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+10    Strock & Cohen, Zipper Law Group is a closing cost estimator as a resource for buyers and sellers of property in Florida to understand what their closing cost estimate should be.    2 MB    Views 93

Business Express

0    Business Express is a strategic Business Alliance that uses community currency to increase cash reserves while keeping money in the local economy. The BE app allows members to search the directory and check their current balance.    10 MB    Views 7738

Business Cookery

business tips
+5    Tasty business tips and special offers all with a cookery theme. Get bitesized tips on leadership, management, sales, marketing and other business topics, plus a daily helping of motivation. Perfect for those with an appetite for business and hungry for ...    3 MB    Views 6120
business passport santander
+7    Passport for International Business from Santander offers information of the Santander Passport service for a selected group of commercial clients. This app is available worldwide in English, Portuguese and Spanish.    7 MB    Views 8487

Spotfire Metrics

business mobile metrics
0    TAKE YOUR BUSINESS MOBILE. TIBCO Spotfire Metrics provides immediate access to uptodate key performance indicators on any mobile device, whether online or offline. Monitor the pulse of your business, and socialize insights with your colleagues in realtime.    7 MB    Views 2767


-1    A selection of over 140 multiple choice questions to help those studying for the London market essentials LM1 insurance exam. The module provides an introduction to the London insurance market and is ideal for anybody starting out in the insurance industry. The ...    120 kb    Views 1491
+21    The Kearley Lewis Mercantile Services App allows existing Kearley Lewis clients to login to view and update account details. Clients can also review debts currently being processed and submit a 'Final Notice Letter' or 'Direct Action Letter' conveniently from the app. Kearley ...    NAN    Views 4583
Related Apps business money
0    Starting a new business can cost as little as a few thousand dollars or as much as many millions. Authors Ralph Alterowitz and Jon Zonderman designed these learning modules to help you determine how much money you need, obtain that ...    198 kb    Views 2807
closing cost law group
+12    The Jacobs Law Group is a closing cost estimator as a resource for buyers and sellers of property in Florida to understand what their closing cost estimate should be.    3 MB    Views 8004
-4    "Maritime Emergency Response" is designed to provide immediate 24hour emergency support to the maritime industry, helping ship owners, managers, charterers and insurers in particular to respond to maritime incidents in time critical situations. Features: · Free to download · Report an incident: instant ...    6 MB    Views 7359
+20    Deloitte developed fit to meet business challenges. fit offers a scalable configurable response with great interoperability which can be adapted to business specifications and needs. A uniquely integrated solution, fit enables progressive efficiency in a flexible way, by turning a traditional ...    22 MB    Views 1447
0    Legal & General America Term Life MobilQuote enables you to quote premiums for Legal & General America's term life insurance policies, offered through its subsidiaries, Banner Life Insurance Company and William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York. With just a ...    88 kb    Views 1727


news law bond
+6    Bond Adams are one of the leading law firms in the Midlands (UK) in terms of our quality of work, reputation of delivery and level of success. This free application provides the user with instant details of the many areas of professional help available ...    16 MB    Views 2112

M&A Guide

+23    Dentons' Mergers & Acquisitions Guide is comprised of chapters that focus, from a business perspective, on key aspects, issues and documents involved in a merger or acquisition (or disposition) transaction. It is intended to provide a general framework and understanding ...    33 MB    Views 5160
+4    Our attorneys and staff have more than 100 years of combined experience in the securities industry and in securities law. Several of our firms' attorneys served as a vice president or as compliance officers of one or more major brokerage ...    3 MB    Views 6783

IFA Congress 2014

international fiscal congress 2014 ifa association law
+12    This mobile application is dedicated to the 2014 IFA Congress in Mumbai. The Congress will take place from 12 to 17 October 2014. The International Fiscal Association (IFA) was established in 1938 with its headquarters in the Netherlands. It is ...    16 MB    Views 1436
Related Apps magazine lifestyle subscription current legal period renewal financial account private wealth usd
+30    Advising the Exceptionally Affluent is for professionals focused exclusively on servicing the financial, legal and lifestyle demands of ultrahighnetworth clients. This group, with its vast purchasing power, consists of the clients most desired by financial and legal professionals, luxury brands ...    21 MB    Views 9510


business bpi mpos
-1    Turn your iPhone or iPad into a credit card acceptance facility The BPI mPOS app lets you take your business mobile by accepting payments onthego. Business made easy, only from BPI.    3 MB    Views 7106

CPA Exam Prep

-5    Practice Questions for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification exams. This CPA Exam Prep app helps to prepare you for a position as an accounting professional and for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination (Uniform CPA Exam). we want you to pass the ...    2 MB    Views 924

Laura Golub

law university
+27    Laura Golub is an intelligent, aggressive and well respected attorney. Shebegan her carrier after graduating from Michigan State University, Detroit Collegeof Law. In 1991, Laura Golub moved from Ukraine, Lvov, to Chicago and in 1992 got accepted to Loyola University, ...    3 MB    Views 9330

budget ops

educational mobile foundation services legal information financial
+2    This mobile app is not financial advice. It is only a general overview of the subject presented. The USAA Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization, does not provide professional services for financial, accounting or legal matters. Consult your tax and legal ...    6 MB    Views 6857

Football Genius

football gamble people history betting odds company steve bet probability philippines law
+2    Football Genius,set up by Steve Shaw who worked in a betting company in UK before,currently he is in the Philippines for his betting job. Steve is a expert for odds analysis and he knows a lot of inside stories about ...    5 MB    Views 5755

Legal & General IPS

view general legal registered fund service portfolio
+26    Keep a close eye on your Legal & General Investor Portfolio Service (IPS) investments while you're on the move it's all there to view securely at your convenience. The IPS App enables you to: View your up to date portfolio ...    2 MB    Views 4450


network international firms opportunities law
+10    CONSULEGIS International Network of law firms CONSULEGIS is an international network of quality independent law firms and related professional advisors offering a dedicated and accessible service to businesses and individuals, who are seeking advice, guidance and opportunities across international and ...    26 MB    Views 9624


0    Asra3App is a businesstobusiness mobile application allowing Byblos Bank Auto Loan dealers to simulate with ease and speed loan applications and track progress instantly.    6 MB    Views 5767

IP Law (iTutor)

property law trademark rights works trademarks
+15    iTutor Legal Guide to Intellectual Property Law. For Lawyers, Law Students and the Legally Confused. All the things you used to know, should know or need to know IP Law (iTutor) covers the key issues and elements of Intellectual Property Law ...    7 MB    Views 2857

Dr. Früh

planning tax business budget consulting auditing law financial legal international taxation accounting
+14    We will give you fair and professional advice in all matters of auditing and Tax Consulting as well as in all business affairs and treasure management. With our services we want to ensure your success and the future of your company. ...    11 MB    Views 1062
-5    Mobile App that assists your in getting mortgage licenses for your company and MLOs. Thomas Law Firm is the leading mortgage licensing firm in the country. We assist mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, and mortgage servicers in obtaining mortgage licenses in all ...    22 MB    Views 383
Related Apps financial legal accounts report general annual reports
+3    LEGAL & GENERAL ANNUAL REPORTS AND ACCOUNTS. Our financial report in your pocket. Wherever you go, on the move, read it when you have time even if you have no WiFi or 3G to hand. This app provides easy access ...    57 MB    Views 1540

Loot Scout

-2    LootScout is a platform to grow your business. Building a successful business is not easy. Utilizing every advantage and resource available to you is smart business. We're here to help you find business capital 24 hours a day, year.    8 MB    Views 5580
Related Apps calculator child support paying legal parent canada
+6    Calculate the amount of child support payments in Canada. Calculation is based on the Federal Child Support Guidelines and requires the number of children, the province or territory where the paying parent lives, and the paying parent's gross annual income. Note: ...    723 kb    Views 1405

Prae Legal

business investment people action legal law economic meeting opportunities areas world
+12    The Prae Legal General Meeting is a unique event that brings together law firms from all parts of the world and 5 continents to discuss recent topics in trade and integration and growth. The goal of the sessions is to ...    3 MB    Views 3311
Related Apps money game prosperity law life optional purchases fun
+10    Inspired by Ester and Jerry Hicks and the teachings of Abraham, the Prosperity Game process is a fun way to raise your Vibrations about receiving money and cause money to flow more easily into your life. The Law of Attraction Prosperity ...    21 MB    Views 6355

ingage IR

business face
-1    The ingage IR app is part of a broader solution that provides an intuitive and efficient set of services and features, helping to bring investors face to face with senior management at the world's largest listed companies. This is a business ...    34 MB    Views 6634

Moray App

person insurers law information application legal
+8    The moray app provides fast access to important information for busy claims professionals. It enables easy access to the statutory rates from the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 required to perform section 24 and 27 calculations. The app also features ...    NAN    Views 1258


business sme
-7    逸商通 SME By Standard Chartered Bank Managing your business is now simple and easy. 逸商通 SME allows you to navigate today’s dynamic business landscape through one unique app, anytime, anywhere. We designed 逸商通 SME with one thing in mind: business people are very busy. ...    19 MB    Views 8548

Legal Risk

Related Apps news search subscription legal professional current account period risk user
-4    Legal Risk LLP are practising solicitors. We are top ranked by Legal 500 and Chambers UK for our specialist legal advice on professional regulation and professional indemnity to lawyers and professional practice. This app will bring to you some new and ...    5 MB    Views 9510
+21    Delovoy Volgograd is regional magazine about business made for owners, managers of firms who are interested in their business, personal and professional development. It is made especially for active people who are thinking of their city and whole Russia progress. Electronic ...    11 MB    Views 413


time market carbon trading trade legal global buy
-2    This is a APP for carbon trading. As the global is getting warmer by the rapid industry developing, human must do something to stop or decrease the trend, carbon trading is the best choice currently. Just require one of your legal email ...    6 MB    Views 284
business don creating
+14    Download one of the best books every written on the subject of creating wealth. P.T. Barnum is the author and is most famous for creating "The Greatest Show on Earth". 1. DON'T MISTAKE YOUR VOCATION 2. SELECT THE RIGHT LOCATION 3. AVOID DEBT 4. PERSEVERE 5. ...    5 MB    Views 4881
law timer seconds process offered easily pure optimized
+11    This version of the Law of Attraction Timer is optimized for the large screen of the Ipad. Inspired by the powerful process offered by Esther and Jerry Hicks in the teachings of Abraham, the Law of Attraction timer is designed ...    17 MB    Views 172


family members service checks legal services
+6    FEDCOM members can count on Fast, Friendly and Convenient service. Here are a few of the additional benefits we offer to our members: Travelers Checks Cashier's Checks Money Orders Stamps Free Notary Service Visa Gift Cards Rx Optical Discounts Family Legal Services Law Firm offers annual family ...    31 MB    Views 9913

Property Law

property law cases rights trusts lost bank
+5    Lawyers, Law Students and The Legally Confused: The key Property Law knowledge and cases that you used to know, should know or need to know What types of interests can affect land? What constitutes a gift? What is a Trust? What ...    9 MB    Views 1801
house business driving corporate legal counsel 100 500 firms united
-2    For over 25 years, The Legal 500 has been analysing the capabilities of law firms across the world. In a new series, The Legal 500 is turning its attention to the inhouse function, and recognizing those corporate counsel who are ...    21 MB    Views 5951
bankruptcy law firm legal attorney davis years track thousands
+14    The Texas Bankruptcy Attorney App provides you with helpful resources and easy access to the tools needed to help you decide whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you. App Features: "Do I Qualify?" form to check if you qualify for ...    4 MB    Views 9754


-6    Go Biz Link Pte. Ltd. is a onestop place for starting a business. Its main services include incorporation and registration of company in Singapore. It can also assist you on opening a corporate bank account, and other businessrelated matters.    6 MB    Views 213

Free legal services

property tax legal free solution selling contact provide team
+9    Legal Advices, Tax Queries and Property Solutions in Bulgaria? If you have any questions regarding the real estate market or legal issues arising from purchasing/selling property in Bulgaria then contact us now for a free legal assessment. Our team of qualified professionals ...    8 MB    Views 6781
iphone gps party accident details smith store legal region
0    The Browell Smith & Co app is the perfect app to have on your iPhone in case you have an accident, or you witness an accident happen. We will guide you through a simple process of recording the accident information including ...    474 kb    Views 5398
banking teller credit union access account community legal phone pay
-8    mTeller is the official mobile banking app for Legal Community Credit Union (LCCU) In order to utilize mTeller you must be a member of LCCU and be enrolled as an active eTeller online banking user. If you would like to ...    9 MB    Views 5743

Tab for Business

business tab
+5    Tab lets travellers book hotels, hostels, activities and tours while they're abroad. We work around the globe, on and off the beaten path. This is the business app – you can use this if you have already signed up as a ...    14 MB    Views 6387

Business Evaluation

-8    Using ‘Business Valuation’ professional application, you can calculate the market value of your business easily and quickly. The calculation is performed by means of several recognized financial methods, which allows obtaining the final estimate with a high level of precision, and ...    682 kb    Views 4839

Western Register

Related Apps business western register
+1    Accept credit cards and run your business right on your iPhone/iPod or iPad with Western Register. Process Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express through Bank of America, and access your funds in 1 business day. No monthly fees, commitments, or ...    18 MB    Views 5925
business starting
-8    Use This Free App To Help Calculate Your Starting Business Expenses. 8940f191cb    715 kb    Views 7372

Ruby Rocket

apple law legal services
+3    Ruby Rocket App is mobile application from Ruby Rocket Consultancy Co. Ltd, This App provides customer/ client legal CONSULTANCY services. Customer have different LEGAL CONSULTANCY services IN THE AREAS OF INSURANCE LAW , PERSONAL LAW AND BUSINESS LAW. Disclaimer: 1. Apple Inc. is ...    27 MB    Views 4626
business deposit remote
+7    Scan and deposit your business checks remotely Approval for Business Remote Deposit required. Contact your local branch for more information.    2 MB    Views 3466

BofI Fed Business

Related Apps business mobile
+1    Within BofI Federal Bank Business Mobile Banking, you can check your balances, view transaction history, transfer funds between accounts and do mobile deposits.    12 MB    Views 3019

NC Child Support

family calculator support child guidelines north carolina law worksheet updated
-4    NC Child Support Calculator for iPhone calculates a parent’s child support obligation under North Carolina law. Created by NC family law attorneys together with University of North Carolina at Wilmington students Supported by NC family law attorneys Easy to Use Intuitive interface changes the ...    536 kb    Views 755
lawyers apps personal text sale legal attorney forms form print sign
+13    Get instant access to over 500 legal forms, suitable for almost any legal situation you may be in. We offer forms for situations like; Power of Attorney, Separation Agreement, Divorce, Last Will and Testament, Bankruptcy, Bill of Sale for purchasing ...    5 MB    Views 318
Related Apps business law securities legal
-8    The law firm of Richardson Patel focuses on corporate & securities law, mergers & acquisitions, and business, securities & employment litigation. Richardson Patel's competitive strength lies in its ability to blend its entrepreneurial spirit with its grasp for complex legal ...    4 MB    Views 6344

Lexington Law

credit view case actions law reports
0    Follow your credit repair case with the Lexington Law Firm iPhone and iPad app. Features: • Monitor Case status. • View items that have been removed from your credit reports. • View ReportWatch credit monitoring alerts. • View Your Credit reports on file. • View your ...    2 MB    Views 2112
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