounting
+14    Accounting Calculator is simple. You can change 2types calculator. 2013/2/7 Ver1.7 bug fixed.    677 kb    Views 3242


Related Apps calculator rpn
+2    A bit exact RPN emulator of the HP 80, the first financial calculator introduced in 1973. This application employs the same mathematical computation found in the original calculators. Main Calculator features: • RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry mode • Time Value of Money • ...    1 MB    Views 1485
Related Apps calculator refinance
-3    The 1 Refinance Calculator on the AppStore Need help to figure out when to refinance? The Refinance Calculator is the simplest, easiest and most comprehensive refinance calculator. It computes BOTH break even time, and total savings over the terms of the new ...    544 kb    Views 9781

EHS Calculator

-1    Calculator created during the 2015 Interim Term in the Computer Class    296 kb    Views 574

Loan Calculator

Related Apps calculator loan
+6    Use this calculator to calculate any aspect of any loan. Leave one field blank and it will solve for it. Future versions will include loan amortization tables.    36 kb    Views 7357
frame love frames beautiful 200
-3    Love Frames and Styles helps you create awesome looking love frames with over hundred styles. Your beautiful and sweet memories can be made more wonderful with amazing frame layouts, styles, beautiful fonts, stickers and much more. The only limit is your imagination. ...    64 MB    Views 7613

Calculator for Me

-3    This is a free calculator and abacus. Download and enjoy.    11 MB    Views 707
currency live rates beautiful exchange
+7    Currency Exchange Live Rates is a beautiful, intuitive currency converter. You can convert every country in the world's currencies easily and quickly using this app. The currency rates are live updated online. You can swipe the screen to right to choose more ...    1023 kb    Views 722
+4    SimchaBucks Gift Calculator helps event goers decide how much money they should spend on a present for an occasion, such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, baby showers or graduations.    140 kb    Views 6446

Wealth Calculator

+1    ช่วยคำนวณง่ายๆ กับโปรแกรม Wealth Calculator ในเรื่อง คุณอยากมีเงินในอนาคตอันใกล้เท่าไหร่ คุณควรออมเงินกี่บาทต่อเดือน    3 MB    Views 5212

UK VAT Calculator

Related Apps calculator vat
-9    UK VAT Calculator is a simple, no gimmicks VAT calculator made to make VAT Calculations easy The App has been designed to have 5%, 15%, 17.5%, 20% and also a custom setting so you can choose your VAT rate.    5 MB    Views 8905


0    Bored of modern calculator? Try this old style calculator. You can do the main mathematics operations like sum,subtraction,multiplication,division and percentage.    503 kb    Views 4476
Related Apps calculator mortgage
-6    mortgage calculator    7 MB    Views 3358

iCompta 3

transactions manage income expense bank ofx charts beautiful multiple
+16    iCompta is an application that lets you manage your accounts with ease. Keep track of your income and expense, schedule your bills, stay in line with your budget and finally know where all your money goes thanks to beautiful charts. MAIN ...    20 MB    Views 4121

Calculator for You

+28    Calculator for a basic and scientific computations. Abacus and additional silver skin are included.    11 MB    Views 3127
calculator superannuation
+26    A simple superannuation calculator.    NAN    Views 9656


banknotes beautiful easy game coins memory
+3    Geeltjes, Joetjes, Meiers en Duppies come together in this valuable memory match game for all the people in 'de Waalstraat' (Wall Street) and beyond. Starring beautiful Dutch coins, banknotes and nicknames from the Guilder era. Forget the eurocrisis and refresh your memory ...    22 MB    Views 6280


currency myanmar beautiful dollar
+9    Beautiful Myanmar currency exchange rate App on market . Currency Data from CBbank Myanmar and show three main currencies in US Dollar , Singapore Dollar and Euro. This app is optimized for iphone 5 and iOS 7 FEATURES : Currency Calculator Converts ...    3 MB    Views 2759

Drive Journal

locations fuel log user economy service beautiful learn drive input
-5    NOTE: If you experience crashing at start, please try to set units in the settings to something else than 'automatic'. The fix will be in next version. Sorry for troubles. Drive Journal is a complete solution for keeping track of your ...    3 MB    Views 6497
finance blog personal transactions moneybook interface easy data beautiful previous user month
-4    It may look simplistic, but MoneyBook is a powerful personal finance app that offers unique features in a beautiful, easytouse user interface. See all your transactions in beautiful animated statistics (turn your device to landscape in transactions view/history) Handles expenses ...    3 MB    Views 4399
Related Apps calculator mortgage
-5    A mortgage calculator that calculates your REAL monthly payments, with out requiring the complexity of understanding PMI, APR, FHA, USDA, Conventional, and all of the additional terminology that typically confuses home mortgagees.    12 MB    Views 9944

BBPF Tip Calculator

Related Apps calculator tip
-8    Simple and Easy to use calculator to find the tip for any meal or service.    24 MB    Views 4495

The Easy Calculator

Related Apps calculator easy
-7    This is a simple, easy and effective calculator    136 kb    Views 6342


+5    No frills 4 function calculator on your Apple Watch for simple 8 digit calculations on the go. Use the shift key to access subtraction and division so the calculator can be realised in a 4x4 grid.    3 MB    Views 657


Related Apps time beautiful costs easy lite
+17    CostsLite lets you monitor your revenues and your expenses in an easy and beautiful way. Check your financial status per time unit, or learn how much you already spent this year altogether. Now it’s easier than ever to keep track ...    1 MB    Views 9404

$ Loan Calculator

Related Apps calculator loan
-8    Easy and Sample Use Loan Calculator. With Custom Saving Loan Detail. Quick Search Saved Loan List.    1 MB    Views 978


Related Apps time beautiful costs easy
-2    Costs lets you monitor your revenues and your expenses in an easy and beautiful way. Check your financial status per time unit, or learn how much you already spent this year altogether. Now it’s easier than ever to keep track ...    1 MB    Views 2634


tips calculate amount numbers beautiful
+14    A simple, beautiful way to crunch numbers or calculate tips. Tips+ easily allows you to: Calculate numbers through a beautiful calculator interface See the tip amount and total bill amount based on service    186 kb    Views 3318
chip beautiful
-7    "How Much?" is an easy an elegant way of chippingin Chipin for rent, services or goods Store all the prices inside the app Minimalistic and beautiful design Written in 'swift'    3 MB    Views 691
Related Apps calculator tip
+15    Free tip calculator Quick. One screen, minimize your figure movement Easy to use Big font, esay to see Download today to enjoy the smooth experience    86 kb    Views 4830

Standard Calculator

Related Apps calculator standard
+30    Standard simple calculator. Easy in use.    9 MB    Views 7229
design budget iphone category expenses description spending beautiful set
+2    Spendy is the ultimate and best way to manage your expenses on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With its awesome and beautiful design, adding an expense takes only a few taps. Open the app, select the category, enter the ...    6 MB    Views 2964
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