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Better Haves

+9    Better Haves is a budgeting app based on the tried and tested envelope budgeting system. It is the first budget app designed with couples in mind, but it can also be used for individual budgeting. Key features: THE BEST FREE ENVELOPE BUDGETING ...    5 MB    Views 5211
0    MDN Accounting and Bookkeeping Services (MDN) is a consultancy firm that provides small and medium enterprises with specialised accounting, bookkeeping and financial services. Our experienced advisers offer a more personalised service and we will endeavour to help your business grow by ...    20 MB    Views 8726

BIB Mobile Bank

+11    BIB Mobile Bank for iPhone/iPad BIB Mobile Bank is a mobile application designed to enable you to view your accounts, loans, deposits, payment card balances and information about the financial instruments purchased. The application is easy to use and designed to ...    1 MB    Views 9282
+5    Learn how to go from Uncertain to “Unstoppable” and become number one in your field.A daily video designed to help you grow your skills, your business and remain motivated along the way. The “21 Day Sales Challenge” is the first ...    367 MB    Views 5236

T Kelliher FCA

+2    Qualified and Experienced Chartered Accountant in Practice. Based in Killarney, County Kerry and offer a range of: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Mortgage Proposal Advice, Tax and other services to individuals and businesses (Self Employed, Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies). I am a Xero Certified Advisor and a ...    13 MB    Views 6927
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-3    Simply the best receipt app reader on the market Easy to use, accurate and produces powerful tax and accounting ready reports. "This is seriously the best I have used. You can tell the guys that came up with this app have ...    3 MB    Views 2998
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0    “Thumb money expense tracker” an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, billsdue and balances. It allows analysis of your expenses , income and savings including charts and graphs [Key features] Intuitive and easytouse Supporting various types of ...    4 MB    Views 325
cards support gold accounts bookkeeping journal income information financial easy expenditure
+4    Gold Journal is an easy to use financial accounting tools. In the form of clever use of the timeline to show the daily consumption and expenditure information, highlighted the amount of revenue and expenditure, the use of bright red expenditures, ...    7 MB    Views 7348
students bookkeeping mode question accounting training student answer basic
+11    The most simple bookkeeping training application "Bookkeeping training with Pavlov" Anywhere Anytime You can practice bookkeeping. Target ・Bookkeeping beginners ・Accounting beginners ・Those who work in accounting ・Students of Faculty of Commerce ・Students of Faculty of Economics ・Commercial High School students ・The introduction student of Accountant in US, UK, etc ・The introduction student of ...    2 MB    Views 3269
-3    Echo Business Builder POS is a fully hosted, tabletbased PointOfSale system including payment processing, customer loyalty program, a complete back office and marketing system and all the necessary hardware. Designed for both Retail and Restaurants alike, the software is designed to ...    7 MB    Views 719

Brady Financial

tax financial bookkeeping services accounting meet
0    Brady Financial provides the best accounting, bookkeeping, and tax practice, and our services are tailored to meet each client's specific need. We were formed to meet the comprehensive financial needs of today's entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals. Whatever your financial requirements ...    27 MB    Views 8011


software hand held kitchen designed waiting ordering orders
-2    Please Note: The PocketTouch application is designed to be used as companion software to ICRTouch TouchPoint touch screen till EPoS software. It is designed to be configured by authorised resellers of ICRTouch products and used by licensed businesses. Users of TouchPoint till systems who ...    5 MB    Views 8147


money avec designed essential launch features
-6    "If you use money, get Avec." FRANCLY, THE BEST FINANCE APP Avec is a magical, unique, essential app designed to do one thing and do it well – keep track of your spending. When you buy something, all you have to do ...    3 MB    Views 3884


services designed merchant
+5    Mobile app designed to help Electronic Merchant Systems of South Carolina better service their merchants. EMSOFSC is also designed to tell more about our products and services we offer. Whether your looking for supplies, a new processor or even a ...    27 MB    Views 3970


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+28    SuperAlertsPro is a new financial signals app that can provide accurate market alerts. Our app uses an advanced built in strategy and gives you easy to follow Binary Options Signals. Simply turn on the software and find potential profitable trades. Our Features: Easy To ...    4 MB    Views 5599
program software ipad bookkeeping ledger file pro designed
+2    This free app is designed for the iPad and to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business with reporting for 1 tax". Use this app to ...    17 MB    Views 7826
business email contract elite maker custom contracts 100 designed features
-9    Contract Maker ELITE The World's Most Advanced Contract Making App Create, Edit, Sign and Email Professional Multipage (110 page) Contracts from your iPhone, iTouch or iPad Introductory Price Save 33% off until next update (There are many incredible updates and ...    2 MB    Views 5793
accounts nexum recovery clients account designed information
+20    The NEXUM ClientOnline app is designed for the clients of debt recovery agencies, law firms and outsourcing companies and provides instant access to portfolios of accounts referred to these organisations for the collection and recovery of monies due. This app ...    4 MB    Views 1512

Cash On Cash

+1    See Cash On Cash Pro for ability to solve for any output given any input. Cash On Cash quickly calculates the cashoncash return in year 1 for a property investment given Capitalization Rate, Operating Income, Downpayment Percentage, and mortgage information. The application ...    694 kb    Views 1376

On a Budget

budget work money transactions year day total extra balance designed
+5    'On a budget' is a simple app for summarising your financial situation. It's designed to help you get on top of your money and take control of your bank balance. On a budget' is designed to put your budget information ...    504 kb    Views 5796
cards support gold journal accounts bookkeeping expenditure information glance income financial
-8    Gold Journal is an easy to use financial accounting tools. In the form of clever use of the timeline to show the daily consumption and expenditure information, highlighted the amount of revenue and expenditure, the use of bright red expenditures, ...    9 MB    Views 1887

LearnAccounting EDU

business learning managers bookkeeping statements credits debits chapters entry
-3    „LearnAccounting EDUCATION“ is LearnAccounting´s fullpurchase version for educational institutions and enterprises participating in Apple´s Volume Purchase Program (VPP). As a private user consider downloading LearnAccounting on the App Store (or EasyAccounting in certain countries), as it offers 12 chapters free of ...    NAN    Views 4436

i Accounting plus

business accounting file categories statements bookkeeping financial server invoices sales
-7    i Accounting plus app is your bookkeeping and accounting file management angel. i Accounting allows you to upload a receipt or invoice from your camera or a PDF file, categories it based on bookkeeping categories and then upload it to a ...    1 MB    Views 9556


calculator large enter amount fuel tip designed simple
+4    QCalcPrice is four handy calculators all in one. These four calculators are designed to be easily seen with large text fields with good contrast even in low light environments. The Price comparison calculator allows you to enter two products to figure ...    462 kb    Views 3383


+7    The CollectMORE debt collection app is a worldfirst in innovation and will help you get paid any outstanding invoices you have or money you are owed. Designed and created by an industry veteran, you will learn techniques and methods that ...    NAN    Views 2901
video plan simple financial young wealth savings generation designed
+19    Young Wealth Generation is a financial education app for those starting their careers. While the world of finance can seem complicated or intimidating, this app is designed to teach you the basics of setting up a simple financial plan that ...    368 MB    Views 4665
investment portfolio designed equity
-9    P2strategies is an investment solution that is designed to help minimise the impact of market drawdowns and actively reduce portfolio volatility, while allowing dynamic participation in rising markets giving investors the confidence to stay invested for the longterm. The app ...    6 MB    Views 9470
+7    iAuditERM for the iPhone takes auditing risks mobile, right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. ALIGNING WITH CORPORATE OBJECTIVES Optimized performance; create, view and update your audit risk tasks offline. Focusing on key risks that matter. WE ARE HERE TO HELP Documentation ...    629 kb    Views 7531

Accounting Raiders

learning traditional additional levels complicated bookkeeping game aat materials item
+2    A traditional game of hand eye coordination complicated by the additional requirement to be good at bookkeeping......... or in fact a traditional game of bookkeeping complicated by the additional requirement to have good hand eye coordination. And Boy – isn’t ...    47 MB    Views 5636

Bookkeeping Pro

Related Apps tax books program iphone ipad business bookkeeping pro transactions taxes pay bank fees currency unlimited sales
+3    DOUBLE ENTRY BOOKKEEPING AND INVOICING FOR YOUR BUSINESS, NONPROFIT OR CLUB Why pay monthly fees for your bookkeeping service? Bookkeeping Pro has no ongoing fees. Why pay for each business that you want to manage? Bookkeeping Pro has unlimited books. Why pay for ...    22 MB    Views 793
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0    Mileage Expense Log is designed to help you quickly and easily keep track of expenses incurred as you use your vehicle. Use this application to keep accurate logs and generate summary reports. Note that this version maintains compatibility with iOS ...    11 MB    Views 4885


iphone statistics categories item designed account expense simple
+6    InstaDollar is a simple and elegant expense tracking app for everyday use. With intuitive interaction and beautifully designed statistics, it just rocks. Features: Simple and easy to use UI Intuitive experience Smart categories,custom categories. Elegant stats and reports Backup to iCloud,share ...    5 MB    Views 3028
stock market news ipad designed build stocks assets asset trading
0    MarketMatrix is an intraday trading assistant for the US equities market. Get quotes and visualizations of the US stock market that help you make smart trading decisions, manage risk, and keep you informed. With MarketMatrix, you can: Track stocks, ETFs, and ...    3 MB    Views 9120
gps apple mileage designed device support expenses rate vehicle database ios
0    Mileage Expense Log is designed to help you quickly and easily keep track of expenses incurred as you use your vehicle. Use this application to keep accurate logs and generate summary reports. Now with Apple Watch support Tired of other apps ...    12 MB    Views 4663

Budget Simply

budget transaction track designed enter period simply
+23    If you have a set budget for every period whether that's weekly, biweekly, or monthly then Budget Simply was designed for you. You'll never have to remember to enter a transaction later, designed for quick entry you can save your ...    949 kb    Views 2326


history swift displays content designed
+20    Designed for visitors to SWIFT HQ, take a virtual tour back through the history of forty years of SWIFT. Point your camera at the different expo displays in SWIFT HQ Discover additional media content, focusing on different aspects of the history of ...    27 MB    Views 9998


business accounting owners receipt picture small data designed
+6    MyMoneyTrax is a simple, easy to use mobile expense tracking system designed specifically for small business owners. Developed by small business owners with the help of a Certified Public Accountant, it was designed to fill a need that normal accounting ...    11 MB    Views 2711

Liberty Accounting

-8    Realtime bookkeeping, simplified. Track your small business, independent contractor, freelance, or consulting transactions anytime, anywhere. Easytouse bookkeeping at your fingertips. Liberty Accounting is a FREE bookkeeping app for the iPhone and iPad. Designed with Your Business in Mind Liberty Accounting makes tracking your ...    14 MB    Views 5130
history management input bookkeeping reports data faster book day keeping save
+7    Bookkeeping is a Personal finance management app which lets you track your daytoday spending. It offer a faster input method and clearer reports for you. No financial terminology,no complex reports,just make your life easier. Main Feature: Quick Input: A number, A description, A category, and ...    7 MB    Views 3297
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+25    A simple and functional App to track and report salary and working hours. You can export your data to your Calendar or Dropbox and send Excel sheets or html tables per mail. Easily track your earnings and worked hours. This App is designed ...    12 MB    Views 5309
property application information income professional designed mortgage evaluator analysis real
+20    Income Property Evaluator is a professional real estate analysis application designed specifically for IOS devices. The application was designed to be used by prospective property investors, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and appraisers. Income Property Evaluator is extremely useful on the ...    44 MB    Views 4275
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+22    Take advantage of the vast opportunities that are in the financial markets with iFOREX’s stateoftheart Mobile trading platform. The app offers a sleek and simple interface designed for novice and advanced traders alike. With the iFOREX trading app you can ...    2 MB    Views 50
program software ipad bookkeeping file ledger pro designed
+17    This free app is designed for the iPad and to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business". Use this app to ADD or EDIT or DELETE ...    17 MB    Views 9841

SD Online

Related Apps online reports payslips designed information full access
-6    Designed by SargentDisc for the iPhone, SD Online provides access to a full range of payroll information and reports from anywhere in the world, 24/7. Features include: Online payslips Employees can view payslips and get a full history of earnings Secure messaging Track sensitive ...    22 MB    Views 8995

Kid's Goals

money child goal save item picture show goals designed
0    KodeTree Kid’s Goals is a fun tool to help kids and young adults learn monetary amounts and save toward a goal. Children generally don't have a concept of money. They know that the toy on the shelf costs "money". They also ...    4 MB    Views 5973
program software iphone bookkeeping file ledger pro designed
0    This free app is designed to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business with reporting for 1 tax". Use this app to ADD or EDIT or ...    17 MB    Views 3147

Tip Calc

iphone apple tip calc check watch designed
+18    Tip Calc is a brand new tip calculator designed specifically for Apple Watch and iPhone. Calculate the tip for a check fast and easy with only a couple of gestures. There aren't any numbers to type Just turn the digital crown to ...    819 kb    Views 9835
state street clients risk easy industry designed information mobile
-6    State Street Springboard SM, our mobile application designed for the iPad and iPhone was designed to help clients manage risk and optimize returns as efficiently as possible, even when they are not in the office. Springboard provides summarized information in ...    10 MB    Views 5845
security cards facebook widget ios ratings designed touch
+1    Super Convenient, Very First Security Card Widget You don't need to carry plastic security cards in your wallet anymore. Wire money with just one finger. =============== Overall Ratings avg 4.7 Four out of Five ratings are Perfect FIVE STARS =============== This ...    4 MB    Views 2849


Related Apps ipad access designed authorized advisors application
-3    The AvantGarde Mobile iPad application enables authorized clients of AvantGarde Advisors to access their performance data on the go. Knowing how your investments are doing in a beautifully designed and easy to access app designed specifically for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You ...    1 MB    Views 2756
rental iphone rate cash designed commercial effective loan calculate calculation
+5    If you are involved in any aspect of Commercial Real Estate (brokerage, lending, leasing, management, etc.) you will find the Commercial Broker Toolkit extremely useful and easy to use. We designed the app to provide simple, easy to follow inputs ...    3 MB    Views 7632

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

iphone business time cards data bookkeeping credit fingertips charts profit
-9    GoDaddy Bookkeeping (formerly Outright), organizes all your small business finances in one place. Eliminate data entry with daily data imports from eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Amazon, Stripe, bank and credit cards. Our app is for current customers of GoDaddy Bookkeeping. Sign up ...    17 MB    Views 2036
sales sell customers designed small tracking
+1    Bottomline is a sales and customer tracking app for small businesses. It is designed for anyone involved in sales, especially merchants like artists, realtors, photographers, fashion designers, boutiques, personal trainers, independent salesmen etc. Anyone who sells high value goods or ...    13 MB    Views 5344
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-4    Taxnote is a super quick bookkeeping app for small business. Enter your daily business expenses or incomes quickly and Taxnote does your doubleentry bookkeeping automatically. It focuses on making data entry fast and easy with fewer taps and bigger buttons. ■■■ The philosophy ...    5 MB    Views 8454


bills support designed care features
+6    BillsBuddy is the best companion to manage all your bills, and remind you of the due dates. No more missed payments, no more nasty late fees, no more worries. Kay features: Scheduled bills, Recurring reminders, Bill categories, Notes keeping, Payment history, ...    996 kb    Views 6958


business thought connected events designed
+29    The London Business Forum Middle East offers an alternative business learning experience designed for the 21st century professional, bringing you up close and personal with the world’s most inspiring THOUGHT LEADERS. Our business events are designed to be thought provoking, ...    264 kb    Views 6054
program software iphone bookkeeping ledger pro designed file
+30    This free app is designed to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business". Use this app to ADD or EDIT or DELETE bookkeeping entries from your ...    16 MB    Views 976


time currencies currency designed ios
+7    MoneyEx will allow you to convert several currencies at the same time. Designed for iOS 7 and made as simple as possible for user friendly UI. Save your favorite currencies. Real time conversion of currencies Designed for iOS 7 More currency ...    551 kb    Views 6025
ipad calculator designed easily style
+2    An app designed just for iPad that help you do daily calculation easily. If you're looking for a perfect calculator App on iPad,it should be what you need truly. It is an amazing speaking calculator. The Calculator application has been designed to take ...    69 MB    Views 4839

money money (t)

Related Apps money parents designed simple
+16    money money (t) is a simple App designed to track all your money transactions. The App is designed for students, parents, and grand parents. The App gives a simple interface to add income or expense without giving any details.    1009 kb    Views 39
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