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Wall St Broker

+11    This Sound Board app is just what you have been looking for Are you needing that perfect sound to boost your sales meeting? Perhaps, you have your own take on the stock market. With 21 incredible soundbites you are sure to find the ...    2 MB    Views 756
+24    SalesVu is the only iPhone and iPad POS and Kiosk app that addresses all the needs of small and medium businesses – retail, restaurants, bars, breweries, wineries, spas, salons, fitness clubs, and professional services The SalesVu app works in Point of ...    20 MB    Views 5712
+2    Manage business inventory from your phone. Nano Inventory is a powerful inventorycontrol program you can keep in your pocket. Manage your stock movement, product descriptions, income & expenses all from your iPhone or iPod touch. Best of all, Nano Inventory does ...    4 MB    Views 9928
management tracker personal business inventory goods sales purchasing statistics total monthly simple
+3    DailySales 2: make doing business easier DailySales 2 management business on the phone, just what you need. simple and practical. Sales, purchasing, inventory management, and detailed statistical analysis. For the majority of businessmen and selfemployed sales management, purchasing management, warehouse management, production ...    3 MB    Views 8766
+2    Inventory integrated with Connectsystem    34 MB    Views 5021
energy point
-1    A fast, easy and free way to stay connected to Crescent Point Energy news, stock quote info and presentations.    4 MB    Views 6901


reporting point
+6    PhoenixPOP is a Point of Purchase, or PointofSale, system that simplifies customer management and sales reporting. Your business will be able to ring up customers and print receipts, then let the iPad take care of paperwork for you. Features include Labor, including ...    35 MB    Views 4324


home keeping contents inventory
+12    For many people, their home,and its contents are their most treasured possessions. MOPOLO lets you keep them at your fingertips with its exclusive INVENTORY TRACKER. Keeping track of your personal inventory has never been easier. Take photos of your belongings, enter ...    29 MB    Views 8705

POMePOS Dashboard

+1    POMePOS Dashboard is an application to retrieve sales information for tablet based POMePOSPoint of Sale. By using POMePOS Dashboard, one can see their daily sales and a breakdown of each store and drawers. This application only works with TwinPeaks or POMePOS Point ...    377 kb    Views 3020
0    Cashier app which included cash register,barcode scanner,sales reports and inventory management make work simple and effective. Cashier app which design for small stores, convenience stores and vegetable market provide simple and effective pocket cashier services. Its functions include: 1. Cashier By scanning product ...    3 MB    Views 1944
stock retail business management reading ipad sales printer product inventory customers payment octopus reports printers
-5    RetailPOS Plus Point of Sales system for medium and large scale retail businesses Default user; username – admin password – admin (You should have an account with Octopus server) Are you a store owner that yearns to be able to easily tabulate your daily ...    36 MB    Views 6061

Amway pay

business security payment pay solution mobile point customer
+13    Amway pay is a vibrant and cutting edge mobile payment solution of two strong partners – Amway and Wirecard that extends the point of sale to a modern mobile environment in an innovative and secure manner. Both partners show a ...    8 MB    Views 1472

home police important inventory information report file phone claim mobile
-6    Do you know the value of everything inside your home or apartment? Do you have the information you need to file an insurance claim or police report? Now you can access important information about everything you own through the power ...    597 kb    Views 7535

Scan to Spreadsheet

Related Apps email barcode scan scanning spreadsheet code scanner inventory column note
+7    Spreadsheet barcode scanning. 1. Scan. 2. Email. 3. Inventory, Attendance, or any Spreadsheet Done Create spreadsheets using the barcode scanner in your iPhone. Use this for inventory, cycle count, marketing event scanning, attendance, or other times where scanning to make a list is needed. A ...    3 MB    Views 1675
books business tax management time accounting inventory invoices reports financial estimates purchase view create
+4    Book Keeper Accounting is a financial/business accounting app for small and medium businesses. It’s simple user interface allows you to send invoices & estimates, track expenses & receipts, manage inventory, view & send various financial reports and much more. It's ...    13 MB    Views 6906

Point Money

point exchange currency banks
+2    “Point Money” Application will provide you with daily currency rates at all banks in Moldova and will choose the most favorable exchange rate for you. You will be able to convert one currency to another and find the nearest banks ...    15 MB    Views 2895
business reports purchase inventory record receivable sell summary manage detail
+3    Function List: 1. Record selling and purchasing activities; 2. Record business expenses; 3. Maintain customers and suppliers information; 4. Manage accounts receivable and payable; 5. Track and update inventory; 6. Charts for monitoring business performance; 7. Search sell and purchase records by various criteria; 8. Backup critical data; 9. ...    6 MB    Views 8310
management business email enterprise nano reports sales data inventory info
+18    Nano Enterprise Management Manage a small business enterprise from your phone Nano Enterprise is a fullyfeatured and intuitive management app designed exclusively for small businesses. It saves time and makes it easy to manage your business's purchase orders, sales, suppliers, warehouses, ...    3 MB    Views 5615
+9    ItemsStorage Keep your inventory organized and available at all times. Catalog the items you hold dear, associate them with categories and storage places. Keep track of items you lend or borrow, as well as how many are currently in your ...    1 MB    Views 5906

Cash Point

cash point
+11    Cash Point app is here, gives our clients instant access to current money transfer rates and order status    3 MB    Views 9773

Money Thermometer

Related Apps money financial point goals track
+30    Visually track financial goals with Money Thermometer. Choose the start point, end point, and current value of your financial goal. The thermometer bar changes color as you make more money. Track up to 16 financial goals this way.    2 MB    Views 4048

AFC on the Go

dealers view vehicles principal information inventory daily
-8    AFC is one of the largest providers of independent dealer floorplan financing in North America. AFC, as part of KAR Auction Services, Inc., provides floorplan programs for retail and wholesale automobile dealers, RV dealers, motorcycle dealers, salvage and daily rental ...    4 MB    Views 1291


cards remote unimag pro multiple inventory customers processing credit
+20    REMOTE allows you to accept, process and refund or void all major credit cards, cash and ACH transactions from your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Do your business anywhere, anytime with REMOTE Accept tips, calculate tax, capture signatures, manage your customers, products and ...    12 MB    Views 7725
management business personal goods inventory sales purchasing total statistics monthly
+1    DailySales 2: make doing business easier DailySales 2 management business on the phone, just what you need. simple and practical. Sales, purchasing, inventory management, and detailed statistical analysis. For the majority of businessmen and selfemployed sales management, purchasing management, warehouse management, production ...    3 MB    Views 5521


+7    Oga SIMS is the Business Owner interface to SIMS (Sales and Inventory Management System) Application ( Oga SIMS enables the business owner or designated owner to access their business sales and inventory records via a smartphone. Using this application, the business owner ...    885 kb    Views 5438
sale card iphone payment transactions stored gateway inventory credit point
-7    Accepting credit cards through your iPhone is secure and simple to use with the CashLINQ Point of Sale Credit Card Payment System. Process a quick transaction or build a full order for a customer payment processing has never been ...    15 MB    Views 1180
tax cash register inventory user enter products instant simple
+3    Instant Cash Register provides all of the functionalities that you need to keep track of your inventory and sell your products using your tablets as a cash register/inventory system. This app has the following features: • Cash Register – Calculate transaction ...    4 MB    Views 4018
-6    Purchasing Management Sales Management Inventory Management Accounts Cope Paid actual payment statistics Customers and suppliers arrears management Employee Information Management Payroll Management Financial Management Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life    13 MB    Views 7406
rent business costs point break sold variable cost
0    This is an app for calculating the breakeven point used in managerial accounting. When should this app be used? It should be used when you wish to make your business more efficient by clarifying expenses. For example: Consider a business that sells hamburgers for ...    13 MB    Views 6496
ipad card business cards sale mobile point pin debit credit chip
+11    Turn your iPad into a sleek, easy to use, point of sale solution. With sproutPOS you can accept Interac Debit, chip and PIN (EMV) credit cards, and contactless payments anywhere you do business 1. Download the free sproutPOS app to your ...    19 MB    Views 3418

III Inventory

Related Apps home inventory free online
0    Know Your Stuff Home Inventory, the Insurance Information Institute's free online home inventory software. This application makes creating and updating your home inventory easy and efficient. And with our free, secure online storage you will have access to your ...    1 MB    Views 890
apps inventory images capture image demo write database
+11    For maintaining Inventory catalogues, you need to capture lot lots of images for your stock(Inventory).These Images needs to be processed to some extend as well and each image needs to be assigned to right Inventory item meticulously. Inventory Image Capture is ...    6 MB    Views 7936
assets mobile lawson update infor inventory asset
0    Lawson Mobile Assets from Infor helps your assets team and other staff to quickly look up assets, perform inventory and update asset information through their Apple iOS devices, which can free them from their desks and make them more productive. ...    5 MB    Views 5990

TPC Business

business card management advertising marketing customers point purchase service store rewards owner
+8    This is a new application that allows any small business owner to provide points and rewards to its customers. No purchase of any new device or equipment is needed, nor does a store owner need to carry any inventory of ...    3 MB    Views 823


balance points point
-6    Have you ever wasted the balance point you have ? Although you know that some balance points are left, you often forget the actual value, don't you. Let's manage effectively the balance point using this app. 1. Prepare all the cards you have 2. Just ...    1 MB    Views 8380

Point One

point 000
-3    Rich Point The world's easiest Stock & Finance App The once setting get info forever, Will soon become your favorite: 50,000+ realtime stocks 20,000+ financial instruments in total 200+ countryies 247 service and your local Dollar index    1 MB    Views 3973
break point pro calculate
-8    Quickly and easily calculate fees, now it is possible with Pro Calculs Breakeven point With its simple and efficient interface, you can calculate with the help of the many fields availables : breakeven point, cost price The results obtained can ...    3 MB    Views 8911

humble Till

+2    The humble Till is a cloud based Point Of Sale System that not only works on an iPad but also on an iPhone or iPod Touch Making it truly mobile. While the humble Till works beautifully online it also works ...    18 MB    Views 2465

Revel POS Retail

Related Apps business retail ipad management sale software managers time revel pos track inventory sales reporting
-7    Revel iPad POS is the cash register for the 21st century. This mobile POS software provides uptotheminute reporting to track the sales at your retail store in real time. There is no backofthehouse server needed, no mandatory contracts, and no ...    66 MB    Views 2131

Trans POS

time business pos based extra custom inventory spent affordable
-1    TransPOS is the most powerful POS app in the marketplace. TransPOS is specifically designed to provide all types of businesses with an affordable solution that maximizes efficiency and profitability. Our stateoftheart app helps decrease the amount of time spent on ...    15 MB    Views 7077

Point Mobile

point mobile view
+11    Point Mobile gives mortgage professionals “onthego” capability through realtime integration with Point or PointCentral. With Point Mobile you can: Collect borrower information Search and view loans in your pipeline View loan status    3 MB    Views 3645
Related Apps email information invoices services complete add easy inventory products invoice
+25    Finally an easy to use, complete to the last detail and professionally designed app to manage inventory and invoices We did not spare on any details; this app comes complete with anything a business owner, freelancer or employee needs. Some of the ...    2 MB    Views 4132

QuickSwipe P2PE

Related Apps pci point system data device
+21    QuickSwipe P2PE provides all of the benefits of Bluefin’s QuickSwipe mobile POS system but with the added security of PCIvalidated PointtoPoint Encryption (P2PE). QuickSwipe P2PE encrypts cardholder data within the PCIapproved Prima M device, so that cleartext data is never ...    5 MB    Views 2887

CSA Unwired

time business cash order point deposit usage
+8    A smarter, safer way to order and clear business cash online; anywhere, at any time. Integrate with existing cash suppliers, cut cash handling time, optimise cash flow and gain complete visibility of your business cash cycle. CSA Unwired can be ...    NAN    Views 6123
Related Apps stock business ipad retail management email reading time iphone sales product inventory customers printers reports printer octopus point
+26    Octopus Retail Point of Sales – Point of Sales system
 Default user; username – admin password – admin Are you a store owner that yearns to be able to easily tabulate your daily sales, know your stock inventory and yet still be able to ...    36 MB    Views 3627

M9 RegisterPro

sale card home cards clock business ipad gift systems point customer system finger sales
-8    M9 RegisterPro breaks the mold of Point of Sale Systems. M9 Creations has combined the beauty of the iPad with advanced point of sale features to make handling business fun and easy. Why not use your finger to rearrange your ...    28 MB    Views 1666
stock retail business ipad time reading iphone management email sales customers inventory printers product reports transactions point lite
+24    Octopus Retail Point of Sales Lite – Point of Sales system
 Default user; username – admin password – admin Are you a store owner that yearns to be able to easily tabulate your daily sales, know your stock inventory and yet still be able ...    10 MB    Views 6351

Nova Point of Sale

Related Apps sale business iphone time point inventory mobile control products price
-3    The Nova Point of Sale iPhone mobile app empowers you to be connected and in control of your business when you are remote by providing tools that are both extremely powerful and easy to use. As a store owner with one ...    5 MB    Views 7979

ECS Mobile

business mobile customer process inventory credit
-1    ECS Mobile is a perfect solution for all your mobile credit card processing needs. Process, track, and manage all your on the go credit and cash transactions. Full inventory and customer management support lets you create and process sales with ...    9 MB    Views 952

Cost of Wedding

wedding budget cost create estimator point starting
+11    Cost of Wedding Helping couples understand real wedding cost Includes wedding cost for all US locations, a wedding cost estimator (better than a wedding budget calculator) to create a budget starting point or a wedding budget checklist, and ...    20 MB    Views 8852

MyPayRoll Point

companies tool studio point
-6    MyPayRoll Point allows to track attendance and people access just by scanning a barcode (or QrCode). Using Studio Ziveri web portal, companies can manage the working time and the activities executed inside the organization and outside also. Using this tool, italian companies ...    10 MB    Views 6490
Related Apps farmers bank point mobile state view
+1    Complete access from any locationwhether at work, at home or on the road. Take charge of your finances onthego with Farmers State Bank of Camp Point Mobile: Check Balances View transactions and account history Transfer Funds between accounts View and create secure messages Bank on ...    614 kb    Views 5781

Moolah POS

tickets business email cards management pos save inventory powerful
-2    Moolah POS turns an iPad into a powerful and intuitive point of sale solution for your Storefront, Restaurant, Bar or mobile business. Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean you have to operate like one. Introducing Moolah POS. Scan barcodes, accept ...    19 MB    Views 1434

EVERPay Mobile POS

unimag customers pro inventory multiple accept
+10    EVERPay allows you to accept and process all major credit cards, cash and ACH transactions from your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Do your business anywhere, anytime with EVERPay Accept TIPS, manage your customers, products and inventory all from the palm of your ...    10 MB    Views 1441
business retail marketing hardware customer system designed including complete point pos
+10    Echo Business Builder POS is a fully hosted, tabletbased PointOfSale system including payment processing, customer loyalty program, a complete back office and marketing system and all the necessary hardware. Designed for both Retail and Restaurants alike, the software is designed to ...    7 MB    Views 719

Astro Point of Sale

Related Apps sale point
+8    A full featured point of sale and inventory management solution. Simplifies and streamlines the process of running a small to medium retail operation.    6 MB    Views 4270

Break-Even Analysis

business iphone money managers entrepreneurs break analysis point profits sales product increase
-7    The Hidden Secrets to Profitability That Most Business Consultants Don't Want You To Know Are Just A Click Away. “If You Want To Grow Your Business Even Faster, This Little App Is Like Helium For A Balloon.” “We frequently need to price ...    3 MB    Views 5449
Related Apps business management sage sales evolution reporting key erp inventory information
-4    Sage Evolution Sales Reporting takes your sales force to your customers. With mobility now the cornerstone for operating a cuttingedge business, Sage Evolution Sales Reporting for iPhone is the perfect tool to stay ahead of the competition. This ERP solution provides your ...    14 MB    Views 7566
Related Apps business tickets management sale marketing scheduling time email program pos inventory customer sales items track
+1    Provident Point of Sale (POS) is an affordable point of sale iPad app for managing retail shops, restaurants, and more. Provident Payments POS tracks and reports all business activities, including employee hours, scheduling, inventory management, customer management, and detailed sales ...    15 MB    Views 8581

Mika POS

Related Apps management business food marketing retail history menu stores shops items inventory pos reports easily
+8    Experience all the benefits of POS without spending thousands on it. MIKA presents one of the most advanced and robust cloud based tablet POS system, which will allow you to have your entire business at your fingertips wherever you go. ...    15 MB    Views 3072
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