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Weigh Your Options

0    Weigh Your Options is a stock option yield calculator that helps you make decisions for the covered call stock option strategy. Simply enter the stock you are interested in, fill out a couple questions (i.e. your personal commission), and click ...    1 MB    Views 529
+5    A nice simple to use calculator that will provide monthly payments, interest to pay and total payment figures from the given information.    1 MB    Views 5125

Best Bonds for iPad

0    Best Bonds is a simple to use, yet powerful calculator for the fixed income market. It provides the most calculator options available in an iPhone application. Best Bonds calculates price, investment return, yield, duration and other commonly needed values. It is ...    1003 kb    Views 6574
+29    Bond Math App Description The application “Bond Math” is an advanced mathematical tool designed by India Bond Private Limited to calculate indicative pricing of debt securities traded in Indian Debt Markets. A unique application, which allows user to view listed debt ...    3 MB    Views 5995


+3    The U.S. Department of the Treasury in conjunction with the Federal Reserve System provides yields for bills, notes, and bonds at various maturities for each day in which the instruments are available for trading. This app shows those yields starting ...    2 MB    Views 7873


stock market time dividend year cash total ratio share revenue options yield annual
+4    Markets, Bonds, ETFs, Stocks, Options, Currencies, Commodities, Rates are all in one App. Also display more detailed stock data. We developed azFinance because Google/Yahoo Finance Apps not able to track Options, Currencies, and Bloomberg can not track Options. So we think ...    5 MB    Views 3631
Related Apps calculator gst
+7    GST Calculator New Zealand and Australia Easy and sample to use.    643 kb    Views 2993


+2    No frills 4 function calculator on your Apple Watch for simple 8 digit calculations on the go. Use the shift key to access subtraction and division so the calculator can be realised in a 4x4 grid.    3 MB    Views 657
Related Apps calculator tip
+4    This is the tip calculator you are waiting for. Quick. One screen, minimize your figure movement Easy to use Big font, esay to see Download today to enjoy the smooth experience Your good review will help us to make it better Email: hello ...    40 kb    Views 2780


-2    Calculate Yield to Maturity and Current Price by either entering in values or simply sliding a bar. Easily find when the bond is selling at a discount. Current Yield is also calculated. Convenient decimal point on number keypad for easy ...    112 kb    Views 6925

Calculator Lite Ver

-8    A Legacy Calculator App    3 MB    Views 9283


calculator everyday
+1    Everyday Calculator Calculators for everyday use Store Calculator, Restaurant Calculator, Loan Calculator, Basic Calculator,Conversion Calculator    6 MB    Views 8399

Bond Calculator

Related Apps bond yield find price
+5    Make good bond trading decisions with this app. Calculate the intrinsic price or yield to maturity of a bond to find out if this bond is worth investing in. A slider bar provides for QUICK adjustment of required yield to find out ...    1 MB    Views 8337

YTMEasy Pro

Related Apps yield current maturity price
0    Easily find when the bond is selling at a discount. Using settlement date and maturity dates, calculate Yield to Maturity and Current Price by either entering in values or simply sliding a bar. Accrued Interest, Full Price, and Current Yield are also ...    143 kb    Views 8728

Easy Calculator

+18    Simple decimal number calculator with Percentage, +/ and memory functions. Ideal for use by financial users such as Field Sales Representatives and Accountants.    244 kb    Views 2213
+18    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING 50% OFF "Financial Calculator Pro" is a simple, yet powerful calculator for evaluating Compound Interest, Present Value, Bond Yield, Mortgage loans, Retirement, 401(k), Life plan. Common features: Graph Display Easy Input Interface BookMark Email Features: ✓ Simple and Compound Interest. Simple ...    1 MB    Views 5828

Rental Yield Calc

expenses yield
-6    Grow your Property Empire with confidence and ease, knowing that your calculated yield accounts for all expenses in your business plan. All income and expenses can be individually set as weekly, monthly, yearly or as a percentage.    2 MB    Views 4107

Curve Quiz

market analytics facebook www yield http curve libor quiz
-4    Think you know municipal bonds? US Treasuries? LIBOR Swaps? Test yourself using this curiously addictive quiz to choose the fake yield curves from those created using our realworld simulator. It’s yield curve history fact or faux?? For each question Curve ...    16 MB    Views 1884

UK VAT Calculator

+1    UK VAT Calculator is a simple, no gimmicks VAT calculator made to make VAT Calculations easy The App has been designed to have 5%, 15%, 17.5%, 20% and also a custom setting so you can choose your VAT rate.    5 MB    Views 8905
Related Apps calculator accounting
-4    Accounting Calculator is simple. You can change 2types calculator. 2013/2/7 Ver1.7 bug fixed.    677 kb    Views 3242
Related Apps research bond wolfram assistant professional pricing coupon treasury price alpha yield
-7    Perform computations with bond prices, bond duration, coupon rates, certificates of deposit, treasury bills, and more with the Wolfram Bond Pricing Professional Assistant. Determine bond prices to make informed decisions about your bond purchasing efforts. Compute settlementtomaturity period with options ...    14 MB    Views 4549

Bond YTM

bond maturity yield cash coupon flows interest calculate
+4    This application will calculate the Yield to Maturity of a bond. Simply enter the current price, coupon and maturity date of the bond, click on 'calc' and the program will calculate the YTM and current yield of the bond. You ...    36 kb    Views 4290
Related Apps calculator mortgage
+26    Utilise our free mortgage calculator to quickly determine monthly payments and locate the best mortgage rates available on the market today for remortgages, first time buyer, buy to let.    3 MB    Views 9052
Related Apps investment weight time finance stock portfolio risk yield stocks portfolios maximize save ratio calculate
+2    MoneyController is a professional risk analysis and expected yield tool for a stock portfolio. But, you don't have to be a finance expert in order to use MoneyController. MoneyController uses simple language to explain the complex indicators that are usually adopted ...    23 MB    Views 6539
-4    Calculates Yield to Maturity, Yield to Call and Yield to Worse on Treasuries, Agencies, Corporate Bonds and Municipal Bonds    3 MB    Views 5252
Related Apps calculator stock time money financial calculators fund yield deposit bond
-9    ============================= PLEASE MAIL ANY PROBLEMS / QUESTIONS / SUGGESTIONS Easy Financial Calculator is the one place to get all the financial calculators. ============================= For phone and tablet, this application includes the following financial calculators. Search through calculators easily. Bond Value Calculator....Bond Price, Yield ...    2 MB    Views 9762


year date yield graphs month top display maturity holding graph
+15    Touch the graphs to pan back and forth, move from date to date, and read individual values. This app displays graphs of US Treasury Yield rates for the current and prior 5 years. The top line graphs show yield rate trends ...    7 MB    Views 8983

Value Tester

+5    Value Tester App can be used to determine how well a certain stock ranks against Benjamin Graham's Value checklist. Benjamin Graham's philosophy was to buy stocks that were trading at a discount to their Net Current Asset Value. This app implements ...    337 kb    Views 786

Prime Yield

market real users prime yield estate
-9    Prime Yield is a company with a comprehensive expertise in feasibility studies, consultancy and asset valuations, creating value in supporting their client’s decision making. This app let's users access our exclusive market researches for various sectors of real estate. It also ...    37 MB    Views 8864
calculator certificate
+4    This is a simple but handy reference guide for Certificate of Deposits (CDs). • Easy to use calculator for quick CD calculations. • Shows after term interest earned and final value. • Automatic APY calculation for rate comparison.    858 kb    Views 6633
Related Apps calculator refinance
+25    The 1 Refinance Calculator on the AppStore Need help to figure out when to refinance? The Refinance Calculator is the simplest, easiest and most comprehensive refinance calculator. It computes BOTH break even time, and total savings over the terms of the new ...    544 kb    Views 9781
calculations user commercial loan maintenance yield
+29    Pacific Southwest Realty Services has designed this easytouse mobile application for the iPhone which allows the user to calculate commercial real estate financing functions including yield maintenance prepayment penalties, loan balance calculations, and loan payment calculations. With a sleek, simple ...    4 MB    Views 6805
discount calculator displayed amount yield 360 365 store 000 choose
+9    Pricing Calculator for standard Discount Securities using either yield or discount rates and a 360 or 365 day basis Quick Use Guide: B = multiply displayed amount by a Billion M= multiply displayed amount by a Million K = multiply displayed amount by a ...    239 kb    Views 290
rental calculator yield
0    The easiest to use rental yield calculator suitable for all countries. Calculates Net Annual Rental Yield. Relevant in the following professions: 1) Realtor 2) Real estate agent 3) Mortgage banker 4) Conveyancing Lawyer 5) Home owner or landlord 6) Tenant If you find bugs, do drop us an email ...    1 MB    Views 9157


Related Apps calculator converter
+9    Multiline calculator & currency converter. Daily update of 100+ exchange rates. • Intuitive UI with large buttons, clear symbols & digits • Essential math functions with high accuracy • History/log, copy/paste & share by email • Filtering of currencies: favorites & current (non obsolete) Not ...    2 MB    Views 2569
0    A simple calculator for everyday use Features: Quick and easy to use, Large buttons, HD graphics. Support for iPhone/iPod, iPad and Mini.    3 MB    Views 8313

EHS Calculator

+3    Calculator created during the 2015 Interim Term in the Computer Class    296 kb    Views 574
+11    Simple and intuitive interface with this calculator, everyone may calculate followings without the knowledge on complicated equation or terms. ► Simple and Compound Interest. Simple Interest/Compound Interest ► Growing annuities and Present Value of Annuity. Annual Payout Amount ► Calculates N, Interest, Present Value, ...    4 MB    Views 4524

Loan Calc NZ

property rental sale loan calculate additional payment ratio savings yield lending
+4    Great tool to calculate loan to value ratios, loan repayments, additional payment savings and gross rental yield. Loan to value ratio (LVR) and loan required: Calculate what lending you require and your loan to value ratio. Loan to value ratio is what ...    1 MB    Views 9847

Wealth Calculator

calculator wealth
+5    ช่วยคำนวณง่ายๆ กับโปรแกรม Wealth Calculator ในเรื่อง คุณอยากมีเงินในอนาคตอันใกล้เท่าไหร่ คุณควรออมเงินกี่บาทต่อเดือน    3 MB    Views 5212

Bond YTM Calculator

discount bond rate yield maturity coupon par buy return selling
-4    A bond's YTM, or yield to maturity, is a way to calculate your potential return when investing in a bond. Unless you buy a newly issued bond, you will most likely buy it for more or less than its face ...    4 MB    Views 2999

i-Tip Calculator

Related Apps calculator tip
+1    Simple Tip Calculator    285 kb    Views 3451


advertising rent calculator rate purchase characteristics calculate yield fees
+4    Negociate better aLoan allows you to decide between the various offers to choose the best calculation of rent and leasing aLoan is able to calculate one of four values​​: funded capital, nominal rate, number of periods, amount of rent when the other ...    2 MB    Views 8502
Related Apps calculator mortgage
+2    A mortgage calculator that calculates your REAL monthly payments, with out requiring the complexity of understanding PMI, APR, FHA, USDA, Conventional, and all of the additional terminology that typically confuses home mortgagees.    12 MB    Views 9944


stock dividend stocks find date yield high full
-1    Harnessing the power of our stock detail and dividend ratings from, we are pleased to present our dedicated iOS app Enjoy seamless access to the ratings, exdividend date calendar, top stocks and high yield lists on our full site, ...    2 MB    Views 3382
-7    SimchaBucks Gift Calculator helps event goers decide how much money they should spend on a present for an occasion, such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, baby showers or graduations.    140 kb    Views 6446


news calculator browse analytics bond yield data curve treasury features coupon
-1    The ultimate allinONE app for bonds Bondata aggregates financial news, plots US treasury yield curves, browses Yahoo's Bond Center data and constructs portfolios for basic analytics. Includes a sophisticated bond calculator with a choice of common day count methods. Features NEWS Pulls ...    2 MB    Views 480
Related Apps calculator currency
+14    It is very easy to use calculator with the ability to simultaneously operate with different currencies. You can set for yourself currency exchange rates or get them from Internet.    696 kb    Views 8106


bill days yield year price treasury maturity
+15    Treasury Bill (TBill) application computes price and equivalent bond yield when discount rate is supplied for Treasury Bills. When price is supplied, yield is computed. Maturity time in days needs to be supplied. Conventionally TBill face value is 100, maturity can ...    56 kb    Views 4376

EZee Calculator

-9    Easy calculator showing different steps of calculations in the log.    295 kb    Views 3543
yield bond price buttons quick entry date select enter call
-3    This app is a municipal bond analytics calculator. You enter the settlement date, maturity date, coupon rate, and multiple call dates (if applicable). Then, you can either enter the yield to determine the bond price, or you can enter the ...    5 MB    Views 6916

Yield Curve

curve yield application
+16    This application plots US Treasury Yield Curve. Yield Curve for the last business day is displayed. Ability to select yield curve for a date from available yield curve dates. Print graphs. Requirements: This application requires active data connection to function properly.    321 kb    Views 5585
Related Apps calculator car retirement stock money 000 rate interest annual years monthly compound accumulated yield
+3    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING 50% OFF Simple and intuitive interface with this calculator, everyone may calculate followings without the knowledge on complicated equation or terms. ► Simple and Compound Interest. Simple Interest/Compound Interest ► Growing annuities and Present Value of Annuity. Annual Payout Amount ► Calculates ...    3 MB    Views 5439
calculator generation
-5    스마트한 앱포털 팟게이트에 소개되었습니다 Girls' Generation Calculator 少女時代影迷專用機算機 It is decoration calculator for iPhone. Korea super start , Girl Generation background calculator and cute ring when press the button u must be install if you like then    2 MB    Views 290

Calculator for You

-6    Calculator for a basic and scientific computations. Abacus and additional silver skin are included.    11 MB    Views 3127


+3    Bored of modern calculator? Try this old style calculator. You can do the main mathematics operations like sum,subtraction,multiplication,division and percentage.    503 kb    Views 4476

Calculator Standard

-4    A Scientific Calculator. Degrees and Radians calculations. Wrong number edit. Keep expressions on the screen.    4 MB    Views 4112
Related Apps calculator monthly
-7    Simple Loan Calculator to calculate monthly payments.    214 kb    Views 2690

Loan Calculator

Related Apps calculator loan
+11    Use this calculator to calculate any aspect of any loan. Leave one field blank and it will solve for it. Future versions will include loan amortization tables.    36 kb    Views 7357
Related Apps money investment market time profile investors asset diversification return risk allocation yield products
-5    The world of financial markets has become more uncertain in recent years. One way to create a more crisis protected portfolio, is the systematic diversification (strategic asset allocation). Diversification is in the long term responsible for approximately 90 % of ...    2 MB    Views 5205
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