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+14    ePNMobile is a PointofSale terminal application for mobile phones that allows a merchant to accept payment from a consumer and process the payment through eProcessingNetwork's gateway. An eProcessingNetwork Payment Gateway account is required for use.    23 MB    Views 6980
+28    The Mobile Real Estate Investing (MREI) App Is The First Product Ever That’ll Allow You To manage your real estate investing business Without being chained to your desk. You can analyze properties using strategies, such as wholesale, fix and flip, ...    24 MB    Views 8923
+20    Process Credit Cards on Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by turning it into a mobile credit card terminal. Your mobile payment software, together with a merchant services account from Pathfinder Payment Solutions enables you process credit cards on a job ...    3 MB    Views 6308

BelfiusWeb Mobile

banking business card time mobile view isabel orders files sign payment
0    Exclusive for business users of BelfiusWeb or BelfiusWeb via Isabel Belfius Bank Public & Wholesale Banking BelfiusWeb Mobile is our new app for your smartphone, designed to supplement BelfiusWeb or Isabel. You can now also use the main functions on the move, ...    11 MB    Views 5850

Payment App 上單

+8    香港最齊全、最貼心的「上單」項目管理顧問有限公司,帶你發展到新里程碑! 項目管理種類最多最齊最能迎合你需要 透過深入詳細了解為你搜尋、度身訂造合適的服務 協助你有系統地處理上單、上數、入糧、入payment 可透過我們為你網羅新機遇、新工程 提供各種不同的項目管理、工程顧問服務 請留意最新優惠    671 kb    Views 5239

Loan Ranger

+29    Quickly determine what the payment amount will be on a loan. You can also find out how much loan you qualify for based on a payment amount.    359 kb    Views 1141
Related Apps payment amount mortgage
0    This is an application to calculate your mortgage payment. By easily inputing the loan amount, term, rate, and your recent income, it will instantly show your annual payment, monthly payment, financeable amount and other useful figures. And of course, it's totally free ...    901 kb    Views 7161


+6    DakotaCalc is an easy, simple lease payment calculator for Dakota Financial brokers. Simply input your lease values and quickly determine your monthly payment.    6 MB    Views 832


payment mpos
0    FWD brought “MPOS” the innovative payment method which agents can carry it with them anytime anywhere and make it convenient for our customer’s payment. เอฟดับบลิวดีนำนวัตกรรมระบบชำระเงินแบบเคลื่อนที่ (FWD MPOS) สนับสนุนให้ตัวแทนประกันพกพาเครื่องรับชำระเงิน ไปอำนวยความสะดวกลูกค้าในการชำระเบี้ยประกันได้ทุกที่ ทุกเวลา    250 kb    Views 8431

Get Loan Easier

-7    As the name indicates that Its a very small and simple app to calculate your loan. In this app user will enter their loan amour, interest rate and no. of years, and will get what will be the monthly payment, total ...    68 kb    Views 8237
stock retail business management reading ipad sales printer product inventory customers payment octopus reports printers
-5    RetailPOS Plus Point of Sales system for medium and large scale retail businesses Default user; username – admin password – admin (You should have an account with Octopus server) Are you a store owner that yearns to be able to easily tabulate your daily ...    36 MB    Views 6061
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+11    THE financial app for business people: With this app you will be able to approve or reject transfers and learn about pending payments of your company regardless of whether you are in a hotel, at the airport or at ...    58 MB    Views 7230


mobile provide payment
+9    msaku is a mobile payment application for VISA & MASTER Cardholders to ensure optimum shopping experience on mobile device. msaku provide worldwide TopUp Service and it's also available for subscribers of the seven largest mobile networks in Indonesia: Axis, Esia, Indosat, ...    9 MB    Views 9529

My Payment Hub

Related Apps payment peer services
+1    MyPaymentHub is a mobile application that consolidates multiple payment services into one easy to use central location. These payment services include by are not limited to bill pay, peertopeer payments, gifts, money transfers, coupons and more. MyPaymentHub is currently available ...    22 MB    Views 2613
Related Apps cards discount business person office mobile payment phone save customer account employee
+28    TWINT makes it easy to make cashless mobile payments and save customer loyalty cards and employee discount cards to your mobile phone. The bulging wallet is a thing of the past. Unlike conventional payment methods, you always have an immediate ...    23 MB    Views 6392
card payment
0    HOW IT WORKS: 1 Download the qooqo application from your Appstore and insert your cards or bank details. No card information will be stored on the phone. Everything is locked up and 100% secure in a PCI certified card storage. 2 Easily scan the ...    16 MB    Views 7827

m-Hypo Business

Related Apps business photo hypo bank phone mobile payment account payments
+1    mHypo Business mHypo Business je usluga mobilnog bankarstva Hypo AlpeAdriaBanke d.d. Hrvatska namijenjena poslovnim subjektima koja omogucuje niz bankarskih prednosti. Placanja putem mobilnog uredaja su jednostavna, sigurna, brza, uvijek dostupna i povoljnija u odnosu na odlazak u poslovnicu Banke. Preduvjeti za uslugu: •Otvoren ...    9 MB    Views 3101


Related Apps card cards business ach payments credit account payment accepting merchant acceptance
-5    Give your business the cost savings of accepting credit cards and ACH payments anywhere with linked2pay on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This app is free with your linked2pay account and includes a card reader. Us the merchant account you ...    4 MB    Views 9871


-5    atom mobile application is a safe, secure and simple way to avail services and products using a mobile phone. Varieties of merchant services are enabled on the application a few are mentioned below: oElectricity Bill Payments oDTH Topup oInsurance Premium Payment oBooking Airline / Bus ...    2 MB    Views 5780


Related Apps monthly payment
+21    This is a simple, straightforward app for calculating your monthly payment on a loan. There is also a calculator with a Monthly Payment button to enter your previously calculated monthly payment.    1 MB    Views 181

Driver Payment App

driver payment
+12    By utilising driver payment app you can make payments in seconds instead of hours. The world has taken a new turn towards technology and automated processes have replaced the manual procedures and therefore keeping that in mind you can pay ...    2 MB    Views 9261


mobile secure payment
+10    PayGex is the solution for fast, secure and easy mobile payment and self checkout system. Our mobile application takes the shopping experience to a new level, PayGex secure and state of the art backend can easily integrate with a variety ...    4 MB    Views 3404
needed installment payment series
-7    Annuity is a series of fixed payment made within a some series of certain time. So whenever needed to own an items (e.q. mortgage, vehicle, or other equipment) with installment payments, This App will help you to calculate the amount ...    255 kb    Views 5402


Related Apps card business time epay payment processes mobile real ensure transaction
+18    MePay is a mobile point of sale solution that transforms smartphone to accept secure credit card payment anytime, anywhere. It’s a smarter business tools make it easy for business owners to close sales transaction on the go. Our card reader is ...    NAN    Views 4613

MyWorld iPay

+17    MyWorld Rewards iPay is a mobile point of sale solution that transforms smartphone to accept secure credit card payment anytime, anywhere. It’s a smarter business tools make it easy for business owners to close sales transaction on the go. Our card ...    6 MB    Views 7919

Amway pay

business security payment pay solution mobile point customer
+13    Amway pay is a vibrant and cutting edge mobile payment solution of two strong partners – Amway and Wirecard that extends the point of sale to a modern mobile environment in an innovative and secure manner. Both partners show a ...    8 MB    Views 1472

Real Estate Genie

estate real genie payment
-3    Did you every wish you had your own Genie? to advise you, to assist you in your Real Estate decisions? Now you have one. It is the Real Estate Genie App, and it is great. It contains the answers you ...    2 MB    Views 588


Related Apps time bills business invoice payment electronic tap send invoices bank save
-4    Viewpost eliminates paper and uncertainty by connecting you to your trading partners over a secure business network for the efficient and realtime exchange of electronic invoices, payments and data. Save time and money. Improve visibility into your cash flow. Send and ...    31 MB    Views 7542

BelfiusWeb Tablet

banking card history business tablet payment isabel delete individual files
+7    BelfiusWeb Tablet Exclusive for business users of BelfiusWeb or BelfiusWeb via Isabel Belfius Bank Public & Wholesale Banking Description: BelfiusWeb Tablet is our new app for your tablet, designed to supplement BelfiusWeb or Isabel. You can now also use the main functions on the ...    12 MB    Views 2100
Related Apps calculator loan payment
+12    Easy to use loan calculator with builtin amortization table. Great for figuring out monthly payment for car loan or home mortgage. Provides you with total loan costs and a payment schedule.    209 kb    Views 1817
search payment assistance programs
-7    Down Payment Assistance Search Find Down Payment Assistance Programs In Your Area    4 MB    Views 9512

Leasing Calculators

leasing payment calculate
-8    Calculate your leasing payment. This app let you calculate your leasing both with anticipated or posticipated payments. Insert all data and make simulations to see how the payment change, changing the interest rate.    5 MB    Views 1919


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+27    It is time to make your clients life easier One of the problems facing businesses today is collecting payments for services provided. This can be particularly difficult if the business operates “on the go”, and do not have access to ...    71 MB    Views 8742


Related Apps dealer application payment
+1    «Kassa24 Plus» application for Partners LLP «AstanaPlat» trademarked "Kassa 24". It has a convenient and intuitive menus for payment transactions in real time. Allows you to pay for more than 600 suppliers: mobile communication, Internet, TV, utilities, bookmakers, cosmetics and ...    3 MB    Views 6767

Installment Payment

installment payment
0    Business application for installment payment calculation.    2 MB    Views 6917


Related Apps services payment mobile
0    ATBMobile offers its customers a wide range of payment services to pay for everyday services: recharge mobile account, paying bills and receipts HUS, repayment of loans in any bank, payment of fines traffic police payments free details, remittances, and more, ...    NAN    Views 8976

U Mobile qUickpay

0    Quickpay by U Mobile is a mobile point of sale solution that transforms smartphone to accept secure credit card payment anytime, anywhere. It’s a smarter business tools make it easy for business owners to close sales transaction on the go. Our ...    3 MB    Views 493
Related Apps business photo personal party user wallet funds transaction device access wallets bitcoin payment
+2    Powerful and easy to use Bitcoin Wallet allowing users to easily control their own bitcoin private keys with the familiarity and ease of mobile banking. Take control of your funds With Airbitz, only YOU have access to your funds or transaction ...    17 MB    Views 6046
Related Apps business payment payments billing multiple service bill easy mobile
+8    Cash is the fuel that powers your business. SGePAY makes it easier than ever to keep cash flowing, with fast and secure online or mobile B2B billing. Fully customized tools to provide your customers with the ultimate convenience to make ...    5 MB    Views 4128

Info Payments

payment transactions world
0    Whether you need to make a simple payment to a vendor in India, or meet payroll for employees around the globe in 140 currencies, let RMA show you how to get it right the first time. No more worries and no ...    42 MB    Views 4306

Home Expenses

Related Apps home expenses payment add
-6    Home Expenses is a very simple but powerful Application; with Home Expenses you can keep track of all your home expenses and never miss anything. Add, modify and delete expenses Add Calendar reminder to remember your payment deadline Categorise expenses ...    3 MB    Views 6889

Money Me

Related Apps money loan tables payment
-2    Looking to buy a house or car, then this application helps you determine your loan option. Correctly, choosing the right loan can save you a lot of money over the length of the loan. Using simple gestures, you can scroll through ...    4 MB    Views 2527
Related Apps business ipad work cards card total mobile payments view monthly payment
+3    Worldpay Total Mobile enables you to take payments any time anywhere, making it ideal for businesses on the move. All you need is a Worldpay Total Keypad and an iPad. To find out how to get Worldpay Total Mobile keypad call ...    25 MB    Views 8629


ipad iphone business pos ipod ipos customizable device payment
+14    Business on iPad/iPhone/iPod, payment on POS, perfect combination of SMART and SECURITY PAX iPOS is inspired by combining the advantages of both iOS devices and financial POS. With PAX iPOS on iPad/iPhone/iPod and PAX POS device, customer not only got an entire ...    26 MB    Views 6930
Related Apps security personal history business iphone ipad email city utility payment information account privacy pay data
+11    Looking for a fast and convenient way to pay your City of Mesquite Utility bill? City of Mesquite Utility Mobile Bill Pay helps you pay your bill on time and manage future payments from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad, ...    20 MB    Views 7537

Pay My Tax

tax business work pay payment avoid paying
+3    Arrange breathing space to pay your provisional tax when it suits you, not when the IRD demands it. Pay My Tax makes it possible to shift the payment dates for provisional tax to a time that better suits the taxpayer’s business ...    10 MB    Views 3959
business payment customers instantly payments types
-9    Tapsley enables you to take payments from your customers quickly & easily. Simply log in with your Tapsley for business account & you can start processing all Tapsley payment types from your device. Key features of Tapsley for business include: • Process ...    NAN    Views 3804


business systems secure check checks payment customer deposit based
0    MobileXpress21™ is a first of its’ kind remote deposit “Mobile Check21” service enabling businesses to conveniently deposit U.S. based customer checks safely and securely with the assurance of a funds settlement guarantee that San Diego based Secure Payment Systems (SPS) ...    1 MB    Views 347

EMI Calculator 2014

Related Apps calculator emi payment values
+10    EMI Calculator is the only application that allows you to calculate any of the following values by inputing all other values. 1. EMI 2. Loan Amount 3. Interest Rate 4. Period Other Features includes 1. Table of payment split up. 2. A pie chart depicting the breakup ...    4 MB    Views 7530
Related Apps loan interest term payment
+9    Easy to use “loan calculator” has the following features: •Calculates monthly payment and total interest •Provides a graphical view of loan amount remaining over the loan term •Comparison of loan pay off with and without any additional payment •Distribution of principal, interest, tax and ...    137 kb    Views 7794


Related Apps interest rate payment loan
-2    Calculates total interest, payments and ending balance for fixed interest rate loans. You can also solve for LOAN AMOUNT, MONTHLY PAYMENT, INTEREST RATE, or OF MONTHS to complete a loan. With a payment of zero you can calculate interest ...    205 kb    Views 2374

Coinzone POS

sale business bitcoin customers support point account today payment easy
+6    With Coinzone Point of Sale, you can start accepting Bitcoin payments in your store or business today. We’ve worked hard to make our app simple and even fun to use ­ you’ll be amazed how quick and easy it is ...    2 MB    Views 5766
payment mobile
-2    MUUME is a virtual shopping mall and a social mobile payment provider with enhanced functionality in the areas of loyalty programs, couponing and gamification. With MUUME’s P2P function sending money to your family and friends is free. MUUME is a ...    NAN    Views 945
Related Apps card business security morning transaction processing transactions fees mobile payment
+2    The Rectangle WareEver Pay mobile payment app turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod into a mobile credit card terminal, allowing you to take payments from your customers on the go via a 3G, 4G, or WiFi connection.  Transactions can be ...    12 MB    Views 4397


Related Apps simple payment
+27    Just want a simple app to figure your loan payment with just a few clicks. Then here it is. Just enter your Amount,Time, and Rate for your Simple Payment.    10 MB    Views 6106
bills business email history time bill payment approve pending approval access due vendor information
-6    Approving and paying your business bills has never been easier. Now you can approve and pay your bills in one place, on the go and in half the time. for iPhone provides a simple and secure way to review, ...    13 MB    Views 3334
Related Apps card ipad sale business transaction mobile data encrypted commerce payment
+2    Your business on the move An elegant and secure alternative to clunky, expensive POS machines. Turn your iPad into a portable cash register and credit card terminal – in your brick and mortar store, or anywhere you want to make a ...    3 MB    Views 7652

M&T Mobile Banking

Related Apps banking time security web card apple virtual business payment payments pay mobile bill accounts transactions bank
+5    Banking should be simple, quick and convenient; that’s the idea behind M&T Mobile Banking. With a design that’s clean and easy to use, you can check balances, review transactions and send payments – fast. Looking for M&T branches and ATMs? ...    3 MB    Views 1931
rent rental photos history property business personal payments track payment expenses landlord tenants tenant invoices
0    Manage your daily landlord business create and send rental invoices to tenants, track rent payments and expenses, keep track of tenant balance and payments history, get instant financial reports, useful reminders for payments, expenses and invoices due as well ...    7 MB    Views 1084
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