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+14    Trade CFDs on thousands of global markets with the world’s no.1 CFD provider. Access realtime prices, intuitive charts, live Reuters news and much more with our trading app which has been redesigned and optimised for iOS 7. TRADE • Create an account with ...    NAN    Views 5884
+14    nMoon Moon to the n’th degree nMoon is a Bitcoin day trading client that connects to a account through the API. nMoon is not a Bitcoin wallet and cannot send or receive Bitcoins. nMoon includes two backward propagating neural networks that ...    5 MB    Views 3646
stock market email calendar time stocks price chart portfolios usd year change
+15    Stock Master is designed to bring you a streamlined mobile stock market experience. Whether you are a novice stock user, chartist, or day trader, Stock Master is the last app you will ever need. It has everything from real time ...    32 MB    Views 4846

BTC Price Charts

+25    Fantastic looking Bitcoin price charts. A quick look at the graph and you will have an overview of the recent price changes. Data from, MtGox, btce and localbitcoin. Features: Minimalistic and super simple UI A fun chart to see further details ...    782 kb    Views 8964
+13    BTC China Mobile Exchange 2.0 Trade Bitcoin and Litecoin wherever you are with BTC China's official mobile client. Key Features: 1. Three trading pairs supported: BTC/CNY, LTC/CNY, LTC/BTC; 2. Candlestick charts automatically update with realtime data; 3. Supports Market and Limit Orders; 4. Swipe ...    967 kb    Views 8901

Stellar Alert

btc currencies exchange values alert supports
+13    This app displays and monitors the Stellar exchange rates. It will send you free push notifications straight to your iPhone or iPad when the STR exchange rate is over or under the values you have setup. Stellar Alert supports multiple currencies. You ...    565 kb    Views 3943

Bitstamp Mobile

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-5    An iOS App for buy and sell bitcoins in mobility, BitstampMobile is a mirror of the famous Bitcoin Exchange, and try to organize the buy and sell process under a easy to use interface. Check the your USD / BTC Balance Check ...    2 MB    Views 4331
market portfolio price btc bitcoin coin ticker show prices
-2    Coin Ticker can help you monitor bitcoin and altcoin market price, you can also use this app to manage your portfolio of all your cryptocoins. Features: Support all popular coins Portfolio management 24h historical prices graph Market data automatically update every ...    9 MB    Views 6147


btc average worth
-1    How much is NXT worth today? NXT is exchanged mainly in BTC, and not in USD. DeBuNexchange takes first the average worth of NXT toward BTC in several markets, and then convert the value of BTC in the currency of ...    7 MB    Views 8978

Finance Prediction

-2    YaaFeng Finance Prediction offers world major markets predictions Including Indexes stock : Dow Jones,Nasdaq,S & P 500,FTSE 100,DAX,CAC 40,Hang Seng,Nikkei 225,Shanghai Comp., Currencies rate : EUR / USD,USD / JPY,USD / CNY,AUD / USD,GBP / USD,USD / CAD,USD / CHF Commodities : Gold,Silver,Platinum,Brent crude oil,Natural gas,Soybeans,Corn,Wheat,Rough Rice,Sugar11,Cotton,Cocoa,Coffee.    571 kb    Views 4667

Cloud Hash

cex cloud bitcoin mining data btc revenue
+9    Are you into Bitcoin mining and have an account at CEX.IO/GHash.IO then this application is just what you need. Cloud Hash helps you to keep track of your balance and open orders for the various crypto currencies supported by CEX.IO. Cloud Hash ...    2 MB    Views 6991


btc coins supported eur usd investments automatically show
+13    THE ULTIMATE APP FOR KEEPING TRACK OF ALL YOUR CRYPTO COINS TOGETHER Adds up your total wallet values and shows the profit you've made Select your favorite tickers from the MtGox and BTCe exchanges. Keep track of all your coins' ...    13 MB    Views 3887

BTC-E Depth

depth btc
+15    Depth charts for all currency pairs on with custom refresh rates. Get an advantage trading by having the ability to analyze live bids/asks quicker than a normal site user.    4 MB    Views 2241
time doge usd real dogecoin price
0    View the latest Dogecoin (DOGE) prices in realtime on your iOS device with this beautifully simple Dogecoins app. You can also see how much one DOGE is worth in USD. There's also a DOGE to USD converter that lets you know ...    1 MB    Views 9884
monitor market bitcoin exchange check btc transactions
+12    BTCM monitors the current Bitcoin exchange rates and network mining stats. You can also use it to keep track of bitcoin balances and transactions, and manage your Bitcoin assets. FEATURES: Monitor the current Bitcoin exchange rates Check high, low, buy, sell price ...    12 MB    Views 7878
api trade key btc check secret save account orders
+11    Simple client for the cryptocurrency exchange Btce. It can help you trade more quickly, efficiently and increase your profits in the near future. You can this app to: Buy/Sell bitcoins and other currencies (all trade pairs are supported) Watch your account ...    4 MB    Views 8233

BTC Guild mate

btc earnings bitcoin mate
+20    BTC Guild mate offers an overview of your bitcoin miners and expected earnings through the BTC Guild ( bitcoin mining pool. Earnings are estimations based on the latest currency exchange and your current miners' speed.    4 MB    Views 6416
stock market email calendar time stocks price chart portfolios usd change year
-6    StockIdeal Pro is designed to bring you a streamlined mobile stock market experience. Whether you are a novice stock user, chartist, or day trader, StockIdeal Pro is the last app you will ever need. It has everything from real time ...    32 MB    Views 8884


+16    A tool built by and for Bitcoin enthusiasts. • Watch current BTC/USD exchange rate in realtime • Check award balance at deepbit, currently the largest Bitcoin mining pool • A convertor for calculating BTC to major currencies Bitcoin is something new and interesting, so ...    910 kb    Views 5942
prices litecoin btc bitcoin exchanges peer supported updating live
-1    Coined brings you the latest prices of bitcoin and litecoin from the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Features • Liveupdating bitcoin prices • Liveupdating litecoin prices • Beautiful modern icon • Minimalist design Supported Exchanges for BTC • Bitstamp • BTC China • BTCE • Coinbase • Mt. Gox Supported Exchanges for LTC • ...    543 kb    Views 2002


prices btc key view ltc bitcoin
+28    Best application for Bitcoin Prices and other crypto currency prices. Clean and beautiful price display can view the history of transactions allows you to view graphs of changes in prices Includes most coins from, such as Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin ...    757 kb    Views 471
price coinbase btc bitcoin current doge badge favorite
+14    Get the current price information of the most popular Cryptocoins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Darkcoin as well as over 200 altcoin markets NEW: Coinbase Price badge on app icon without harming battery life BEWARE of updateeveryminute apps. Exchanges: Coinbase, BTCe, Cryptsy, CampBX, ...    10 MB    Views 3623
time invoice subscription auto monthly yearly usd renewing plan
-8    Sign up for the forever free plan and upgrade anytime you want Email or print invoices on the go and get paid faster Zoho Invoice, your pocket friendly app is the best way to invoice, remind and accept payments from your clients. ...    23 MB    Views 7364

Bitcoin Dashboard

bitcoin dashboard btc pools coinbase multiple
+3    Bitcoin Dashboard is an app that summarizes your BTC and other cryptocurrency balances scattered across multiple pools, exchanges and wallets and monitors your mining workers across multiple pools. Bitcoin Dashboard currently support the following providers: • • • mcxNOW • LTCRabbit • Coinbase Bitcoin Dashboard ...    17 MB    Views 4847
+1    Download ZeroBlock and get to access to realtime Bitcoin market data everywhere you go. Live Bitcoin price data, comprehensive news feeds, free price alerts, and beautiful charts. Our intuitive, clean interface has made us the highest rated and most reviewed ...    3 MB    Views 4018
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+12    Now you don't even need to start the app to track GBP/USD value and get notified on the GBP/USD moves. Packed with features, this makes the best real time GBP/USD price tracking system on the market. Welcome to the "GBP/USD ...    8 MB    Views 9869


transaction bitcoin tap usd coinbase created btc
-2    Bitview is a beautiful Bitcoin transaction visualizer created for the Coinbase BitHack. Play around with unconfirmed transactions that float around by dragging, flicking and bouncing them around. Double tap a transaction to see: The transaction total in both BTC and ...    8 MB    Views 3089

XRP Alert

0    This app displays and monitors the Ripple exchange rates. It will send you free push notifications straight to your iPhone or iPad when the XRP exchange rate is over or under the values you have setup. For each currency the following metrics ...    9 MB    Views 9956


exchange bitcoin rates top currencies btc markets live
+27    CryptoCoin a simple way to stay on top of Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency. Access to live Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rates from top markets in multiple fiat currencies. Now includes DOGE coin too Plus, this app provides trending news ...    6 MB    Views 9377


btc functions check
+10    Cryptok allows you to check different Crypto Currencies at once. With a really simple interface and a easytouse functions you can check how is your money going. Some functions are + Bitcoin, Litecoin, Pepecoin and Namecoin realtime values. + Autoupdate + USD, EUR and ...    973 kb    Views 7672

BTC-e Price Checker

chinese btc price currency display clean coins pairs pair checker
-5    The 1 BTCe Price Checker App for iOS on multiple Crypto exchanges View all your BTCe coins in a clean and simple display. Customise price board with currency pairs from BTCe Clean and beautiful price display with icons ...    8 MB    Views 1543

CryBix GHash.IO

investment time account current price bitcoin coin usd view cex
-9    InApp buying/selling and automated reinvestment profiles has been submitted to the app store. Buy now to get the update for the current price, as the price for the app will be going up for version 2. The CryBix GHash.IO app is ...    628 kb    Views 4378
dogecoin doge usd
-5    Check the value of Dogecoin in USD at a glance. Stay on top of market changes. Tap the Doge to get a breakdown of total coins mined, and marketcap.    4 MB    Views 8695

Forex Alarm

usd eur gbp jpy aud cad chf alarm
-7    This app is very easy to use alert tool when the market price reach certain level you want. You can set alarm. You can find the list of pairs in below: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, EUR/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF, AUD/JPY, GBP/JPY, ...    373 kb    Views 4609
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-1    Bitcoin Plus Currency Converter gives you real time BTCUSD transaction value along with latest ask and bid value. You can convert BTC value into your currency. Realtime data updation as each ask/bid is placed or transaction is completed. Always Free 33 ...    5 MB    Views 7477


+18    BTCTHB แอพลิเคชั่นแปลง BTC (บิทคอยน์) เป็น THB (เงินบาท) แปลงได้ง่ายๆ สะดวก รวดเร็ว ราคาอัพเดทล่าสุด    2 MB    Views 973


usd invest rates eur
-1    Yaufa : 24 Hours providing real time EUR/USD, US30, JPN225, USOil, XAU/USD market information, dealing rates and invest channel analysis, letting you always on top of these five essential markets. Main Features EUR/USD, US30, JPN225, USOil, XAU/USD dealing rates, high/low ...    5 MB    Views 9677

DogeCoin Manager

-6    Dogecoin Information. Gives you the current exchange rates for Dogecoin and Bitcoin. Allows you to get the balance of your Dogecoin wallet, and see the value of it in USD and BTC. Mining Calculator Value Calculator see how much a given number of ...    5 MB    Views 9551


loan loans size payments fixed rate usd 000 term
+14    Would you like to get a loan or already have one? Would you like to get a new one? Are there any additional payments, commissions and fees? Now with iCreditRate you can estimate a real cost of the loan its ...    2 MB    Views 7087


history current pool rate stats btc bitcoin based price
+25    BitCoinStatz provides information based on the api token from BitCoinCz (aka Slush's Pool) plus more Features: + Stats based on personal mining account + Current Reward Amounts displayed in BTC and a selected currency (select from 17 World Currencies) + Block History worked on ...    3 MB    Views 2939


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+13    With BitSpot you can see the spot price of precious metals right next to the current price of Bitcoin. Simply tap on a row to change the units from USD to BTC. BitSpot displays the price of: Bitcoin (USD) mBTC (USD) ...    1 MB    Views 3426


web month subscription usd current period purchase auto mobile offers
-3    StockFetcher offers technical screening and charting of over 100 indicators. Quickly screen for stocks with hundreds of prebuilt scans or customize based on specific criteria using plain english phrases. StockFetcher offers autorenewing subscriptions of 1 month and 3 month terms. StockFetcher's subscription ...    6 MB    Views 1133
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+17    Now you don't even need to start the app to track EUR/USD value and get notified on the EUR/USD moves. Packed with features, this makes the best real time EUR/USD price tracking system on the market. Welcome to the "EUR/USD ...    8 MB    Views 4997


market exchange information currencies currency cny btc usd
-3    Simple. Intuitive. Beautiful. uPHORX provides and monitors uptodate Ripple XRP market information. Ripple is the opensource payments protocol for free and instant exchange of any form of money or value. XRP is the native, digital currency to Ripple. uPHORX instantly gets exchange rate ...    405 kb    Views 4394

Price Alerts

market price change usd forex bands alarm eur
+16    In the App: • Actual ForEx prices, market indexes, oil, gold and natural gas prices. • Japanese candlestick chart, moving averages, Bollinger Bands. • Alarms notifications (like SMS) on price change. Without logins and passwords. For free. Available market assets (editable watchlist): • ForEx (currencies ...    24 MB    Views 408

ConvertCurrency OCR

iphone ocr dollar version currency european states usd rate
+8    ConvertCurrency OCR is an app to make currency conversion simple, easy and accurate. It helps your trip to abroad be more enjoyable. It uses optimized Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read instantaneously one currency and converts to the other currency ...    18 MB    Views 535


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0    FOREX PLUS ETF “You choose what ... we say when” We entered the signals service on Forex market EUR / USD EUR / GBP EUR / YEN Also you will have free and always available signals on U.S. 500 index and the EUR ...    3 MB    Views 8902
news market bitcoin usd btc digital currencies ltc eur dollar cap
+7    BlockStreet lets you instantly monitor your favorite Digital Currency markets. Exchange rates, market cap, and aggregated news for over a dozen Digital Currencies, including Bitcoin, Darkcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin (such wow) and other Alt currencies. Features include: Multiple Exchanges Multiple Digital Currencies ...    11 MB    Views 7709
news bitcoin btc latest net network price
+4    The Coinbelly app features the latest Bitcoin price, cryptocurrency news, Blockchain network analytics, block, transaction, and Bitcoin address details, seamlessly. Features ■ Realtime Bitcoin Price Index ■ Today’s open, high, low, change, market cap, and total bitcoins in existence ■ Latest Bitcoin network and ...    4 MB    Views 475

Quark Report

person btc seconds rates report
+24    Quark Report checks the rates for QRK and BTC to show the current QRK/BTC and QRK/currency rate. Rates are refreshed every 10 seconds. We support the following exchanges for QRK: Cryptsy, BTER, CoinsE and BTC: BTCE, Coindesk, Bitstamp, Localbitcoins, BTC China ...    2 MB    Views 3964
usd eur gbp aud cad jpy chf 100 min

Altcoin Monitor

monitor information support btc wallet coins mining access
+23    Altcoin Monitor gives you access to all the essential information that you need as an altcoin miner. Exchange information: monitor coins of your choice on two of the biggest altcoin exchanges Cryptsy support Vircurex support number of monitored coins is unlimited ...    2 MB    Views 4145
calculator price bitcoin spot push notifications badge usd chart
-1    BitSpotty takes advantage of push notifications to show you the current Bitcoin spot price as an application badge. This lets you monitor Bitcoin prices throughout the day without launching an app Once you open the app, we pull the uptotheminute spot ...    201 kb    Views 8458

expense4you at home

home expenses server eur currency upload usd income analyze
+14    Capture, upload and analyze your personal expenses and income using expense4you at home. Handles local and foreign expenses and income, with automated currency conversion. You must choose a base currency from a list that currently contains USD, GBP, EUR, INR, ZAR ...    5 MB    Views 68

Bitcoin Quotes US

bitcoin daily data exchanges accurate current usd latest information interface
+21    Track the value of your Bitcoins from your iPhone Includes the latest Bitcoin valuation in USD from four of the busiest and best Bitcoin exchanges. You can also enter and save the amount of Bitcoins you own and the app will ...    274 kb    Views 7692
time market strength currency usd forex algorithm frames dollar
+8    This App is a Forex trading tool that displays currency strength for several currencies on multiple timeframes. What is Currency Strength? Currency strength is a unique way to assess price action in the Forex market. Instead of watching individual Forex pairs, currency ...    3 MB    Views 9550

BTC-E Alert

+7    This app shows current BTC, LTC, MNC, PPC and other digital currencies exchange rates on BTCE. You can monitor price change and receive free push notifications to your phone.    2 MB    Views 3091

Coin Watcher

price coin deliver show usd current watcher
+9    Want to know what the Bitcoin price is doing, at a glance? Tired of the current much to complicated offerings? Here he comes to save the day Coin Watcher will stop at nothing to deliver you the latest price simply and ...    7 MB    Views 8529
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-1    Never miss an important rise or drop in your favorite crypto currency price. CURRENTLY SUPPORTING DOGE/BTC, DOGE/USD AND BTC/USD PRICE    14 MB    Views 1238
stock investors usd subscription stocks account period ticker portfolio current volume
+23    Ticker Stocks Portfolio Manager for Investors on the move. Portfolio Management Manage multiple portfolios with beautiful charts, graphs and detailed P&L Enter your trades, dividends, splits and see your positions and P/L live Full Portfolio performance metrics calculated: MWRR, TWRR ...    26 MB    Views 408
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